Chajjian Waterfall in Haripur is one of Pakistan’s tallest.

chajjian waterfall

You must see Chajjian Waterfall for its majestic beauty as well as the Grand Canyon into which it falls.

Pakistan’s tallest waterfall

I don’t think Swat’s Jarogo waterfall, at 400 metres, is as tall as Chajjian because Jarogo has a slight incline and Chajjian does not.

Because of its straight fall, the Farphu waterfall in Bagrot Valley Gilgit Baltistan is the only waterfall taller than Chajjian that I have seen.

chajjian waterfall
Dried up Waterfall

When should you go to Chajjian waterfall?

Even during the summer, this fall has never dried out.

But, due to my exceptional luck, by the time I arrived, it had dried out to the bone. There was not a single drop of water falling.

Avoid visiting the waterfall between May and July, especially if there is a particularly dry spell.

chajjian waterfall

Location of Chajjian Waterfall

Chajjian waterfall is just across the Haro River behind the Margalla Hills.

It is about 30 miles from Islamabad, but you’d have to drive a massive loop to the Hazara motorway and then turn back towards the Haro River near Khanpur Dam to get there.

The Way to Chajjian Waterfall

Drive the Hazara motorway to the Haripur interchange, then to Mang, then to the Pakistan Austrian University, then to close to Chappra Junction, and turn right 10 meters before the junction.

Finally, there is a straight road that leads to Chajjian Village, where the road comes to an end.

Things to do in Chajjian Village Haripur

  • Following Chajjian Village, there is a dirt road accessible only by a motorcycle that leads to the Haro River Junction point. It’s entirely off-road on high mountain tracks with ravines below.
  • In theory, you could arrive at Pir Sohawa on a tough bike and an even tougher behind.
  • From Chajjian village, you can see the Haro River.
  • Noori Waterfall is not far from Chajjian, but it is easier to reach from the Pir Sohawa side.
  • Chajjian Village offers cool gusty winds.
  • Have some Desi Lassi.
  • Hike downhill to the waterfall’s base on a moderately difficult trail.
  • Rehana Haripur Field Marshal Ayub Khan Grave Site
chajjian waterfall

Why is it so windy in Chajjian Haripur?

The reason for the high winds is that Chajjian village quickly narrows from a 3-kilometer expanse to 20 meters at the waterfall and then drops 500 meters.

This creates a channel for the winds that blow across the village, reaching speeds of up to 30 knots at the waterfall’s top.

chajjian waterfall

Haripur’s Chajjain Village History

Before 1947, Chajjian Village was home to a prosperous Hindu community that dominated commerce and trade along this ancient high mountain pass that connects Pashtun territory with Gilgit Baltistan.

Thugs intent on stealing their land gathered this Hindu community in a wooden shed and burned them alive.

Because the Sikhs of Chajjian were mostly in government, they were able to flee in time.

There are no Hindu temples or Gurdwaras left in Chajjian Haripur, except for the Shmashana Ghat area, where Hindus from all over Haripur came to burn their dead and spread their ashes in the holy water of the waterfall.

In Chajjian Village, there are still Hindu convert families.

chajjian waterfall

Road condition at Haripur

The road to Chajjain Haripur is in good condition.

Imran Khan’s government spent a significant amount of money metaling the road leading up to the village, which is now in perfect working order for any type of car or bus.

Where can I get food near the Chajjain waterfall?

There isn’t much to eat at Chajjian Village, so bring your own food and water.

chajjian waterfall

Is Chajjain Haripur safe to visit?

The locals allow camping at the site, and it appears to be safe, but bring some kind of protection or weapon if you intend to walk downstream from the waterfall.

Time and distance between Islamabad and Chajjain Waterfall

It takes 2 hours to travel 120 kilometers from Islamabad to Chajjjian Waterfall Haripur, mostly on the Hazara Motorway.

When is the best time to visit Chajjian?

The best time to visit Chajjian is during the pre-monsoon season, which runs from late July to September and begins raining while the weather is still hot.


The Chajjian waterfall in Haripur is the tallest waterfall outside of Gilgit Baltistan, and it has recently become easier to access thanks to a new road, so taking the family there when it rains is a good idea.

Inbox me if you want me to assist you with your visit.

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