Windy Miranjani hike at Nathia Gali Pakistan

Miranjani Hike

Miranjani hike is the most popular hiking track among Pakistani students. Mostly because Hike starts from Governor house Nathia Gali, which is just 92 kms from Islamabad, that takes 3 hours. Also, the total hike is 3 hours and Miranjani track distance is just 4.7 kms.

The height of Miranjani top is 2992 meters. It gets very windy at the top and during winters the snow makes walking in knee deep snow, a little difficult. But that doesnot stop pretty ladies and girls to come in droves for this relatively easier  hike, that has splendid views of Galyaat.

This is one of the better hikes in the area of Nathiagali and Abbottabad. The Miranjani Track passes through dense beautiful forests with beautiful views and it is not a very tough hike.

Miranjani hike weather and temperature is cool in summers, while very cold in winters. It rains a lot here, so a parka or rain coat is a must in winter season.

Miranjani history is that the name Miranjani is derived from ‘Miranja’ means ‘of Mir…’. Don’t know where the Mirs’ vanished.

miranjani hike

Miranjani Peak is the highest peak of Abbotabad District in KPK and is not in Kashmir.

Try to leave for Miranjani hike early so that you can have a good lunch after you come back and sleep for half a hour. The rest will be necessary as the last half hour of climb is a little steep and it is very windy at the top. Miranjani hike during winters gets a little tricky as the snow is knee deep. Ladies can manage to complete it, if they wear ankle boots.

In case you are wondering, Miranjani peak or Miranjani top is in Nathiagali, near Murree Pakistan and has nothing to do with Miran Jackson or Miran the Japanese actress. If you are into hiking i am sure love reading reading about following hikes too. K2 Base camp , churko peak, Musa ka musalla and Punjpeer rock.

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  1. Again breath taking. But again its for the braver adventurer…..
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