Joyland Rawalpindi

Joyland Rawalpindi Park is for Family Fun

Trip to Joyland Rawalpindi

I like the place because of its exciting rides, huge car parking, and Food Street with all famous brands of fast food, desi, and Chinese restaurants.

The rides are interesting; especially Tornado, Discovery, and Capital Eye because each one of these is thrilling.

For adults and thrill-seekers like me, “Discovery” ride gives you the adrenaline you need.

You know the ride is fun when your chair goes several hundred feet high in the air, rotates, and tumbles down.

Tornado is a Merry-go-round on fast-moving baskets that are hung by cables was pretty exciting too.

joyland rawalpindi


  • Take care of your cellphones when you are on the rides that tumble.
  • They have a small roller coaster as well that rocks back and forth on a track that curves upwards on both sides.
  • The dodging cars, mini-golf course, and rowing boats are enjoyable low-intensity activities for adults as well.
  • Islamabad eye is a huge Ferris wheel that rotates slowly and you get to see views of Rawalpindi and Islamabad from high above.
  • There are armed guards at the gates and within the compound, therefore, women feel safe enjoying themselves with their families.
  • I saw quite a few young couples frolicking around the park enjoying the rides.
  • The train rides are for kids, which they enjoy thoroughly.
  • The loud shrieks of girls and kids make the whole experience interesting.

Fast food counters at Joyland Rawalpindi

Then, there are coffee counters and fast food joints right in the center of the rides too.

Although the chips, burgers, and fries of these fast food counters were not that good, still, the tea was acceptable.,

Lunch at City walk food park Joyland Rawalpindi

For lunch, we went to the Asia Hong Chinese restaurant on the food street close.

I could also see Pizza Hut, Fry Haus, Koila Grill, and Chai Darbar there as well.

Also, see

Joyland Rawalpindi Indoor Games area

Joyland Rawalpindi also has another area where they have indoor games for kids as well. It has video games, arcades, motion rides, and video screens.

view from capital eye

Ticket prices list at Joyland Rawalpindi 2023

There are three kinds of tickets for Joyland Rawalpindi

  • At the entry gate, you must pay Rs 100 per person
  • To enjoy all the outdoor rides, you must get a wrist band of Rs 800 per person
  • To enjoy all the indoor games, you’d have to charge your card and play it out. Indoor games range from Rs 150-600 per game per person.
  • Then kids can play all indoor and outdoor games, except a few video games and screens, the wrist band costs Rs 700
  • There is a special concession if a school goes there.

They also have school, birthday, and business packages with reduced cost, so email them early to avail of these opportunities.

The Joyland Rawalpindi Packages and Timings for Students

Students get two packages A and B

Joyland Rawalpindi Packages and Timings
Joyland Rawalpindi Packages and Timings

How to get to Joyland Rawalpindi

To get to Joyland Rawalpindi, you must drive to Ayub Park, cross the main gate and turn left where Ayub Parks’ boundary ends.

Map of Joyland Rawalpindi

Joyland is located at the place that was formerly called Topi Rakh, playland.

Joyland Rawalpindi Location

Nowadays, the road is called the National Park Road, Topi Rakh.

You can take a Careem or Uber Ride hail service to get there, otherwise, there is a lot of public transportation in the area.


Joy land Park Timings

The timings of Joyland Rawalpindi are

  • 10 am to 10 pm on week days Monday to Friday
  • 10 am to late at night on Weekends Saturday and Sunday

The best time to go to Joyland is in the morning time on weekdays, when there is hardly anyone there.

Is the park open during Corona Lockdown?

It did open for a while during the lockdown but was closed again in the second wave.

During Corona Lockdown, Joyland Rawalpindi has closed the site until further orders – till around June.

Joyland Rawalpindi is the same franchise that has built Joyland Lahore in the Fortress stadium and has a good reputation.

The rides seem to be perfectly safe as no accident has ever been reported yet.

Joyland Phone Number and Website contact

Their Phone Number is +923488801545 /+92 51 5144280

The website is in case you want to check if they are open.


A visit to Joyland Rawalpindi is interesting for young couples, kids and young families to have a good time for a few hours on the weekend and come back after lunch.


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  1. Incredibly sexist and harassing comment made by the writer. You wrote that women are safe because it is a secure place, then you wrote that guys will enjoy it too because good looking women are there.
    Clearly you are uneducated, so let me tell you that a man’s enjoyment SHOULD NOT be the presence of good looking women. A man looking at a woman and admiring her is HARASSMENT and this is what leads to RAPE. Moreover, you are validating harassment by telling men who read this article that it is ok to look at women. Men should ONLY come to Joyland if they are there to enjoy the rides and games. They must be removed from the premises if their enjoyment is in looking at the women. If all men are looking at the women, then it should be made a women’s only space because men don’t deserve to be allowed in public places if they will harass women. It is WRONG for a man to look at women in public unless the woman has allowed the man to look at her.
    A place where men enjoy looking at women is NOT SAFE FOR WOMEN. You DO NOT have a right to look at anyone unless they have allowed you to look at them.

    1. Chill out buddy.

      Anyways thanks for reading my article. It was just a way to get your attention. Doesn’t necessary reflect my views.

      I will make note of your observation.

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