Pakistan dams

Travel to see these 150 Dams in Pakistan

List of DamsLocationGeneral Comments regarding travel and recreation
Satpara DamSkarduSatpara lake used to be emerald green two decades back from the Global warming was not melting glaciers that fast.
Diamer Bhasha DamBhashaDiamer Bhasha Dam formal construction has not started yet
Harpo DamSkarduThe construction not started yet.

Dams in Balochistan

List of DamsLocationGeneral Comments regarding travel and recreation
Bostan Darra DamQuetta
Wali QuettaThis dam was built by the British and its crystal clear waters feed Quetta Cantonment
Hub DamLasbelaHub Dam is 56 km from Karachi, on the coastal highway.  It is fed by the Hub River. Hub Dam waters Karachi city. I did not see any water sports there.
Sabakzai DamZhobSabakzai Dam is an irrigation dam in Zhob town on the Sawar tributary of Zhob River. Zhob is 5 h drive from Quetta.
Mirani DamMakranMirani Dam is an irrigation dam on the Dasht River 48 km from Turbat. It stores the flood waters that used to get wasted previously.
Spin KarezQuettaSpin Karez dam is fed through melting ice from Koh-e-murdar mountain, but not anymore.
Hanna-UrakQuettaHanna lake Quetta has beautiful boat rides and a small island in the center. On a clear day, when there is sufficient water, the lake is a clear blue.
Akra KaurGwadar
Amacha DamMastung
Hingi DamQuetta
Khad KoochaKhad Koocha
KhajeerQila SaifullahQila Saifullah is also 45 min from Quetta
Mana DamZiaratWhen rain-fed dams dry out in Ziarat, people go to the perennial Tangi.
Mangi DamZiarat
Gogi DamZiarat
Tooth DamKalat
Khad KoochaKhad Koocha
Ghunza DamPishinPishin is 45 min’ drive from Quetta
Ghargi DamPishin
Duz Durg DamPishin
Naulong DamJhal Magsi
Nishpa DamMastung
PinakaiQila Saifullah
Sasnak manaZiarat
Sassi Punnu DamMakranI saw the dune after dune in this parched land, but no one mentioned any dam there. Sassi Punnu Dam probably swells up during rainy season.
Ghadak DamPishin
Shadi KaurPasni
Shikar DamPishin
Tabai DamQuetta
Tangi DamQila Saifullah
Thamarak DamPishin
Under Base DamQila Saifullah
Khanpur Dam

Water Storage Dams in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province has its own high mountains to feed its plains.

dams pakistan
Tarbella Dam
List of DamsLocationGeneral Comments regarding travel and recreation
Gomal Zam DamWanaA beautiful hydropower dam in Waziristan – absolutely worth visiting.
Allai KhwarBattagram
JallozaiPabbi, NowshehraThis dam was developed for Afghan refugees who have long since been removed
Dargai PalWana
Dandy DamMiranshah
Auxiliary Kanda DamKohat
Azakhel DamPeshawar
Baran DamBannu
Chaatri DamHaripur
Chanda DamHaripur
Changoz DamKarak
Gandially DamKohat
KundalSwabiThis new dam is gaining popularity with travelers. I hope they do not place security restrictions like the other Dams.
Kahal DamHazara
KandNorth Waziristan
Khan KhwarBesham Shangla
Khanpur DamHaripurThe most sought after Dam for recreation water sports in Pakistan. All Dams in Pakistan should be this popular with tourists.
Warsak DamPeshawarIn the 1960s, this Dam was near tribal region and hence security was tight, but now it is in settled area of Peshawar, therefore, everyone should be allowed to visit and picnic there.
Ziabi DamKarak
Tanda DamKohat
Tarbella DamGhaziI did not see any water sports in Tarbela Dam for the public, but I did see fish wading in the clear water below.
Sarki Lawanghar DamKarak
Duber Khwar DamPattan
Kurram Tangi DamKurramKurram Dam will only add to the pristine beauty of the land.
Dasu DamDasu KohistanDasu Dam on the Karkorum Highway near Chilas is under construction.
Mohmand GandaoMohmand
Kalam DamKalam
Jabba DamJamrud
Dargai DamMalakand
Golen Gol ProjectChitralGolen Gol used to have the most beautiful waterfall. Let us see how the water reservoir looks like.
Kurram Garhi ProjectBannu
Khair Dara DamHaripur
Jahangrar DamHaripur
ndus River fish Ponds 1–4Dera Ismail KhanThis is the irrigation department’s project and I have heard fish here is very tasty.
Gharki DamKarak
Ghol Banda DamKarak
Loughar DamKarak
Mardan Khel DamKarak
Darmalak DamKohat
Zamir Gul DamKohat
Jabba Khattak DamNowshehra
Palay DamCharsadda
Gulpur Water Project, Kotli

Dams in Azad Kashmir

The Government has finally found someone to invest in Dams in Azad Kashmir Pakistan – China.

