Scuba Diving in Pakistan at Churna Island, Karachi.

scuba diving in pakistan

The best Scuba Diving in Pakistan takes place at Churna Island, Karachi. Churna Island is about 50 km off Karachi.

Churna Island Karachi Map

To get to Churna Island, drive Westwards from Saddar Karachi towards Mauripur; turn left toward Mubarak village road and go towards Sunehra beach. The route is available on Google map and it’s a 2.5 hours drive. Leave early in the morning to have ample time to enjoy the sparse living of the Balochi nomadic tribes you see along the route. Scuba diving snorkeling pictures and videos are posted below.

Difference between scuba diving and snorkeling

I would say after 50 feet depth tanks and special mouthpiece becomes necessary. it is here snorkeling changes to scuba diving.

Who to register with for Scuba Diving in Pakistan.

It would be better to register with Mr. Sadiq Memon ( 03002048199) of Scuba club for scuba diving in Pakistan, who charges Rs 5500 per person (initial quote) on weekends and 7500 per person on weekdays, for the whole trip.

The package includes transportation, boat ride to Churna Island, cave exploration, cliff jumping, snorkeling, scuba till 30 feet at least, jet skis, fishing, barbecue, island hike, etc.

We went there on a weekday, and it was worth the extra few thousand rupees because of the extra time we got underwater.

We drove to Sunehra beach and took a fishermen’s boat to Churna Island, 6 km out (1.5 hours more)Sunehra beach is a makeshift fishermen’s wharf, with parking space available (at your own risk).

Lots of young girls go on the trip and the dive instructors are very professional in handling them. No chicchorpana!

I loved swimming in the island cave and scuba diving to the corals underneath the island. It’s a whole new world underneath with ‘Finding Nemo’ like fishes, eels, turtles, coral, white sand, and crustaceans’.

I got pricked by a thorny organism at the sea bed because I was trying to reach out to the fishes that were around me — otherwise, it’s quite safe.

I poked a fish that was checking me out to see whether I was lunch, and the whole school ran for cover.

The water was warm 25 degrees in December and the sea was calm and clear. Do bring warm clothing for the journey back because the breeze gets chilly in the afternoon with your wet clothing. Other people have reported seeing killer whales, blue whales, and whale sharks in the vicinity of Churna Island. It is quite possible because of the variety of sea creatures that live in the corals and outcrops beneath the sea – away from pollution.

churna island

Don’t forget to ask for fish-Barbecue arrangements – they do it for special people.

The massive Hub power project on the opposite bank of the hub river channel that we use to cruise out into the open sea is a sight to see in itself. They have their own port, complete with cranes.

Mubarak village was a tourist spot opposite to the hub project, which is now closed to the public because of land dispute – Sunehra beach does just fine.

We had biryani after the swim and slept on the way back because of exhaustion.

The sun glows a bright orange at sunset, in the Baluchistan desert, and I have never seen it so close.

The village people live on the land without water — here is an anthropological study in eco-friendly living for the modern man.

Don’t forget to bring your National ID because the security is very finicky.

The next day we took a harbor cruise from Kemari docks and they took us out of the Kemari Cul-de-sac bay and swung around just close to the open sea. We got to see the several centuries-old fort, the lighthouse, the church, and the Hostrag islands (Bara Anda).

We also so the brand new container terminal called the PICT. Someone needs to fund the environmental protection agency to clean up the water though.

About Scuba diving certification in Pakistan, the internet says these guys are good. I wouldn’t know too much about that. You’d have to verify yourself.

The day after, we went to International Defense Exhibition 2018 and it was very interesting to see; Lots of efficient tools to kill people and free souvenirs’ to go around.

It would be a good idea to lump all three activities together to get the most out of your Karachi visit –

Throw in a visit to Zainab market to get great Nike & Levi rip-offs and dinner at Port Grand.


For more activities in Karachi, visit Hingol park, Ormara and Korangi creek.

For sky diving in Pakistan click this.

Post Script

Scuba diving in Pakistan in Urdu is غوطہ خوری and in Chinese is 水肺潜水.  Inside Pakistan there are other scuba diving centers for lessons near Mir Pur Mangla Dam and Khanpur dam, I would recommend the ones in Karachi because the Navy’s divers are mostly available here. Close to Pakistan, there are scuba diving centers in Maldives and Dubai available to Pakistanis. The scuba diving equipment gear like masks, snorkels, flippers, suits, kits, and tanks are all provided by the scuba diving and snorkeling club. 

You will definitely enjoy this video on Churna Island too. 

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