The real Bissa waterfall, Kotli Sattian is hard to get to

bissa waterfall

Bissa Waterfall is located in Karore village of Kotli Sattian. It has always been hard to get to but because of the newly cemented roads all across Kotli Sattian, it is relatively easy now.

bissa waterfall
Bissa Waterfall

Time and Distance to Bissa Waterfall

It takes 1.5 hours to cover the 50 km to reach  Waterfall from Islamabad.

The route to Bissa waterfall

The aim should be to somehow reach the Police anti-Terrorist school on Simly Dam Road and turn left from the overhead tourism signboard.

Route from Islamabad

Ankara Park – Park Road – Jinnah Road – Right from Naval Farms – Simly Dam Road – Left after Police Anti-Terror School.

Route from Rawalpindi

The time and distance from Rawalpindi are the same 1.5 hours and about 50 km but there are two ways to get there.

  • One from Naval Anchorage and Gulberg Greens and
  • The second from Lehtrar Road

You have to reach Nilor Factor junction and take the left side of the Y junction to go toward Karore.

Bissa Waterfall Route map
bissa waterfall

Bissa Waterfall is not near Karor Village

This  waterfall is not near Karor village, so follow my instructions or Google Map by entering “Bissa Pine waterfall”

bissa waterfall

Weather at Bissa Waterfall Karor

The weather is a bit hot because it is nestled in two huge mountains, so the wind does not blow through.

Karore Valley on the other hand is windy and has excellent views all around from up high.

Lots of people have bought farmhouses in Karore Valley.

Karore Valley Directions

  • To get to the beautiful Karore Valley from Islamabad, you have to turn right from Naval Farms and follow Simly Dam road till you reach Police Anti-Terrorist School
  • From Rawalpindi, you use the Khanna Pul on Islamabad highway, use tramary road and reach Nilor Factor Junction and take left from Chirr stop.

Best time to Visit Waterfalls?

It gets very hot in the summers so try to get there early in the morning.

The water level drops during the summer season, so it’s not that enjoyable.

Simly Dam view

Do ladies come to Bissa Waterfall?

A few families and girls are coming there too now since the road is accessible.

The mysterious holes in rocks

There are round holes dug into the side stones along the bank of Bissa Nullah by people in the olden days.

No one knows why the holes are there, but I can only speculate these were used to erect platforms and resting areas for influential people that visit these areas back in the olden days.

Bissa Pine Waterfall Route


The real waterfall is called Bissa Pine Waterfall and is located opposite and across the road from the parking.

The real  waterfall is quite difficult to reach as the track is narrow and you have to climb down an almost vertical mountain wall for about 60 feet.

This waterfall is taller (about 40 feet) and deeper (15 feet) than the ones upstream

You can also see Simly Dam along the way from the road that is high on the hills.

Real Bissa waterfall is difficult to reach

Can I take a Car to thte waterfall?

Any car or motorcycle can now reach Bissa waterfalls.

bissa waterfall
Road to Bissa waterfall


The small ponds upstream of the waterfall are fine for bathing and cooling down for families and even women as long as you have guys with you. The real Waterfall is a 20 minutes hike downstream across the road and requires some rock climbing sense.

If anyone is interested in going to Bissa Waterfall and having a barbecue there, do let me know.

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