All of these Dams are beautiful to see.

Mangla Dam


List of DamsLocationGeneral Comments regarding travel and recreation
Kohala DamKohala KashmirThe dam is under construction
Azad Pattan ProjectAzad Pattan SudhnutiThis dam is under construction too
Gulpur ProjectKotli KashmirNo one is allowed inside this project to see
Mangla DamMangla KashmirMangla dam in Mirpur has the best water sports of all dams in Pakistan
Neelum Jhelum ProjectNeelum Valley MuzaffarabadNeelum Jhelum dam inside Neelum Valley Kashmir does not have water sports
New Bong ProjectMangla KashmirNo one is allowed to see new bong project without permission
Kakra DamMirpur
Sukhian DamMirpur
Jari Kass DamMirpur
Jari Run DamMirpur
Jari Run Dam
Rainbow lake, Minimerg, AJK

Also, see

Dams in Sindh

List of DamsLocationGeneral Comments regarding travel and recreation
Kotri DamJamshoroKotri Barrage is the last stop of Pakistan’s only river Indus, before sweet water falls into the Arabian Sea.
Darawat DamJamshoro
Chotari DamSanghar
Nai Ganj DamKirthar
Guddu BarrageKashmoreAlways overflowing in flood season, this is a nice place to enjoy the sunset
Fifty Small Dams in Sindh are Ranpur, Mulji, Bhodesar, Khararo, Tobirio, Lakhy-jo-Wandio, Salari, Makhi, Ranikot, Bandhani-1, Taki, Maliri, Mohan, Ashoro Kuch, Suku, Koteri, Thado-2, Langheji, Nai-Mango, Kalu-1, Jharando, Sari, Malir Memon Goth Weir, Kataro, Meer Chakar, Mole Nadi, German Dhoro, Ranpathani, Naryasar, Ghartiari, Gordhro Bhatiani, Jhinjsar, Lakar Khadio, Khuwara Nagarparkar, Shori, Kukrani, Bandhani-2, Khurbi, Ding Dhoro, Buri Kohistan-1 Dadu, Mullan, Bazkhando, Gaddap, Khand Dhoro, Ullar-Rahuja, Upper Mole, German Dhoro, Ranpathani, Liyari and Watan Wari
Rawal Dam

Water Storage Dams in Punjab

Punjab, just 1000 years back was very full of 5 raging rivers and vast green forests that invaders from the West like Timur feared this water the most and probably stopped Alexander of Macedon too from Invading India.

Now, Punjab is water-starved.

