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Paragliding in Pakistan: Your seat in the Sky

After a long time, I managed to find the safest, professional, and well-organized Paragliding in Pakistan and jumped at the opportunity to report about.

“Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly” Anonymous quote

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Ready to take off

Where are the best Paramotor and Ultra-light places located?

This paragliding place is at Kallar Kahar, Chakwal, at the midpoint between Islamabad and Lahore.

It takes 2 h to cover the 147 kilometers to the Paragliding School and Center in Kallar Kahar, equally from Islamabad and Lahore.

Powered Paragliding Center Map

I took the Islamabad Lahore motorway to reach Kallar Kahar interchange and took the exit toward Choa Saidan Shah town.

This paragliding center is right before Choa Saidan Shah, at Arar Town.

Why I went for Powered Paragliding and not parasailing?

As parasailing is powered by a boat over the water, I wasn’t interested in getting wet.

I find Paragliding more enjoyable than actual flying as

  • You get to see all around with a bird’s eye view, like no other.
  • The cabin is open, cool air rushes to your face and you can see the Sunset from a different angle.
  • Then, monuments such as
    • Katas Raj Hindu Temples and
    • Choa Saidan Shah spread out below
    • Cement Factories
    • Salt Range mountains
  • It is also the adventure and adrenaline rush you get from riding a 100 Horse Power motor high in the sky at 9000 feet; it beats the 9 to 5 mundane existence like no other.
  • And of course, there is no coronavirus up in the sky.
  • It is cool and breezy in the summers.
  • Paragliding is a one-in-a-lifetime event that gives you genuine bragging rights.

I had completed all the adventure sports in Islamabad including rock climbing so I needed to do something interesting.

The best time to go Powered Paragliding

The best time to go paragliding is right before sunset, as the sight of the Sun setting right before your eyes are mesmerizing.

safe landing

Where else is there Paragliding in Pakistan?

There is a paragliding facility at

  • Khanpur Dam,
  • Mubarak Village and
  • Hingol park Karachi as well,
  • Pir Chinasi, Muzaffarabad
  • Rawalakot Azad Kashmir

However, I like this one at Kallar Kahar.

beautiful evening

Why is Powered Paragliding at Kallar Kahar the best?

I am more comfortable in the Paragliding facility at Kallar Kahar because

  • It is just 2 h from Islamabad and Lahore equally, close to the motorway
  • You can find good food to eat from the restaurants on the road
  • The people there are professional as they have several flying aircraft there like
    • Power gliders
    • Ultra-lights
    • Microlights
    • Power parachutes on 
    • trikes  (three-wheeled)
    • Para-gliders
  • Additionally, a long runway with minimum obstructions of wires/cables / high construction
  • Less disruptive winds as it is far away from major cities.
  • It is run under a registered sports body in Pakistan, as Pakistan Hand gliding and Paragliding Association (PHPA)
  • The owner of the Powered Parachute with Trike that I rode on is an Ex- Pakistan Air Force Fighter Pilot with thousands of hours of serious flying experience.
  • This guy imported the complete Para motoring aircraft with zero local parts.
  • The owner takes his job seriously and is a stickler for details – and that is a good thing.
  • They even have shaded tents, chairs, and disinfectants for their customers.
  • The most impressive thing was the way he meticulously packed the rigging and cables of the parachute and towed away his aircraft.
  • If you go at dawn time, after your 10 minutes flight you have ample time to check out interesting places and activities in Kallar Kahar
    • Swaik Lake
    • Kallar Kahar Lake
    • Pehlwan Rewri Chakwal
    • Kehwra Salt Mines
beautiful place for paragliding

How much does a powered Paraglider cost?

This particular Para motor Air wolf 912 ULS, that I rode on Costs Rs 1.4 Crore to import to Pakistan.

How to get NOC from Civil Aviation Authority for Paragliding?

All the procedures from applying for NOC to CAA and then finally receiving the NOC from local District management is mention in this link


What is the type of Powered Paramotor on Trike?

  • Its name is Air wolf 912 ULS (ultra-Light Sport)
  • The engine is Rotax 912 UL 100 HP engine

Powered Paragliding Charges

  • Rs XXXX per rider for 10 min of flight – this means I don’t know, you’d have to call the number below

These charges are not that much considering, the Para-motor Air wolf is imported and brand new.

The rest of the para-motors in the clubs of Pakistan are not this new or completely assembled with 100% imported parts and they charge equally as much – if not more.

All ready to go

Joyride on Powered Paraglider with the trike

My ride on the Para-motor was about 18 min of joy

It started with an engine powering up and lifting the parachute sail behind,

The pilot lets lose the brakes and throttled the engine to max power

Wheels rolled, and the Paramotor system rocked a bit side to side.

I thought it would topple over, but the pilot assured me even if it does, the metallic roll bars, bucket seats, and harness straps keep the riders safe.

The takeoff was quite dramatic and quick, considering the plane hardly went 100 feet.

Off we went, the pilot and me, sailing east toward the DG Khan Cement factor, Katas Raj Hindu temple complex, best way cement factory while skirting Choa Saidan Shah.

We flew along the ridges of the mountains and above roads, with people crawling below like ants.

Then, I realized that they were actual ants, as I was looking at my leg.

I loved the sight of the evening sun setting right before my eyes and we fly right into it.

In midflight, the aircraft swayed from the gust of winds rising from hills below.

I tightened my grip on the safety handle, but seeing the pilot relaxed and chatting calmly with me on the intercom set, I let go of my fear.

This Paramotor or powered paraglider with trike showed me how enjoyable adventure sports can be.

We made a smooth and comfortable landing on the runway that the ground staff had cleared off people and debris

As we came to rest, the parachute collapse behind us, and the grounds staff unbuckled the pilot and me.

An attendant rushed to my side with disinfectants and water, while the rest secured the lines and blades.

Just a cursory look at the swanky new engine and instrument panel of this motorized paraglider on a trike made it clear to me that this was no ordinary plane.

This instrument panel had everything a typical aircraft has, such as engine and oil temperatures, altitude and heading gauges, and automated warnings.

The pilot even had manual parachute controls

But the best thing was the clear view of the sky above and the ground below that you do not get from a typical plane and not this speed.

I had just ridden on one of the best-powered parachute rides in Pakistan.


Is this Paramotor safe?

Yes, it is safe because

  • The powered paraglider is brand new and certified by Light Support Aircraft (LSA) accredited body.
  • The pilot of the paraglider is a trained fighter pilot and
  • Further trained from Turkey
  • licensed to fly this plane from an internationally accredited Professional Federation called the Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors
  • If the engine fails, the pilot can land this plane like a glider in any short field.
  • The parachute is virtually un-collapsible because it has specially designed air pockets to maximize lift.
  • This plane is one of only few Para motor planes in Pakistan that can carry 225 KG
  • Air wolf Powrashoot plane has lightweight, but sturdy roll bars all around the passengers to keep them safe, in case the cage rolls over.
  • Three wheels arrangement or trike feel safer as compared to foot paramotors.
  • The engine is duel use military-grade technology so you know it is good.
Air speed measuring gauge

How high does the Paraglider go?

Although the aircraft can climb to 15000 feet, the pilot does not take it higher than 9000 feet.

Mobile souvenir shop

Who to contact for Paragliding ride-booking?

The owner of the para-glider or Para-motor on the trike at Kallar Kahar that I recommend is named Khalid and his contact phone number is 03005111523

Go enjoy this wonderful adventure sport now!

Bon Vol!

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