4 Best Desi Food Streets in Lahore

Best Desi Food Streets in Lahore

Since I have lived in Pakistan all my life, I can’t enjoy my breakfast without a desi touch, exactly the way they make it in these Best Desi food Streets in Lahore.

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The location of the Best Desi Food Streets in Lahore

  • Gawalmandi Food Street, Chamberlain Road, Gawalmandi Lahore. (Google Maps Route)
  • Lahore Fort Food Street Fort Road, Shahi Mohalla, Walled City, Lahore (Google Maps Route)
  • Lakshmi Food Street Nisbet Road, Montgomery Park, Qila Gujjar Singh, Lahore. (Google Maps Route)
  • Old Anarkali Food Street, Anarkali Road, Civil Lines, Lahore.

 My Trip to Best Desi Nashta Restaurants of Lahore

I love my breakfast with fried eggs with the yellows still intact; Halwa, acharee Channay and to wash it down with a freshly brewed doodh patti chai or lassi does it for me.

Lahore Food people understand this fact and will prepare your food exactly the way you tell them.

I always chose Gawalmandi Food Street for my Nashta or Breakfast.

Best Desi Food in the afternoon at Lahore

In the afternoon, nothing is tastier than a fresh Jumbo sized Chicken Roll Paratha with mayonnaise or Kabuli styled Beef Tikka with poodina chatni and doodh soda.

In the afternoon, I can also go with a jumbo-sized biryani with Chapel kabab and a salad raita.

Pulao with Chicken is not bad either.

I always choose Lakshmi Chowk For my Lunch.

Best Desi Food at Dinner Time in Lahore

Evening time is for Barbecue chicken breast piece, fresh tandoori naan, Beef Seekh Kabab, Malai Boti and a mutton Karahi.

A freshly prepared Shinwari Kehwa is essential to wash out the excess oils and spices from my system.

I always choose Anarkali of my Dinner.

Now, I can have continental food, Thai, Chinese and even Burgers, but will make me happy?

Hell no!

Top Desi Food Streets of Lahore

So, here is my list of the top places in Lahore to get your authentic Desi food and why you must go there at least once.

Lahore Fort New Food Street

I had been there once before to have food on the roof top of Cuckoo’s den, but this time the only functioning diner was Haveli

None of the other places had live music on their roof top, and the traditional art work and restoration work on these 200 years old red light district Havel was the best.

I got to Lahore Fort new Food Street at the Taxali Gate of Lahore Fort on a Careem Hail Ride and had to Pay Rs 800, one way.

Haveli Restaurant is over booked on weekends so, get there early to get a good view of Badshahi mosque, Lahore fort, Ranjit Singh’ Samadhi and Royal Gardens from the roof top.

Many love birds’ flock here to see this romantic view of the lit up mosque at night.

The live music playing there adds to the mesmerizing environment.

After going over their extensive Desi Menu, I ordered Chicken Karahi, Seekh Kabab and Salads, which arrived in Okay time.

The organizing staff was accommodating and on the ball, but the waiter staff seemed distracted.

Maybe it was because of their work load.

The half karahi size was smaller than usual, but the waiter never informed us about it.

Then, the Seekh Kababs were bland tasting.

Haveli charges on the heavier side, so take you Debit Card with you.

The top deck at Haveli was full to capacity and people stayed on their chairs long after they had their dinner, desert of Halwa, feerni and fluda.

The most interesting thing to see is the way the haveli people have tried renovating this traditional building to its former glory.

This pleasure district was the center of song, music and dance in the Mughal Era, also known as the Heera Mandi or Shahi Mohalla.

Recommended things to eat at Lahore Fort Food Street.

These are the recommended things to eat at Haveli Restaurant Lahore Fort Food Street Lahore:-

  • Chicken Handi
  • Lamb Chops
  • Daal Masala
  • Mutton Handi
  • Mutton Makhni Malayi Boti

Other restaurants at Lahore Fort Food Street

  • Cuckoo’s Den
  • Rivaaj
  • Andaz

Gawalmandi Food Street Lahore

Gawalmandi was the place where the colonial British tried settling their more civilized natives (in their opinion), which were Hindu families of Lahore.

The intricate architecture on the façade of these old mansions is breathtaking even now.

When the Hindu families left for India, immigrants from Indian Punjab occupied various floors of this town and the whole street lost is eminence.

The positive aspect of this cross migration was that immigrant Kashmiri and Punjabi families brought with them a new way preparing Desi food, which people love about this food street.

Desi Saag, Hareesa, Sirri Paye, Lassi, Murgh Cholay, Fried Fish are the top menu items here and retain their Punjabi authenticity.

Top Desi Restaurants at Gawalmandi Lahore

The places that you can get these meals at Gawalmandi Food street are-

  • Sadiq Murgh Cholay wala
  • Amritsari Hareesa wala
  • Haji Sardar sahib Fish and
  • Yousaf Falooda wala.

I went to Gawalmandi Food Street for breakfast and enjoyed my paye, eggs, paratha, cheese naan, Lassi and Chai.

Old Anarkali Food Street Lahore

Old Anarkali food street has all the Desi food you need, but it also has something extra – heritage

Tillay wali Jooti found here in traditional shops are a magnet for visitors to Pakistan.

Then, you have Pakistan’s outstanding Heritage Museum in Lahore, Tolington Market and Zoo close.

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If you can merge into the crowd and act Pakistani in such an interesting but over crowded place – you will be rewarded.

I tried a Desi Lunch of Biryani with Chicken Raita and Kebab here and it was heavenly.

The fresh Citrus juice and Sugar Cane “Roe” here in the Month of January will give you a sudden jump start to life.


Top Desi Restaurants of Old Anarkali Lahore

To get this food , try

  • Riaz Falooda place
  • Bukhara Restaurant
  • Yasir Broast Chicken and
  • Quetta Hotel.

Lakshmi Chowk Food street Lahore

I did not get a chance to go here but I have heard that they have the best Desi Chicken Karahi ever.

If you like Pulao better, then do not miss Savour Foods.

Kulfi ice-cream in Lakshmi has the most condensed khoya found anywhere else.

Top Desi Food Restaurants Lakshmi Chowk

To get your top quality food, try

  • Nishat Café
  • Butt Desi Karahi
  • Nisbat Gol Gappay Wala, and
  • Kashmiri Daal Chawal
  • Savour Foods


MM Alam Road, starts in Gulberg main market and ends at Firdaus market, has Restaurants that serve all kinds of western food, Far East Asian Food such as Chinese, Thai and Japanese. Their prices are on the higher side and Desi food taste here is average.


  • For top quality Daal Chawaal (Rice with Pulses), go to Regal Chowk
  • For top quality Mutton Karachi (Mutton Curry), go to Laari Adda (Truck Stand)

Caution  when eating out at Desi Joints in Lahore

  • Dress up Pakistani. Avoid sticking out like a sore thumb
  • Try taking a Pakistani with you to navigate through Pakistani peculiar culture, that only we understand
  • See through the grinding poverty
  • Take a Careem or Uber-ride and follow the recommended route by the App
  • Take your bottled water with you, preferably Nestle 5 liters bottle, if you are a large family
  • Rickshaw is the best ride inside the Walled City.
  • The road site food is equally good, but you pick and choose after research.


Lahore’s favorite pastime is Desi Food, but do not miss out on heritage here. Lahore was for a long time the center of power of the whole India.

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