Best Barbecue in Rawalpindi at Garrison Officers Mess

barbecue Garrison Officers Mess

Garrison Officers mess Rawalpindi has the best Barbecue. I would know because I have lived around the place all my life and seen it evolve from Rawalpindi Club to Artillery Mess to Garrison Officer’s mess.

Facilities at Garrison Officers Mess

Beside other facilities like

  • Swimming,
  • Tennis and
  •  A marriage hall,
  •  Weekend barbecue
  •  Lawns to chill and have tea
  •   Coffee room
  •  Guest Rooms
  • The Library has now been changed to Pakistani Handicraft museum, because we like to eat and watch – not read.

The swimming pool at Garrison Officers mess is world class, wide, clean and VIP standard. Doing laps in the pool feels like heaven and the bathing areas are gorgeous.

Location and route of Garrison Officers Mess Rawalpindi

Garrison Officers Mess is located at Saddar Rawalpindi.

Try getting there off-rush hours or else you will get stuck in traffic

Pasted below for you is the location and pictures of barbecue of Garrison officers mess Rawalpindi.

Best Barbecue Garrison Officers Mess Rawalpindi

I love their Barbecue because of its freshness and quality of meat. Don’t go to Barbecue Tonight Rawalpindi because it is a disaster.

Barbecue at Garrison officers mess is only on Saturday evenings.

Barbecue Menu

Menu of Garrison Officers Mess Rawalpindi is the usual

  • Chicken karahi,
  • Chicken boti,
  • Malai Boti,
  • Seekh Kabab,
  • Mutton handi etc. with
  • Raita and salads.

The simplicity of the menu and reasonable price makes it even more attractive.

I have not eaten a more wetter, juicy and large portions of Chicken boti, beef kebab, karahi and garlic naan anywhere in Rawalpindi-Islamabad — and at this price

After the meat comes the kheer (rice pudding) that you can’t miss

Lush Green Lawns of Garrison Mess

Now if there is any place in Rawalpindi that has the perfect environment, green lawns, colonial facade, fountains, sophisticated people, ample parking and wonderful juicy barbecue – it would be Garrison mess.

Once you’ve had your fill of juicy met, stretch on the lawn chairs of the green prairie up front.

Garrison Mess Membership

If you don’t have membership, get someone in the military to lend it to you to at least eat there once. The barbecue is on every night except Saturdays.

Membership for Garrison officers mess can be obtained for serving and retired military officers and families, but for civilians, it is possible but a little slow.

You’d have to visit the mess officer to get their latest policy and when you do submit your form, you’d require a serving officer from the Army to sponsor you.

This I feel is ridiculous after all it was a mess for the civil officers of Rawalpindi too.

Other Garrison Officers Mess

There are Garrison Officers’ mess in

  • Lahore,
  • Quetta,
  • Multan,
  • Malir Cantonment Karachi
  • Nowshehra

Garrison Mess Lahore Contact

Address: Tufail Rd, Cantt, Lahore, Punjab

Phone No: (042) 99220660

Mess Interior and Exterior Decoration

The recently renovated 19th century building with its elegant high roofs, elaborate chandeliers’, tile work and iron railings is just exquisite to say the least.


I feel like Mr. Thompson from Canterbury, Deputy Commissioner of Her Royal Highness the Queen of England dining within these walls.

Efficient Staff at Garrison Mess

Then the clean, well dressed, good-looking and mature people dining with you just make the whole experience wonderful.


The best part is that the food is served hot and it is very tasty.  I’d give the place 9/10 overall ranking

Garrison Mess Rawalpindi Phone Contact

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