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How to join 5 ultimate travel tours in Pakistan before dying

This guide of how to join the most amazing travel tours in Pakistan is my personal list of destinations without which nobody can qualify as having traveled here.

These few lines will explain to you how part of travel tours inside Pakistan will take you across all the provinces of Pakistan, except Punjab. I haven’t included Punjab as the travel sites there have been done to death.

Pakistan itself has the most memorable places to see in a lifetime. My list of the top five must-see places in Pakistan are as follows:-

Hammerhead, Ormara,

Baluchistan is one giant moonscape dotted with oases and the most untrammeled rock formations I have ever seen in the world.

The whole scene looks like an architectural wonder from far off, made with mud, sand, and stone. Add to that pristine blue waters of Ormara beach near the South Western Tip of Pakistan and you have pure Paradise.

Ormara Naval Base is built around a rocky outcrop that juts deep into the Arabian Sea and is a thousand feet high. All around this rock formation or the HammerHead are beaches with the bird, sea creatures, crustaceans, and fish that roam about like they own the place.

A steep drive to the top of this rock formation and you get a birds-eye view of the ocean and several hundred kilometers inland. 

The HammerHead thrusts into the Arabian Sea from the Makran Coast and sometimes clouds roll in beneath you.  It is a flat-top mountain with a breathtaking view of the Sea.

Naturally from such an excellent perch, and clear atmosphere, the sunrise there is unforgettable.

Sunrise early in the morning is like God himself came down to touch your soul.

Every ray of sunlight caresses your face in the moderate temperatures of Southern Pakistan.

Then while you are at the top, you also see hundreds of fishing boats anchored close to Ormara Bay and ready to leave for early harvest fishing.

Benazir Bhutto once came here along with dignitaries to showcase Pakistan’s finest travel tour destinations.

How to get to HammerHead Ormara, Baluchistan

The how part of travel tours of Pakistan is most difficult to grasp.

Unfortunately, there are not guided tours of Ormara Hammer Head for the time being. You’d have to know someone in the Pakistan Navy just to get in. But times are changing and soon someone in the deaf-mute Government of Pakistan will realize that the real travel Gold is right at Ormara.

There are several tour operators that take you to the Haft Talar Beach of Ormara to see the turtles hatching. A general Google search will find you many such tour operators like Find my Adventure.

You can also drive all the way to Ormara Beach using the car on hire at the rate of Rs 10,000 minus the fuel per night charges, and see the HammerHead from far off.  Good, sturdy cars can be booked from Karachi city from any of the rent-a-car dealers.

must see places in Pakistan

Passu Cathedral

Passu Catherdral or Passu Cones are a pointy bunch of mountains in one segment of the mighty Karakorum Ranges in the Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) province of Kashmir Pakistan.

These groups of peaks resemble a gothic cathedral from far off while driving along the Karakorum Highway and are therefore named as such.

The peaks are covered in snow all year round and clear blue water flows past their foothills.

Right off the left side of the road is the camping ground with limited food availability. 

There is a hotel there as well but is very expensive.

A better idea would be to drive to the camping ground, pitch tent, and use food provisions you buy cheap from Gilgit city not eh way there.

The bonus of the Passu Cones travel tour is you have Batura Glacier behind you, which once slid over the Karakorum Highway. Now it has melted to shrivel back several kilometers.

To get to the head of the Batura Glacier, you’d have to do a five days hike.

The how of travel tours of Passu Cones Pakistan is not that difficult as several operators frequent that route and there is plenty of traffic. 

There are several travel tour operators that arrange a visit to Passu Cones, along with other sites in Gilgit, like lonely Planet.

More about Passu valley here go to this link 

must see places in Pakistan

Vigne Glacier

Vigne Glacier NOrth of Concordia K-2 mountain viewpoint is an unappreciated site because there are several 8000-meter peaks in the neighborhood.

People tend to look skywards towards the snow-clad peaks and not to the glazed surface of Vigne Glacier that they are walking on. 

People also fail to appreciate the clear water streams running on top of this glacier’s glassy surface and sometimes vanish into an abyss called a crevasse.

Did anyone tell you Vigne Glacier creaks, groans, and vibrates at night when you camp on its surface?

How to get to Vigne Glacier travel tours Pakistan

Apricot tours do a good job with foreigners and take them all the way to Concordia through the Baltoro Glacier and back from the Gondogoro La Glacier.

