Mukshpuri Track Hike in Murree is no Miranjani

mukshpuri track

Mukshpuri Track Hike in Murree is for first-timers and families, unlike Miranjani. During winters, it is even better.

I waited for this winter’s snowfall to settle down so that I could try something different.

Snowfall in Murree starts around late November and then refreshes itself twice or thrice over for the next two months.

I went ten days after the first snowfall so that people would have cleared out the difficult path for me.

I didn’t want to use my energy for a simple hike like Mukshpuri.

Mukshpuri Top Height

The height of the Mukshpuri Top is 9400 ft. that is nearly 2848 meters.

My Fun Mukshpuri Track Travel

My hike started from Doonga Gali’s main chowk.

The first 20 minutes is cemented road that many women and families try to cover on the back of a carrier Suzuki.

After that, you’d come across the track gate and will have to pay Rs 20 per adult there.

The track is simple and straight forward at first the suddenly rises rapidly.

With snow and mud on the way, this walk becomes a little complicated.

Nowhere along the way does the track become difficult for women and children.

Everyone, with reasonable fitness, can do this Doonga Gali Mukshpuri Track.

I reached to the snow-covered top in one hour, while walking slowly.

Mukshpuri Track Length

Mukshpuri track length from the Doonga Gali side is about one hour going up and is less than 3 Kilometres total.

Track length from the Nathiagali side is 4 km and it takes 1.5 hours to go up.

Coming down takes 0.5 hours from both sides.

Mukshpuri Track Doonga Gali Murree distance from Islamabad

Mukshpuri track starting point at Doonga Gali Murree from Islamabad is 90 km on a perfect road.

Mukshpuri Peak Location Map

Is Mukshpuri Track Dangerous?

At certain spots, the sides of the track are very steep but don’t feel dangerous because of the width of the walkway.

Mukshpuri vs Miranjani Track

In both tracks, the views of the coniferous forest become more beautiful as you climb higher

The sounds of wind rushing through the pine trees making a whooshing sound is very peaceful.

Heavy illegal deforestation and haphazard construction have somewhat made the lower heights not so beautiful.

Mukshpuri is shorter and easier.

Miranjani is longer and the last climb to the top is a little difficult for unfit ladies.

Both have excellent views on the top

Miranjani is higher than Mukshpuri by a few hundred feet. Miranjani is 2992 meters or 9816 ft.

Going from Doonga Gali to Mukshpuri Top, you can see the water tank, zoo and Governor House on the way back from Nathiagali, but that is not possible from Miranjani.

Things to do during Mukshpuri Track Hike

  • Don’t forget to look right at the start of the hike towards the British Era Water Tank and pumping Station dating back to 1880
  • Mukshpuri Top Snow Boarding
  • Bonfire in the Snow
  • Tea at the top
  • Zoo in Lalazar Forest
  • Governor House Nathiagali
  • Mukshpuri Hotel of 1880

Mukshpuri Top Weather

From November to February is 3 0 C in the Morning and 15 0 C in the evening. It also rains in the winter months

From March to August, the temperature at Mukshpuri top rises to 32 0 C.

Hiking equipment for Mukshpuri Track

  • Proper Hiking boots, as the track is slippery and muddy in winters.
  • Gators, if you intend to explore the other three tops besides Mukshpuri track 1st top
  • 3 liter Water Bladder is essential because I don’t’ trust the drinking water quality at Doonga Gali
  • Woolly Cap
  • Gloves
  • Rain Coat
  • Cellphone to take pictures
  • Hiking Stick, if you don’t want to pay Rs 100 to rent a local stick
  • Thermal Inner and Jacket
  • Waterproof trousers or lowers
  • A ski sledge, if you want to ride the easy slopes.
  • Sugary snacks
  • Good Company, as it gets boring talking to the people complain all along.
  • A portable stove, to have tea overlooking Kashmir.


Stoves are not allowed on the top, but people do bring them.


On weekends Mukshpuri top is packed with visitors, so try going there on weekdays

Mukshpuri top suddenly opens up after an hour of hike and looks a sanitized white in winters.

The wind also picks up speed at the top to about 10 knots.

You can see Islamabad on one side, Kashmir all the way to Indian Occupied Kashmir, and even Jhelum River.

Mukshpuri return journey to Nathiagali

The return journey is made through another track called the Lalazar Forest track that ends up in Nathiagali.

This return track is about 4 km but is easier to climb down.

The other benefit of using the Lalazar Nathiagali Track is that you get to see the mini zoo where beautiful animals are caged like prisoners.

This zoo can be seen only in the summers as they remove the animals during snowfall months.

The animals in Nathiagali Mini Zoo include Markhor mountain goat, Mountain Leopard, and Black Bear.

Then you also get to see the beautiful views from the old Governor House building.

If you have extra energy then you can take off for another hike on the Miranjani Track from there as well.

There is plenty of food and snacks to eat at Nathiagali and Doonga Gali.


Don’t have chicken from either the Nathiagali or Doonga Gali Bazar, as it causes vomiting on the way back.

Also, see

You might have to wear local used socks on your shoes for traction in the snow.

If you come down from Mukshpuri Top late in the evening, the snow hardens and it becomes a lot more slippery. Try to come down before 4 pm.

Do you need to go to Mukshpuri with an Adventure Club?

No, you can take Careem to Doonga Gali and Back and it would cost you 3500 round trip.

Going with groups is interesting in the sense that there are lots of good-looking ladies trying to be adventurous on these mountains and that is attractive for the guys.

I went with Ultra Adventure Club just to hang out with new people, but the opposite happened.

Ultra Adventure Club is owned by two guys from Gilgit Baltistan and they have a monopoly of lady travelers from that region.

They couldn’t get enough pictures of the ladies, tik tokers, and Instagram influencers and herding them around like Sheppard.

These guys are so busy entertaining women and protecting them from evil eyes that they totally ignore men.

I can’t blame them for being overprotective – the whole country is like that.

Women get extra attention for just being there and is very good for business – but God Damned! – be a little cool about it

Otherwise, Ultra Adventure Club is recommended for one-day tours across the country – especially for women.

Overall, Mukshpuri is a good weekday diversion from a busy routine to relax and reflect.

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  1. AOA , is it cool if i come here with my female friend, without an adventure club, i hope its cool security wise?

    1. Yes you can go there without adventure club. It is safe.

  2. Mir Rifat Ali says:

    Another beautiful work …. I am 75. … cannot resist …. must visit the place …

    1. Thank you again sir for appreciating it.


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