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Zentangle Art is a form of creative expression that emerged from scribbling random patterns.  Definition Zen is derived from meditation, while Tangle

As a Pakistani, the only safe and lucrative investments available are real estate and Gold. Since Gold has reached its upper limit,

Pakistan’s Ehsaas Poverty Alleviation Program was created in March 2019 to alleviate the suffering of the severely poor by direct action. The

Most of US congressional hearings on Afghanistan have leaned towards blaming Pakistan for the US’s failed twenty-year presence there. Worryingly, there is

Finally, Panjshir Valley has fallen to the Taliban and the remaining pockets of resistance have been sternly warned if anyone tries to

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental illness that develops when a person suffers mental, physical, or psychological abuse over an extended

JF-17 Thunder / FC-1 Xiaolong “Fierce Dragon” is the pride of Pakistan’s engineering achievement. I intend to celebrate this feat of raw

Pakistan needs trees and to plant tree February and August are the best time to do so. Tree plantation quotes “If your

Truth is the only freedom the people have in modern times and humans are born to be free. Speak the truth meaning?

Nowadays, no one knows the real purpose of Eid-ul Adha. The slaughtering of an animal during Eid-ul-Adha is an Islamic ritual intended

These top 20 Pakistani songs playlist right up to 2021 includes all genres from rap to classic to modern and some might

My collection of key Population of Pakistan statistics and conclusions will convince you that the country is headed toward a major upheaval,

This is my collection of top revolutionary poetry of Pakistan in Urdu. These poems written in Roman English can easily be understood in

It is clear from Quranic verses and Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) teachings that there is little room for dating and love before marriage

So, the final hour has arrived. The USA will exit its troops from Pakistan Afghanistan border area that they had tried to

Pakistani Dramas are a mixture of soap operas, theater plays, musicals, orchestras, thrillers, fashion parade, and reality shows –all rolled into one.

Pakistan map has mostly been centered on the Indus River Valley, give and take a few thousand square kilometers depending on which

This is the factual history of Pakistan as recorded by a Pakistani researcher and completely truthful. 3000 −1500 BC Indus Valley Civilization

Pakistan needs irreligious Government Executives and Education, only then the democratic will of the people of Pakistan can  be realized. Executive Branch

Present-day Pakistan has miles to go before it can be safely called a civilized nation, let alone a Civilizational State like its

South Asian people and Pakistanis, in particular, violate boundaries without batting an eyelid. Borders, Territory, turf, jurisdiction, domain, personal space, authority, limits,

It’s not just watching Sheema Kirmani dance troupe perform, it’s the quality music, the poetry laced with humanism, and her defiance which makes

The elite in Pakistan worships many God, but not Allah and his prime creation – humans – so he left to be

The USA has tasted its first real coup, Ms. Pelosi and Pakistan wants you to end this scourge for all. After months