They charge Rs 125,000 from Pakistan for this tour over Vigne Glacier.

For  more on Gilgit-Baltistan and Concordia ( to read more go to this link )

On the Baltoro Glacier lies the Vigne Glacier, It looks like a highway of solid ice.

The view of K-2 and the mammoth mountains surrounding it is unbelievable.

must see places in Pakistan
Vigne Glacier

Tirah Valley, Federally Administered Tribal Area

Tirah valley was a winter recreation area for the British Colonials back in the 19th century. It is still quite remote and thickly forested. It’s the remoteness that makes it beautiful to see.

Tirah Valley in the last decade became synonymous with terrorism when grotesque geopolitics between the USA, India, and Pakistan played out in the picture-perfect setting. Eventually, Pakistan won and now we get to see this beautiful place in peace.

How to get to Tirah Valley mountains?

a metaled road goes into Tirah Valley, but there are no organized tours except local guided tours.

Are there any hotels in Tirah Valley?

No, no good hotels can be found there, but people let you stay in their houses.

What else can we find in the Tirah Valley of Khyberpakhtoonkhwa?

Drugs, lots and lots of drugs of a huge variety, starting from Heroin of the finest kind to ordinary hashish. The drug trial starts at Tirah.

What about skiing in winter?

The Colonial infrastructure of skiing on the slopes of Tirah Valley has long been dismantled, but you can do a little bit of skiing as the slopes are still very much there.

Gun Markets of Tirah?

Yes, you can find the best automatic guns and pistols in the Bazar there.

How do you get to Tirah Valley?

One route is from Bara, KPK and the other is from Kohat KPK. The Google Maps route of Tirah can be found here.

Tirah Valley

Jiwani, Baluchistan

Jiwani, pronounced as Jeevni, is at the South Western most tip of Baluchistan 

It is a stone throw away from Muscat on the other side of the Gulf of Oman and Iran as well.

The sandy beaches and blue water are out of this world.

The Google maps route to Jiwani from Karachi is posted here for your reference.

How do you get to Jiwani?

Drive from Karachi on the coastal highway for 14 hours to get there.

Are there any hotels in Jiwani?

No, there are no proper hotels in Jiwani but there is an excellent 5 star hotel at Gwadar one hours distance from Jiwani.

What is so special about Jiwani?

The Sunset of Jiwani is mentioned in novels written about the place by authors of colonial British times 

One local guest house is said to have been visited by the Queen of England during her visit.

Then you can see Iranian border guards from Jiwani.

The beeches at Jiwani are untouched light brown with blue waters up ahead.

The fish, crab, and lobsters in Jiwani are cheap and fresh

You can also get imported booze and alcohol virtually free in these smuggling rich areas.


My commentary

What could be better than spending your hard-earned cash to discover new cultures, meet new people, see new places, and reboot your soul? Even the early man was designed by Mother Nature to run and hunt across vast expanses, so why cheat nature? To discover is to be alive! One life isn’t enough to experience all the beauty of this world. Most importantly, travel will give you time to reflect on yourself and find who you are.

What could beat the feeling of standing in the middle of the Gobi desert, looking down from the top of Rakaposhi Peak, and watching Africa from Gibraltar? I want to see how the Siberians thrive in frigid temperatures; I want to talk to the Japanese and know what makes their clock tick so perfectly; I want to experience how the West built a just and pluralistic society for themselves. I also want to understand how India handled racism and hate, by living with them.

Money has to serve a better purpose than just making you look successful. Why make money just to spend it on another house, another car, and the next glitzy bash? Surplus resources are a God-sent opportunity to see his great miracles on Earth. Extra cash is to create memories for ourselves outside our routine existence.

I wonder what it would be like to live in Greenland and its lopsided days’ and nights’, jump off the Cape of Good Hope, and sail further south. I would love to drive from the bottom of Cape Town through the savannas of Africa landing on the Mediterranean coast. Another interesting drive would be from Pakistan into Iran then onto Turkey and Europe.

It’s so unfortunate that countries with the best places to visit are inaccessible due to political or internal disruptions like the Bamyan Statue in Afghanistan, Persepolis in Iran, Bhembetka rock shelter in India, and Islamic architecture in Spain.

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