Things to see around Mahodand Lake Swat

Mahodand Lake

Mahodand Lake is just one of the several types of places you can enjoy around Swat. Mahodand is pronounced Maho-dund and not “mahomet” or “mahjongg”

Things to do around Mahodand Lake Swat

Options for travelers include :-

  • Mountain Climbing
  • Boating on the lake
  • Leisure stay at a hotel
  • Buddhist ruins visit
  • Skiing 
  • Fishing
  • Hiking further North
  • Jeep Ride

Distances to Mahodand Lake Kalam, Swat from Islamabad

Mahodand Lake Swat, KPK is actually in Kalam town that is a 6 hours drive from Islamabad. The distance of Mahodand Lake Swat from Islamabad is 360 Km and the distance of Kalam from Islamabad is 330 km or 7.5 hours.

Best Hotel at Mahodand Lake

It is more advisable to stop over at Kalam town in some guest house, which is plenty there. 

  • Forest Cottage Kalam is the best hotel here. Phone Contact is 0318 1056668
  • Greens Hotel Kalam Phone 0311 1444100

Each Guest room is upwards of Rs 20,000 per night in the summer season

Weather at Mahodand Lake Kalam Swat

The weather and temperature at Mahodand Lake Kalam, Swat is mostly cool, even in summers. The temperature ranges from -2 Deg C in Summers to +35 Deg C in Winters. It gets pretty hot in July months due to global warming.

Map to Mahodand Lake

Mahodand Lake map, Google map route, pics are posted below for your reference. I have shared a video of Mahodand Lake Swat in my VLOG how2havefun on YouTube.

The road to Mahodand lake is fully carpeted and well prepared, except for the last half hour.

Road trip to Kalam Swat

It takes 10 hours driving from Rawalpindi to Kalam town. We took off from Rawalpindi early in the morning and reached Kalam at sunset. There were times when Kalam used to be cool in the Summers, but not anymore. It gets pretty hot there as well.

The reason for that could be global warming and the massive deforestation taking place in the pine forests all around Kalam. It still snows in the winters though.

The hotels there are just OK, nothing special.

Jeep for Mahodand Lake

We rested for the night and booked a 4×4 jeep for Rs 4000,  for our next morning trip to Mahodand lake in Ushu Valley, 30 Kms ahead.

The Mahodand trip was delightful because of less traffic, goat herders, the ’22-waterfalls’, clear water streams flowing beside us, and the Ushu pine forest.

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Mountain Climbing at Mahodand 

One track along the way leads to Falak Sar Peak (5919 m) which is a magnet for amateur mountain climbers, with its all-year-round snow-covered tops.


The road to Mahodand is rocky and only 4×4 can get there.

Waterfalls of Kalam and Mahodand

A few Kilometers short of Mahodand lake is another waterfall that is a few km hike from the road, on the left side. The waterfall is always covered with a thin mist of water vapors over which a little rainbow of colors appears in clear weather.

Distance Kalam to Mahodand Lake

We reached Mahodand in 2 hours from Kalam town covering 35 Km.  The Lake had a tuft of Pine trees on its central island. The water was turquoise colored. Engine-driven boats and horses were available for tourists.

Swat to Mahodand Lake Distance

The distance from Swat to Mahodand lake is 128 km and it takes 5 hours on the road which is fit for all sorts of cars and jeeps


Mahodand to Shandur Top Hike

We drove further ahead on the track that ended on another little lake. The trail after this lake leads into Shandur polo ground from the South side – after one day of walking. What a picturesque hike that would be, right?

Kalam Old Guard Post

The next day we drove upwards from the kalam town center to an old guard post, from the times when Kalam was part of a principality. The guard post not only overlooked Kalam town but also watched anyone entering or exiting the valley.

The ledge of the guard post was a perfect spot for base jumping and landing on top of your hotel for morning tea.

Ultar Valley Kalam

In the afternoon we drove into Ultar valley and saw the site of the once defunct lake that broke its banks and washed away half of Kalam town in the 2010 floods.

Kumrat Valley after Ultar Valley

Further ahead along the Ultar valley is the Kumrat Valley that is still pristine and full of trout fishes. There are hidden gems of Kalam and Swat that cannot be covered in one trip.


Jahanabad Buddha Carving Swat

The next day we drove back to Janabad (Shakhorai) where the image of Buddha is carved into a rock face. I swear I could see a smirk on his face; maybe because Taliban had Kalam and were eventually evicted.

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Malam Jabba Ski Resort

The next morning we passed by the turn that leads to the ski resort of Malam Jabba that is great fun to go to.

Buddhist Site Mingora, Swat

Further downhill we drove back into Mingora and saw the ancient Buddhist site and museum.

While returning from Mardan, we had thought of visiting Takht Bhai Buddhist monastery, but left that for another day.

Kalam and the lakes and waterfalls surrounding it cannot be covered in one trip. You’d have to plan to go to a few sites every time you go there.


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