Go to Churko Peak (4200m) Hike, Mansehra Pakistan

churko peak

Churko’s peak hike at a height of 4200 m, is tough to complete in one day, but many women have done it already. Churko peak is one of several peaks in the same mountain range, that is higher than 4000 m in the Mansehra district of Pakistan. The other mountain tops are Musa Ka Musalla and Bhagri top. Bhagri top follows the Churko peak route and is a further two hours ahead, and higher. All of them are pretty tough to complete in one day, without rest.

Weather and Temperature

The weather and temperature during the Churko Peak hike are cold, even in the peak summer season. It also hails in-between, so keep your parka with you when you climb, along with water and two hiking sticks. The two sticks are necessary to keep balance in a steep climb and descent.

Churko Peak hike drop off spot

Churko peak is the highest peak in Siran Valley, Mansehra District, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakistan. The valley gets it to name from the Siran river that flows through it. This river originated from the Manda Gucha glacier and end in the Indus river. 

Drive to Mandaguccha

During morning hours, the drive to Mandaguccha village in Siran Valley, Mansehra is 7 hours. After breakfast, you’d have to hike, 7 hours, all the way to Khori spot, which is the base camp for the Churko peak hike. Don’t forget to sleep early, that is, go to sleep latest by 8 pm, or else you would be too tired for the tough hike the next day.

Churko peak


Hike to Churko peak base camp

After a night stop at Khori base camp, you’d have to leave for Churko peak latest by 8 am, because the return journey is at least 11 hours in total. First, you go down into the river bed, then cross over to the other side and start climbing till the 4200 m Churko peak reaches.

Hike to Churko peak next day

In between, you’d see pristine grazing land, shepherds’ huts, water springs, and lots of snow. Churko top is covered in clouds quite a lot. The last one hour is grueling for your knees and is a test of your perseverance. Take a fit lady with you so that your manly ego eggs you on to complete it.

On the top of Churko peak

At the top of Churko peak, the wind blows pretty fast, so hold on to your gloves and hat, because they might end up at the foothills before you do. You would be lucky if you get clear visibility to take pictures at the top.

churko peak

Sliding downhill from Churko peak

While coming back don’t forget to slide down the slopes on the fluffy ice-covered mountains and don’t fall over some cliff.

Highly recommended Trek!

Post Script

No, Churko has nothing to do with the Churros sweeteners, Churkoo Mandir, or Kevin / Kane Churko electric band of Ozzy Osborne fame. Churko may be pronounced as Chirkos.

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