Swimming Swaik Lake (Khandowa) Kallar Kahar

swaik lake

Swaik Lake is located near Kallar Kahar Chakwal and is a wonderful place to swim, barbecue, and picnic with your family and friends.

In case you are wondering, Swaik is pronounced swaa’ik.

Where is Swaik Lake (Khandowa lake) located?

This  lake is also called Khandowa Lake and is about 10 Km from Kallar Kahar Interchange of Lahore Islamabad expressway.

Swaik Lake distance from Islamabad

It takes 2 hours and 150 Km from Islamabad to reach  Lake.

Route map to Swaik Lake

The route to be followed is the Islamabad motorway – exit Kallar Kahar toward Choa Saidan Shah – after 15 minutes turn right at Jalebi Chowk – after 5 minutes turn right again at Khandowa village road.

 Lake is near Khandowa village so everyone there knows about it.

Directions to Swaik Lake (Khandowa Lake)

From  Lake parking, a jeep takes you near the lake down on the valley floor for Rs 1200. Then, you walk for 15 minutes to reach the bottom of the mountain in front of the lake and waterfall.

The hike is easy and not at all dangerous. Even older people can go there if they walk slowly.

Don’t take the route shown on Google maps because that is for motorcycles only and you might get stuck in the narrow villages.

See my map to reach there

History of Khandowa Lake

Pre partition, the Hindu families of Khandowa village used to burn their deceased and wash their ashes in the Stream of Swaik Lake.

While on the jeep from the parking area to the hiking spot, there is a viewpoint where you can see all the valley in front with a stream flowing across it.

Wildlife at Khandowa Lake area

The government has declared Swaik lake Khandowa a national park because there are

  • Deer,
  • boars,
  • pheasants, and
  • exotic birds

Weather at Lake Khandowa

The place is cool and beautiful to see all year round. Even in extreme heat and cold, the lake stays comfortable.

In the summer months, too many tourists come to the site, so I prefer going there after September when the tourist season is over.

Activities at Khandowa Lake

At the  Lake , you can

  • Swim,
  • Cliff dive,
  • Boat,
  • Camp and
  • Barbecue
  • You can even hike further along the lake stream.
  • The rock wall in front of the Lake is a perfect spot for rock climbing as there is the natural protection of the lake below.
  • There is fish in the pond, but no one fish there.

Khandowa Lake depth

Khandowa Lake is more than 35 deep at some spots, but the water is still, so swimming is easy.

The color of the lake is beautiful emerald green and the water is drinkable.

I could see the bottom of the lake, while I was swimming in it.

There are life jackets there and locals take care no one gets drowned.

About 6 people have drowned at this Lake to date and many others rescued while they were drowning.

Places to see near  Lake

  • There is another lake up ahead from Swaik called the Neela Wahn Lake that is more dangerous because locals are not there all the time to protect swimmers. 3 kids drowned there recently.

Then, there is


Lunch at Swaik Lake

We also had tea from a small stall there as the water was cold in November.

On the drive back, we stopped at the famous Jhal Chakiyan Dall restaurant before Kallar Kahar Interchange and had lunch.

This lake is a must-visit for all adventure and travel enthusiasts because it is open to all and has clear water, all year round.

Swim Lake Erie Swaik

It is erie to swim Swaik lake when the water is muddy,, because i have heard it is quite deep close to the water fall – but i still did it. Sometimes you see Swan floating across the lake too.

Frequently Asked Questions on Swaik Lake (Khandowa Lake)

Is Swaik Lake open?

Yes, as of November 2021,  Lake is open for the public all 7 days a week. It was briefly closed when a cloudburst caused the lake dam walls to wash away.

Khandowa Lake weather

It gets freezing in the water after November 2021, and after you get out, the clothes don’t dry out. So, avoid swimming from November to February.

Swaik Lake (Khandowa Lake) distance from Lahore

From Lahore this Lake or Khandowa lake is 3.5 hours or 354 Km.

Which is the Salt water lake at Kallar Kahar

Kallar Kahar Lake, right at the motorway interchange is the salt water lake.

How deep is Kallar Kahar Lake and can we swim in it?

Kallar Kahar lake is probably just 50 ft deep at the deepest point but the reeds and undergrowth makes it impossible to swim across. Then the water is too salty and it burns the eyes.

if you want to swim then go to the clear water Swaik Lake in Chakwal that is not too far from here.


Swaik Lake Khandowa is perfect for a family trip on a weekend, especially in the summers. To avoid the crowds, go there on weekdays.

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