Sunday bazar Islamabad

Shopping for treasures at Sunday Bazar Islamabad

Sifting through piles of decorative trinkets, adventure gear, shirts and ties, specialist shoes, and sunglasses at Sunday Bazar Islamabad is enjoyable.

Sunday Bazar is called Itwar Bazar in the local lingo.

Timings of Sunday Bazar Islamabad

This Bazar opens every Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm and has all the essentials for a middle-class household.

Sunday bazar Islamabad

Is Sunday Bazar Islamabad Cheap?

Prices of dry and wet groceries are 30 % lower than what you get elsewhere in Islamabad.

Shop rent at Sunday Bazar Islamabad

That is because CDA only charges a fixed monthly rent from the shop owner ranging from Rs 2500 to 20000 and nothing else.

Best things to buy at Sunday Bazar Islamabad

These are the items that are the best sellers at Sunday Bazar Islamabad.

Used electronic items

  • Chargers,
  • adaptors,
  • torches,
  • lights,
  • remote controls and
  • Used electronics items are sought after here.

If you buy these items individually, they would charge at least 200 % more elsewhere.

All items cost around Rs 100 – 200 from Sunday Bazar.

You would be astonished at the things you can find here.

Decoration stuff

  • Picture frames,
  • small figurines,
  • artificial plants,
  • decorative plates,
  • Paintings, etc.

You will find everything you need to decorate your ledges and drawing rooms here.

Some of the small trinkets like the figurines of Star War characters are rare.

The picture frames and paintings found here are sometimes very beautiful.


Plastic toys for kids with electronic gadgetry in perfect working condition are available in Sunday Bazar Islamabad.

Then, the most valued items for kids are the stuffed toys that are used, but in clean and excellent condition.

Some characters are difficult to get from other places.

Sunday bazar Islamabad

Board Games and Jigsaw puzzles

The used board games and jigsaw puzzles are in perfect condition and cheap to buy.

You can get a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for Rs 300 if you are good at bargaining.

Sunday bazar Islamabad


New and used books of rare varieties are available here.

Some books like Plato’s Republic are not even available in big stores.

Sports items

Sports balls, bats, shoes, shirts, and protective guards of excellent quality are available here.

You must reach the market early if you want to get the best from the lot.

Sunday bazar Islamabad

Hiking kits and items

  • Used Hiking shoes,
  • Crampons,
  • Tents,
  • Pickaxes,
  • Ice Axes,
  • Caps,
  • Balaclava,
  • Backpacks,
  • water containers and
  • Ropes are all available here.

The well-known Adventure store shops in Islamabad all get some of their stuff from Sunday Bazar.

Climbing Gear

Rock climbing and mountain climbing gear like

  • ropes,
  • hinges,
  • quick disconnects
  • gloves,
  • shoes,
  • belts and
  • A harness can also be found here.

This equipment comes from the western climbers who sell off their equipment after their expedition is over.


Wet and dry groceries are in abundance here.

Most of the shop owners already run stores like these elsewhere and Sunday becomes a bonus for them.

Sunday bazar Islamabad

Fruits and Vegetable juices

Fruits and vegetables are fresh and cheap here.

I even found an avocado here, which is rare to find in Pakistan.

Sunday bazar Islamabad

Desi Fast food

Plenty of places to rest and get yourself a nice cold tall glass of lassi, Ro sugar cane juice, Chat, and burgers.

Sunday bazar Islamabad

Second-hand clothes.

Jeans, Jackets, T-shirts, Trousers are completely sold out every Sunday.

Shirts, ties, and women’s clothing.

Some of the branded clothes have slight defects in them, which sometimes does not affect you at all.

I got a brand new Next pure white shirt from there.


You can get hiking shoes that can get you across normal hikes.

I would not recommend you get them for tough hikes because mine broke down after a few hours.

There are

  • Football Boots
  • Rock climbing Shoes,
  • Combat boots
  • Male and female shoes

All of these are of superb quality here.

Some are even brand new.

Sunday bazar Islamabad

Glasses and hunting equipment

I love the quality of sunglasses you can get here.

Some glasses are very beautiful and the variety is immense.

People buy branded sunglasses and sent them to their family members abroad to show off.

Carpets and Rugs

Irani carpets here are gorgeous.

Some rugs you might find inexpensive homes of Islamabad

Bags and Rucksacks

The bag and Rucksacks are super cheap and useful.

You must get there at 9 am to get the best stuff.

Sunday bazar Islamabad

Rate list of Sunday Itwar Bazar

Aliexpress at Sunday Bazar Islamabad

Some time back, unopened packets of Aliexpress ended up at Sunday Bazar too.

What I don’t like about Sunday Bazar

  • It is very hot in summer here and there is hardly any shade.
  • Sunday Bazar is not a place for young girls to hang out if you are not accompanied by a guy.

Bring your sun caps, water, and male escort with you.

Sunday bazar Islamabad


I love going to Sunday Bazar because my daughter loves the place.

The last time she bought an Adventure Axe; I don’t know who she aims to chop up.

Happy Shopping.

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  1. Masud Sheikh says:

    There are CHEATS left right nd centre here as I have been stung so many a times but I like the hustle nd bustle here
    Even CDA staff are teaming nd lading with these CHEATS to get quality stuff for something nd nothing hence joe public suffers—the norm in Pakistan

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