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World’s Loneliest lion at Lohi Bher wildlife park Islamabad

Mufasa of Rawalpindi, a fully grown lion was caged like a defeated criminal at Lohi Bher Wildlife Park Islamabad.

And there are tens of acres of forest land available for the beast to roam free there.

How to reach Lohi Bher Wildlife Park, Islamabad?

Take the Islamabad Highway and exit from the PWD road and drive towards Bahria Phase 1.

Lohi Bher Wild Life Park is between Police Town, PWD, and Bahria Phase 1.

GPS Coordinates of Lohi Bher Park 33.57184426309148, 73.12209241852186

lion lohi bher

Contact Number Lohi Bher Park

  • Phone: (051) 5957081
  • Entry Fee: Free

Just a reminder for all those running this freak show, Lions are not supposed to be caged.

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Why Lions should not be caged?

There is something drastically wrong in caging a rare fully grown lion with a flowing mane while dime-a-dozen humans mock it from outside.

Lions are the king of the jungle and humans are the king of the urban jungle – never the twain shall meet.

Lions were ruling the world long after the dinosaurs had died and it is just professional courtesy for the new rulers of the world – humans – to give respect to a fallen royal.

We are in their territory, not the other way round.

Why do I love Lions?

I have been told to emulate a lion all my life. Imagine my psychological state seeing my hero, begging for handouts from lowly staffers?

There is something wildly romantic about the way a lion rallies its pride and snatches prey from the wilderness, with strength, courage, and leadership.

There was nothing romantic in seeing this beautiful creation of God, being purposefully demeaned like so.

What needs improvement in Lohi Bher Wildlife Park

The park ranger told me they had caged the animals due to administrative issues.

I wonder what the administrative issues could be. – Incompetence comes to mind.

I saw eight park employees sleeping on the job during working hours while

  • the only vehicular bridge in the park meant for visitors to drive through had given way and
  • The boundary fence had fallen down.
  • Encroachments from all sides.

lion lohi bher

Lohi Bher is probably the only natural jungle left in the Rawalpindi area, and could potentially make millions from admirers of nature but typically, wildlife officers still want handouts from the government.

lion lohi bher

  • Aviary, Pheasant, Deer cages had beautiful and rare animals like the black, red bucks, and Punjabi Uryal, but the animals looked unhealthy.
  • Their cages were run-down.
  • Korang River that flows right through the Lohi Bher wildlife park reeks of waste refuse.
  • The artificial lake in the center of Lohi Bher Park was all dry, that’s funny considering all the rainwater of Murree flows a few hundred yards from the place.
  • Then there is no direct link between the Lions enclosure and the Deer or Aviary enclosures.
  • After seeing the birds and the deer, you have to drive out of the park again and look for the lion’s enclosure on the other side of Korang town.

Even Bahria Town has a better Zoo with animals better looked after.

Someone let the private sector run this park before all the animals perish.

lion lohi bher
Dried artificial lake


What did I love about Lohi Bher Wild Life Park?

The only thing I loved about Lohi Bher Park was

  • That several hundred acres (687) of land is still untouched.
  • The air was a lot cooler here and the atmosphere was cleaner because of the wild growth.
  • The lion

I could not get the point of caging Deer, monkey, and pheasants when they have a park which is fenced from all sides and an army of rangers drawing paychecks regularly.

One thing is for sure, bureaucrats cannot look after the interests of people, they can definitely be expected to have the ingenuity to look after animals.

Seeing the great cat, Babbar Sher, whimpering inside a grilled pen kind of reminded me of the way the brave people of Pakistan rough it out in a sea of the exploitative and tyrannical system – waiting for handouts from low lifes’.

Someone, please let the poor animals free – they cannot even defend themselves.

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Lohi Bher is an excellent place to visit if you want peace and quiet to chit-chat with friends, under cool shades, not for watching wild animals suffering.

Free Mufasa now!

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  1. Muhammad Tayyab says:

    I’m a local resident that is living near this park for 8 years, this park condition has remained like yhis for quite alot of time even before i arrived in this area… No roads, broken cages, no management, the animals that are there live in tiny concrete cages except the lions and the deers, there have been multiple animals that arrived in this park that died due to lack of food or excessive heat… That’s just abuse to animals. There used to be a road once and a lion safari from what i have heard.

    The park had 4 lions once 2 males and 2 females, both of them were pairs… But unfortunately they had to close the safari due to a man that died in that safari, so they had to cage the poor animals. From 2014 i have been hearing that the park will be improved in the coming years but nothing has changed.

    Fast forward to this year i started to observe the nature that this park had and believe me, i was shocked to see the variety of wild birds and animals this park had, due to only green and forested area of Rawalpindi left, alot of birds and animals live here. Woodpeckers, owls, water birds, bee eaters and variety of different small colourful birds whose songs are delightful… Indian jackals, wild boars, mongoose, porcupines… Variety of snakes, monitor lizards and other small reptiles and millions of insects, from butterflies to tiny ants all live here and create a wonderful habitat… But sadly it’s being exploited…

    The local housing schemes are getting populated by the day and the only green forested place left is this wildlife park which is a home for these beautiful local birds and animals… For me this park should be finished and the government should make it a small national park or small natural area for hiking, jogging and just to admire the beauty of the nature and hear the beautiful sounds of birds… The animals that are in cages should be released into the wild and all the human structures there should be removed… So atleast a fraction of green can be left in Rawalpindi

    1. Thanks for the insight and i agree about what you are saying.

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