khanpur dam activities parasailing

Fun activities at Khanpur Dam like Parasailing

Khanpur Dam is located inside Islamabad and is the only dam that gives free access to every Pakistan citizen and Foreigners alike to enjoy Adventure spots.

Khanpur Dam Adventure Activities

Activities at the lake are

  • Parasailing,
  • paragliding,
  • cliff jumping,
  • water sports, 
  • Jet skis,
  • swimming,
  • archery,
  • motor boating,
  • Snorkeling
  • Adventures to the far side of the lake are a lot of fun.

Many people join the Khanpur Dam activities parasailing and water sports, in the summers.

Khanpur Dam is a one-day entertainment trip for families, youngsters’ and anyone interested in outdoor sports.

Khanpur Dam Map routes

The Khanpur Dam Google Maps route image, location, and pictures are posted for your reference.

  • You can also reach Khanpur Dam through the Margalla Hills and using the motorway to get off at Haripur Interchange.
  • The best route is to drive toward Peshawar and turn right from Taxila Junction Chowk. Cross HITECH University and go straight to Khanpur.

Distance to Khanpur from Islamabad

The Khanpur Dam is two hours’ drive or 45 km from Islamabad Rawalpindi on GT road

Distance to Khanpur from Lahore

Lake Khanpur is six hours drive from Lahore city and the distance is 400 Kms.


Khanpur Dam Route
Khanpur Dam Route

khanpur dam activities parasailing

Khanpur weather and environments

The weather at Khanpur Dam activity sites like parasailing, paragliding become scalding in the summer.

It regularly crosses 32 Degree Celsius in March to July every year.

So, the early you get there, the better the temperature is, the more time you must handle unforeseen delays and avoid the crowd.

Many university students visit the place on weekends.

khanpur dam activities parasailing

Khanpur Dam Hotels

The hotels on the opposite side of the lake are good and food is available, including fish.

Khanpur Adventure Club Contacts

We booked with Shaheen Adventures at their telephone contact number 03341891111.

Things to do at Khanpur

khanpur dam activities parasailing

Jet Ski

 Jet Skis are powerful, fast, and stable. They let you go full throttle without helmets.

Although no one tries doing stunts with it, I am sure that the jet skis can fly around nicely with the power under the hood.

It costs Rs 800 per round on the skis for a two-man team.

The Jet Ski is a Yamaha wave runner 1500

Motorboat ride

Motorboat ride across the lake is peaceful, but the boats are not too fast.

Staying at a Guest house or Resort

The WAPDA house on the opposite bank and island is worth seeing.

Permission must stay at the WAPDA house. It seems haunted though.

Maybe some British Colonial’s spirit roams the place as there is no electricity there.

Most of the interesting resorts are located on Mabali Island.

This is the contact number of one good resort at Khanpur Dam 0303 5958999

khanpur dam activities parasailing

Boat ride to Mabali Island

An old mosque on the island in the center of Khanpur Lake is interesting to see. This island is called Mabali.

It is submerged when the lake is flooded and appears in the winter months.

There are old gravestones thereof influential tribes that have long disappeared.

The motorboat takes you right up to the island and the WAPDA guest house as well.

khanpur dam activities parasailing

Diplomats Guest houses Khanpur Lake

At the farthest end of the Khanpur Dam, western diplomats have their own private guest houses.

Then, there are hotels, resorts on the farther banks of the lake.

The public is not allowed into the foreign private guest houses, but hotels and resorts are open for all.

There, the ex-pats and foreigners revel in anonymity.

Paragliding at Khanpur

Paragliding is the most interesting sport there. It takes quite an effort to get to the edge of a cliff overlooking the lake.

 There is no drinking water or shade at the launch point of paragliding, so take your water, sunglasses, hat, and food with you.

The cost of paragliding is Rs 5500 per person for 15 min


Parasailing is safe and enjoyable. They charge Rs 3000 per person for 15 min

Rock-climbing at Khanpur

There is a small rock cliff that people usually climb and it is not dangerous as there is water below.

Cliff-jumping at Khanpur

Cliff jumping into the water of Khanpur lake has been discontinued after a student died there.


Then, they have different paintball arenas that are set up in order.

khanpur dam activities parasailing

Fishing Angling at Khanpur Lake

Fishing is rarely permitted at the opposite side of the Khanpur Lake, near the Bhamala Stupa site, when no one is watching.

Tasty Citrus fruit of Khanpur

On the return, the journey doesn’t forget to load up on musammi, fruiter citrus, and oranges with red blood inside from the farms around the lake.

Visit Bhamala Buddhist Ruins

If you find time then do go to the Bhamala Buddhist stupa site in Khanpur Dam.

Khanpur Dam Adventure Sports Price list

Khanpur Dam Adventure Sports Price List
Khanpur Dam Adventure Sports Price List


Contact me at 03005111523, and I will arrange a trip for you

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