Holiest of Holies Katas Raj Temple Chakwal Pakistan

katas raj

Katas raj Temple is a Hindu temple complex situated in Katas village near Choa Saidan Shah in the Chakwal District of Punjab Pakistan.


Significance of Katas Raj Temple Complex, Chakwal

  • This complex of temples that includes Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist places of worship.
  • Every one of the seven Hindu temples represents a different sect of Hinduism. 
  • Predominantly, it was a Hindu pilgrimage site – the second holiest in the world.
  • It is here that Shiva shed a tear for his beloved and a sacred pond was formed.
  • Also, pandwa brothers visited this site and compiled the Rig Veda Hindu religious text in the caves of Katas Raj that are still present.
  • The Katas Temple complex is mentioned in Mahabharata and Rig Veda
  • It is also called Sri Katas Raj Dham out of respect by Hindu devotees 

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Things to see at Katas Hindu Temple Complex

  • Shiva Pond
  • Hanuman Temple
  • Shiva Temple
  • Ram Chandra Temple
  • Hari Singh Mansion
  • Satt Garrah Temple
  • Pundit Monastery

What is the Katas Raj Satyagraha?

The Katas  Complex has seven Hindu temples, hence it is called Satyagraha.

 Who built the Katas Raj Temple site?

The founder of Katas Raj could be any Gupta Hindu king who claimed northwest India after the defeat of the Huns in Central India in 528 AD.

This temple complex existed several hundred years before the birth of Christ.

The Buddhist temple at this site was constructed later in the 2nd-century AD.

The best time to visit Katas Raj 

We decided to visit the Katas Raj Hindu Temple complex in Pakistan on a hot summer in July when the weather and temperature are mild there.

A better time would be to visit in winters October to February

Route to visit to Katas Complex

You don’t need a map or ask for directions to get to the temple.

Just exit at Kallar Kahar interchange of Lahore Islamabad motorway and drive 24 Km on a metaled road to the site.

Things to see near Katas Raj

  • You can also visit khewra salt mines on thesame day.  Salt mines are located about 20 to 24 km from Kalar Kahar on the road between Kalar Kahar and Choa Saidan Shah.
  • While going to the mines, you will also pass by the Best Way cement factory.
  • Why not try the Para-motor ride on a dirt runway on the side of the road.

Visiting hours of Katas Raj Temple

There are no particular timings to visit Katas Raj Hindu temple and pond. Anytime during the day would be fine.

And, no, the Katas Raj pond is not drying up. Some babu has cared to notice.

History of the Katas Raj Temple

The Katas Raj Hindu Temple’s complex history is 1400 years old.

The old name of Katas Raj was Kataksha, which in classic Sanskrit means “God’s Tears.”

It is related that at the death of Shiva’s wife Sati, he was inconsolable and cried so much that it resulted in two pools of water, one at Puskara near Ajmer and the other at Katas.

What is katas Raj called in Urdu?

These temples are locally known as ‘Qila Katas’.

Pakistanis called it Katas Raj Mandir in Urdu.

katas raj

Hindu Pilgrims at Katas Raj Hindu Temple

The Hindu pilgrims celebrate Maha Shivaratri at katas. Its here that Shiva entered a nuptial bond.

The Rig Veda caves of Katas Raj

In the caves of Katas Raj, the oldest book in Hinduism Rig Vida was written by Pandwa brothers and some Hindu priest say Shiva was born here.     

The prime of Katas Raj temples

This complex was at its prime during the eras of the Hindu Shahi rulers dating from about 615–950 CE.

What is the Age of Katas Raj Hindu Temple Complex?

From archaeological records, Katas Raj is about 1600 years old.

How to enter Hari Singh Haveli?

To see the beautiful motifs and wall paintings, you have to pay the tour guide Rs 500. He even throws in a verse of Baba Bulleh Shah if you insist.

Is any Hindu temple functional at Katas Raj?

Yes, one temple performs all religious rituals and there is a permanent Hindu maharaj leading prayers

It also existed since the days of Mahabharata and the Pandava brothers spent a substantial part of their exile at the site.

Buddhist stupa of Katas Raj

The site held a Buddhist Stupa said to have towered 61 m (200 ft.) in height with ten streams around it       

The seven temple complex in pictures

katas raj

The temples at Katas are mostly constructed on square platforms. 

Hanuman Mandir is on the western extreme of a high rectangular enclosure

It is better to hire a guide to explain to you the place .

Is Katas Temple the largest in Pakistan?

No, Katas temple might be the largest complex area wise, but the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Karachi is the largest functional temple in Pakistan.

Do Indian Pilgrims visit Pakistani Temples?

I have seen quite some Hindu pilgrims visit their places of worship in the land of Pakistan and that is a good thing.

Where to get lunch at Katas Raj Temple

There are several hotels near the temple complex while driving to Kallar kahar Interchange of the Lahore Islamabad motorway.


The Katas Raj Temple needs to be restored to its former glory, if not for religious sake, at least for the heritage and history of the people of the Indus Valley.

If you want to visit Katas Raj with a detailed brief on the history, do inbox me.

Dharab Dam Trip


On our way back we went back to Islamabad through Chakwal Jhelum road there were multiple dams where you can rest and relax and have food like the Dharab lake dam.

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