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72 Famous Hindu Temples of Pakistan

I have been to quite a few Hindu Temples in Pakistan and hear stories of families living there for ages, having to move out overnight during Partition.

Combined that image with the dilapidated condition of long- abandoned Hindu Temples, this does not make a pleasant sight.

But some, with their gold, saffron,  and orange colors stand-out significantly.

The traces of the British Raj’s machinations of using one community against the other to sow discord in a society that had its own equilibrium, is very obvious to see.

At least Prime minister Imran Khan is on the right track when he clearly says “I want to warn our people that anyone in Pakistan targeting our non-Muslim citizens or their places of worship will be dealt with strictly… out minorities are equal citizens of this country”

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What is the total Hindu population in Pakistan?

The total Hindu Population in Pakistan is about 8 million people, according to Pakistan Hindu Council, with most of them concentrated in rural Sindh, but there is quite a number in Baluchistan as well.

Pakistan’s 1998 census says the Hindu population in Pakistan is 1.85% or 2.5 million – where did the mystery Hindus come from?

Hindus Temples Statistics in Pakistan

Statistics say there were 1288 Hindu temples during partition in 1947 out of which 428 were functional for a while.

From the 428 only 31 are functional as of today – and I have evidence to support this.

Some of the non-functional Hindu Mandir are  simple Dharmshala or single- room huts out in Agricultural fields.

The affluent Hindus in Pakistan left for safer grounds in 1947, with their riches and abandoned their temples for the Auqat Trust of Pakistan to take over.

Even the hardline preachers left, like the one at Tilla Jogian Gorakhnath Temple, Jhelum

For example, there was one in the Hindu sacred caves of Islamabad, the Shauldita Caves (Shah Allah Ditta) of Islamabad who left for India in 1960.

With 2 million out of school children Pakistan can’t afford to rebuild places of worship.

Artistry of Hindu Temples in Pakistan

Of the functional Hindu Mandir, a few are very tastefully decorated with deities, murals and fresco paintings of religious figures, and symbols.

I find the ancient myth, folk lore and history of Hindu Temples very fascinating and that is why I write about them in my travels.

So here are is the list of Hindu temples in Pakistan that I have either visited, or know first-hand to exist at the site.

Top 31 Functional Hindu Temples and Mandir in Pakistan

Starting up-north,

Hindu Temples in and around Rawalpindi Pakistan

Shri Krishna Mandir Saddar Bazar, Rawalpindi

Under the shade of a massive Banyan or Bohar Tree, is the Krishna Mandir of Hindus of Rawalpindi.

Till 2018, this was the only functional Hindu Mandir for both Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The Temple was renovated in 2019 and now quite a few worshipers go there regularly.

Valmiki Temple in Lal Kurti, Rawalpindi Pakistan

This local area temple is not elaborately designed and doesn’t have the architecture of a regular Mandir, still, lots of local Hindus worship here.

Valmiki Neela Gumbad Mandir Lahore

One of the larger Hindu Temples, the Valmiki temple is regularly used for worship.

Krishna Mandir, Lahore

This Krishna Mandir is different from the one in Rawalpindi, but both are functional with a preacher or Maharaj deputed there permanently.

Shivala Teja Singh Hindu Temple in Sialkot Pakistan

This Shiv temple was being used till quite recently and has now been renovated by Pakistani government.

Shavala Teja Hindu Temple Sialkot
Shavala Teja Hindu Temple Sialkot was renovated after this picture was taken

Katas Raj Shiva Temple Complex Chakwal

Katas Raj temple complex was built on the ruins of a Buddhist Monastery.

It is here that Vedas religious text (Sanctuaries of Satghara) was thought to have been complied by Pandeva brothers.

Katas Raj complex is a microcosm of the evolution of different faiths in the land that is called Pakistan now – Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism.

Lord Shiva is said to have shed a tear for his wife Sati, and that formed the perennial blue ablution pond for worshippers.

Sadhu Bela Hindu Temple in Sukkhar, Sindh Pakistan

SSD Dham Mandir, Sirray Ghat Road, Shahi Bazar, Hyderabad, Sindh

Durga Shiv Mandir, Circuit House, Hyderabad Sindh

Sant Baba Bhagat Rana Darbar Hindu Temple Dadu Sindh

Jhoolay Lal Hindu Temple Karachi City

Shri Panch Mukhan Hanuman Temple, Soldier Bazar, Karachi

Swami Narayan Hindu Temple Karachi

Shri Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple Cave, Clifton Karachi

Bhai Sant Thawan Das Temple Mehar, Dadu

Veernath Temple, Nathan Shah Tehsil, Dadu

Shiv Mandir Umar Kot Sindh

Shiv Parvathi Mandir, Mithi Sindh

Anchlasar Temple in Nagarpakar Sindh Pakistan

Kali Bari Bazar Hindu Temple Peshawar

Hindu Temple Zhob, Baluchistan

Miri Fort Hindu Temple, Quetta Baluchistan

Sri Hanglaj Mandir Hingol, Baluchistan.

