Chilling at Jacaranda Family Club DHA 2 Islamabad

Jacaranda family club

Jacaranda Family Club in DHA 2 Islamabad is not just a place for fitness and dining, it has wonderful guest rooms too.

It is nothing like the Jacaranda Country Clubs in Western countries, but does reasonably well in comparison.

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Gym at Jacaranda Club

I go to Jacaranda Family Club DHA-II every Sunday, at 10 am and hit the gym for a quick 15 minutes run, followed by 30 laps in the indoor pool.

They have a women’s Gym section with a separate pool

What does Jacaranda Mean?

Jacaranda Mimosifolia tree and bonsai plant is widely grown by people along driveways and streets.

As such there is no meaning or definition of Jacaranda.

Jacaranda along with golf club and courses looks like purple heaven during spring.

That’s why clubs, FM channels,  hotels, cinemas, and Malls are named Jacaranda.

Jacaranda flowers are not poisonous to people or dogs, themselves but the bees that linger upon them can sting in summers.

Swimming Pool at Jacaranda Club 

At Jacaranda Family club and DHA-II, the gym and pools are segregated into male and female sections that are equally well equipped.

The Swimming pool is a full-size laps-pool.

I didn’t see any diving pool – which is not required anyways. The water is clear and the lifeguards are engaging.

Everyone sticks to their lanes but I would recommend getting there early to avoid unnecessary collisions on the circuit.

Pool timings are 0800-1200 & 1700 to 2200 hrs. every day, except Monday.

Swimming pool Charges at Jacaranda club

The management charges Rs 500 every time you swimming there with reference of some existing member.

The gym at Jacaranda Club

Jacaranda Family club DHA-2 has working and clean machines and the gym is very well organized.

I haven’t seen a better equipped and tastefully decorated gym anywhere else in Pakistan.

courtesy Jacaranda Club

Sauna at Jacaranda club

After a hot shower in the pool’s communal bath, I walk up to the Sauna to work my pores.

They charge Rs 500 for the sauna, but it is definitely worth the money.

After all, pampering yourself once in a while is a good idea.

Following the Sauna is the warm bubbly Jacuzzi — also charged.

By this time my family has gotten out of the female side and we meet up in front of the 60 inches TV screen in the lobby.

Jacaranda Club Coffee Shop

We all than settle down in the coffee club in front of the full-size window screen

Through the screen green vegetation, blossoms, and delightfully purple jacaranda trees are visible outside.

Jacaranda family club hi-tea menu is very lavish too.

A well-beaten coffee mug just completes a lovely afternoon like no other.


Jacaranda Club Restaurant Dining

Jacaranda club also has a diner on its top deck with a sumptuous mutton karahi and fresh garlic naan.

It’s not too expensive and live music plays in the background which cool spring breeze blows across.


Jacaranda Club Bowling alley and Cinema screen

Jacaranda club DHA-2 also has a bowling alley & and a multiplex screen to send your pesky kids to, so that we can get some quality time together.

Jacaranda Club Squash and Tennis Courts

Jacaranda club has an indoor, air-conditioned squash court and they are developing a tennis court too.


Marriage Hall

Jacaranda club members have the option to use a lovely full-sized marriage hall with no columns.


Jacaranda Club Guest Room Charges

High-quality guest rooms for meager

  • Rs 5800 per night for members
  • Rs 9900 for nonmembers

are also available for your BAE & you!

Complimentary stuff at guestroom

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Fruit Basket
  • Free Wifi
  • Newspaper
  • Gymnasium
  • Squash Court access

The best thing about Jacaranda Club

The best thing about the place is the well-mannered and good-looking people that you mingle within the club. No chicchor-panna!

Jacaranda Club Membership fee

Membership fee is

  • Rs 1 million for civilians and
  • Rs 1.5 lakh for military personnel

Monthly fee is a mere Rs 3000 — which is nothing as compared to the facilities offers

Desi Breakfast every day of the week

The club offers a desi breakfast platter with Lassi for only Rs 1100, which is a nice option to enjoy with friends.

Yoga and Zumba at Jacaranda club

The ladies in the place are pretty easy on the eyes, especially with the yoga pants.

Oh in case I forget, the gym offers trainers for yoga, zumba, kick boxing etc. for a fee of 8000 per month.

The only downer about the Jacaranda Club is that it is a complete one hour’s drive from Blue Area central.


So, in conclusion, Bravo DHA, It’s nice enjoying luxuries like Lady Antoinette, while the poor and desperate hack a living far away.

I would choose luxury & wealth any day of the week.


Jacaranda Club Phone Number 

UAN: (051) 111-JFC-DHA (532-342) Extn 2623, 2624, 2625, 2626Phone: (051) 2311001-7

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