dams pakistan
Simly Dam
List of DamsLocationGeneral Comments regarding travel and recreation
Dadocha DamRawalpindiDadocha Dam is under construction. It is one hour’s drive from Rawalpindi.
Colonel DamRawalpindi
Ghazi Barotha DamGhaziGhazi Barotha dam spillways are worth seeing, if they let you in
Hazir Shah DamAttock
Jawa DamRawalpindiJawa dam has the second best jet ski rides in Rawalpindi, but no one is allowed to go in.
Misriot DamRawalpindiMisriot dam is minute in size but people are not allowed boat rides and fishing there
Kanjoor DamRawalpindi
Khasala DamAdiala RawalpindiKhasala Dam is 45 min from Rawalpindi. It is a scenic spot without any water sports
Namal DamMianwaliBeautiful Namal dam lies at the entrance of Mianwali city. I did not see any recreation spots there.
Nandipur ProjectGujranwala
Karot DamHolar, Sehsa AJKNot only is this Dam massive; the Holar Bridge is high and has excellent views.
Shahpur DamFatehjangThe fish at Shahpur Dam is lovely. General public is not allowed to enjoy this dam due to security, which is
Dhok Thalian DamChakwalTwenty km from Chakwal center; it is in a quiet hilly area.
Dharab DamChakwalOn Fatehjang road. It is visible from the motorway as well
Basal DamRawalpindiIt is near Mityal Chowk Rawalpindi
Phalina Noor DamKallar SyedanThe clear waters of Phalina Noor are ideal for fishing and boating.
Ugahaun DamGujar KhanThis small dam is near the ancient town of Gulyana
Jinnah BarrageKalabaghBoat ride to Jinnah Barrage is interesting. You can get there in 1.5 h from Mianwali city.
Chashma BarrageMianwaliChashma barrage has the best fish. It is 1.5 h from Mianwali city
Chichonki Mallia DamSheikhupuraThis run-of-river power project and Dam is not too far from Lahore.
Deg DamSheikhupura
DhongiGujar Khan
Khanki HeadworksGujranwala
Khokha ZerChakwal
Tai n Pura DamJhelum
Kahuta DamKahuta
Lehri DamJhelumLehri Dam is close to Dina City
Islam Barrage MailsiHasilpurIt is just about bone dry, because India has diverted all the water, but it is worth seeing.
Mirwal DamFatehjang
Nirali DamGujar KhanIt recently got notoriety because of the crude oil spillage that damaged ecology
Qibla BandiHazro, AttockThe ancient town of Hazro and its small dam make a good weekend heritage trip
Rati Kassi DamFatehjangThis is also a small dam
Rawal DamcExcellent boat rides, especially in the evening
Simly DamIslamabadSimly Dam does not have water sports, and CDA does not allow people into water – which is a shame
Sandymar DamIslamabad
Rama DamIslamabad
Angoor DamMurree
Dhok Sandy Mar DamRawalpindi
Dhongi DamGujarkhan
Bhugtal DamChakwalIt is near Bhagtal Village Chakwal.
Jawa Dam

General Knowledge about Dams in Pakistan

Although International Commission on Large Dam counts 150 dams in Pakistan that are more than 49 feet in height, I could only compile a list of 130.

India and China have several thousand dams and are building more every year.

Maybe the others have still not kicked off yet.

Download your Dams in Pakistan Map in PDF.

Download Pakistan political map in PDF

Misriot Dam

Why are Dams important for Pakistan?

Pakistan’s Glaciers are melting at a rapid pace and Pakistan has only 30-day water storage capacity. India’s water storage capacity is 120 days and USA’s is 900 days.

dams pakistan
Phalina Noor dam

Number of Dams in China

There are 28900 large Dams in China

Location for Kalbagh Dam

Number of Dams in India

There are 5300 large Dams in India, a lot of them on waters that have been irrigating Indus Valley in Pakistan for millenniums.

Jinnah Barrage

Interesting facts about Dams in Pakistan

  • Pakistan has the largest earth-filled Dam in the world located at Tarbela, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and,
  • The largest flood water protection dam in the world at Mirani, Baluchistan.
  • Mangla Dam is the oldest Dam in Pakistan, built in the 1960s.
  • Warsak is the smallest of these large Dams, although many rain-fed dams are even smaller in size.
  • Pakistan has all sorts of hydroelectric dams, both run-off-the-river and reservoir fed ones.
  • Pakistan has 19 barrages that store some water.

Then, there are some Irrigation barrages and headworks that store quite some water to generate electricity.

dams pakistan
Dadhocha Dam Site

Which is the largest source of electricity in Pakistan?

Fossil fuels are the largest source of electricity – which is a disaster for any economy.

  • Furnace oil – 16% (imports)
  • LNG – (26%) (imports)
  • Natural Gas – 12%
  • Coal – 9% (imports)
  • Hydel – 27%
  • Renewable Solar and Wind – 5%
  • Nuclear – 5%
Neelum Jhelum Project

What happened to the Chief Justice Dam fund?

Large Dams are not built by Chanda or Crowd Funding by Chief Justices – it involves sophisticated financial dealings by experts in finance and engineering – both of which Pakistan does not have.

As you can see, Pakistan has quite a few water storage spots where people can have a good time bathing, boating and enjoying recreational sports.

View from Wali Tangi Dam


The Pakistani government should allow free access to visitors to all power stations, Dams and Barrages right at the entrance. This way people will develop tourism business ideas and the government will collect more taxes. After all, these are people’s assets, not of public servants.

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