Chandragupta Mud Volcanoes, religious site, Hingol, Baluchistan

Bhagat Chuharmal Hindu Temple, Jinnah Road, Bhagnari, Quetta Baluchistan.

Sharda Peeth Ancient Temple, Neelum Valley Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Imran Khan’s government intends to open up a corridor for Hindu Pilgrims from India, like the one for Sikh pilgrims in Punjab, at Kartarpur.

Top 41 Hindu Temples in Pakistan that are non-functional

All these Hindu Temples are non-functional but preserved for up-gradation when the country has money to spare.

Kalyan Das Temple Kohati Bazar, Rawalpindi

Kalyan Das Hindu Temple Kohati Bazar Rawlalpindi
Kalyan Das Hindu Temple Kohati Bazar Rawalpindi

Three Hindu Temples on one Lane in Bhabra Bazar, Rawalpindi

  • Ambardaran Temple Bohar Bazar
  • Ganesh Temple, Lunda Bazar
  • Temple in the residential Area.
Hindu Temple in Pakistan at Bhabra Bazar Rawalpindi
Hindu Temple in Pakistan at Bhabra Bazar Rawalpindi

Bagh Sardaran Temple Ghazi Colony, Rawalpindi

Hindu Temple on City Saddar Road,

Ganj Mandi Temple Raja Bazar

Krishna Hindu Temple, Purana Qila, Rawalpindi

Rawal Dam Temple, Islamabad

rawal dam hindu temple pakistan
Rawal dam hindu temple Pakistan

Madan Pura Temple, Gwalmandi Rawalpindi

Saagri Temple, Saagri Rawalpindi

Rama Hindu Temple Said Pur Village Hindu Temple, Islamabad

Hindu Temple near Pir Mehr Ali Shah Golra Sharif, Islamabad

Raghunath Temple, Gurr Market Sialkot

Mata Katyani Hindu Temple outside Sialkot on the road to Kashmir

Mata Hindu Temple outside Sialkot
Mata Katyani Hindu Temple outside Sialkot on the way to Kashmir

Malot Fort Temple

Shiv Hindu Mandir Mansehra

Two Hindu Temples at Attock Khurd, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

  • Baradari Temple
  • GT Road Temple

One Hindu Temples at Lal Kurti, Rawalpindi Cantonment, in a private property.

Two beautiful temples at Kahuta, Punjab

Temples at Guliana Town, Punjab

Hindu Temples at Soon Sakesar, Khushab Punjab

Amb Sharif Hindu Temple in Pakistan Soon Sakesar Khushab Punjab
Amb Sharif Hindu Temple in Pakistan Soon Sakesar Khushab Punjab

Gorakhnaht Temple at Tilla Jogian, Punjab

Two temples at Kotli Azad Kashmir

Three Temples in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

  • Baba Balaji Mandir Ratta, Dadial
  • Raghunath Temple under the Mangla Dam Lake
  • Shivala Temple under Mangla Dam Lake

Two Temples at Hazro Town, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

  • Hindu Temples at Hazro Town

Vishnu Temple at Bhaganwala, Pind Dadan Khan Punjab

Temples at Bhera Town, Punjab

  • Baoliwala Temple Bhera
  • Shiv Temple Bhera

Sun Temple of Mulasthana, Multan was destroyed by Mobs in 1992

This temple gets mentioned in Al Biruni’s Kitab ul Hind too, for its grandeur and gold

Jain Temple at Ancient Sirkap archeological site, Taxila.

Hindu Temple at Hassanabdal, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Hindu Temple at Mankiala Village, Punjab

Mankiala Village Punjab Hindu Temple in Pakistan
Mankiala Village Punjab Hindu Temple in Pakistan

Hindu Temple at Rohtas Fort, Punjab

Hindu Temple at Khewra Salt Mine

Shri Varuna Dev Temple Manora, Karachi Coast used as a toilet?

The fact is that this temple was not well kept by the cash strapped local Auqaf Trust, but no one deliberately tried to use this sacred site as a toilet.

Gor Gathree Hindu Temple Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Here the legend of Gorakhnath was born

Three temple of Pasroor, Punjab

  • Temples of Pasroor Pakistan

Sidh Pani Nath Gi Hindu Mandir at Mirri Fort, Quetta, Baluchistan

Kali Mata Temple Kalat, Baluchistan.

I haven’t yet explored the temples of smaller towns and agricultural cities in Punjab

Which ancient Hindu Temple in Pakistan was excavated recently

Recently a 1300 years old Vishnu Temple was discovered at Ghundai, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is unusual considering Mihiragula the Hun probably smashed it to bits around 5th century AD.

There are quite a few temples in Sindh, Baluchistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that have not really been documented as an open source – along with their stories – so I intend to do that.


Pakistan, as a society will never do well unless the vulnerable non-Muslims are given democratic powers, protected by law and the administration is itself free of ecclesiastic influences.

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