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Top 25 Things to do in Rawalpindi

 There are many things to do in Rawalpindi, which Colonial British established as a Military Garrison to support their troops in Kashmir and Galiyat.

Islamabad is a sister city to Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi History

Rawalpindi was briefly the capital city of Pakistan, while Islamabad was being constructed in 1960.

The original name of Rawalpindi was Gajnipur.

Afghan invaders destroyed the old town in the 14th century.

Jhanda Khan Gakhar, the Chieftain of Gakhar people, renamed his settlement Jhanda Cheechi as Rawalpind.

Rawal tribe was part of Gakhar people and the oldest settlers of the Rawalpindi potohar region.

The name changed to Rawalpindi over time settled by the Rawal people,

Pindi is a Punjabi name for the village.

Rawalpindi Map

25 interesting things to do in Rawalpindi

This is my compilation of interesting things to do in Rawalpindi

Eat Dinner at the best Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Garrison Artillery mess restaurant, Saddar

Phone (051) 5586429 for top-quality barbecue Chicken Karahi, Seekh Kabab, Mutton Kabab, Chapli Kabab, and naan.

This is the only place where you will get some meat on your mutton karahi as well.

Meikong Chinese Restaurant Saddar, Phone

Phone Number (051) 5566577

Texas Steak house

Texas steak house gets a mention because of its awesome sizzling and spicy steaks Phone number (051) 5792132

Food Street Saddar     

Chicken Drum sticks and Chicken Cheese Burger from Rahat Bakery Phone (051) 5566577 is fresh.

Stadium Road Food Street

Shahbaz Sharif Sports complex Stadium road is also called the Fortress of Rawalpindi

Here you will find Shinwari and Savour food as well.

rawalpindi things to do
Garrison BBQ

Breakfast at Murree Road

 Kartarpura Food Street

Breakfast has to be at Kartarpura Murree Road.

Do not forget to get yourself a tall chilled glass of Desi Lassi while you are at it.

Kartarpura also has traditional Kashmiri dishes that you don’t get anywhere else.

Kala Khan Nihari House is a must-visit.

Cool Summer Drinks

You can find these drinks at every commercial area of Rawalpindi, like Saddar, Raja Bazar, and commercial Market.

· Sardai

     Made from Opium seeds

Badam Sardai

· Imli and Aalu Bukhara Sharbat

    Plum juice

· Shakar Kola

    Brown Sugar drink

·  Roh

     Sugar Cane Juice

·  Leemu Paani


Lounge at Sheesha Bar and Restaurant

Café Dine light at Rawal Plaza, Commercial market

It has a separate section for mixed-gender gatherings. Phone number is

051 4451054.

MK Pan Shop & Hookah Point Tench Bhaata

MK Paan Shop has certified good pan and Hookah Accessories to take home.

rawalpindi things to do
Breakfast at Kartarpur

Visit Parks with Family

 Damne Koh Margalla Hills,

Although it is in Islamabad, Pindi people consider it their own.

Nawaz Sharif Park Murree Road

It is popular in an early morning jogging track

Liaqat Park

Do not miss the historical sites where Liaqat Ali Khan and Benazir Bhutto were murdered

Ayub Park, Rawalpindi Cantonment

Ayub Park has the most well-maintained lawns and kids ride in all Rawalpindi.

Then, there is Joy land Rawalpindi on Ayub Parkland as well.

 Jinnah Park, Kachehri Road, Rawalpindi

Jinnah Park has mc Donald, Papasallis and a 3D motion ride

Lohi Bher Wildlife Park

Do go there if you want to see a sad lion in a cage.

Bahria Town Phase 8 Eye View Park

Bahria town has lovely and well-maintained parks of smaller size, but this one has a small pond for boating as well.

rawalpindi things to do
Ayub Park

Picnic spots for Chilling

 Neela Sandh

Neela Sandh is one hour drive from Rawalpindi, near Kahuta

 Panjpeer Rock

Panjpeer Rock is a cool place with a waterfall, which families love to visit during summers.

Kotli Sattian

Kotli Sattian is a hidden gem of Rawalpindi and is in 2 hours’ drive on the Khanna Pul – Nilor Road.

 Wah Gardens, Wah Cantonment

Wah Cantonment itself is a colonial masterpiece with old churches and ancient factories, but Mughal-made Wah Gardens are worth going for a picnic.

Wah Gardens

Visit Dam sites around Rawalpindi

Enjoy Water Sport in Khanpur Dam

You can find Paragliding, Para-Sailing, boating, Jet Ski, Banana boats, and cliff jumping here.


rawalpindi things to do
Misriot Dam

Hiking at Margalla Hills

Although this is purely an Islamabad activity, Rawalpindi people sneak in there every weekend.

rawalpindi things to do
Margalla Ridge Hike

Go crazy shopping at

 Raja Bazar

For wholesale products starting from electronics to furniture to household goods.

Giga Mall

Giga Mall is the best mall to walk around and window shop. I like Miniso Phone (051) 2725629 the best because of its quality and useful products

Canteen Stores Department, (CSD)

CSD Phone UAN: 051-111-273-111 at Lal Kurti Rawalpindi has all the essential items for your house and the best thing is that they have good electric repair people as well.

Army Golf CLub

Play golf

Go swimming


You would need to should get a membership to enjoy swimming in the summer season, otherwise, you will have to pay Rs 500 every time you swim there.

Burn Calories Cycling

  • Bahria Town
  • DHA 2

Sooth your mind with a Morning Walk

  • Along Soan River in Monsoon at Bahria Phase 8
  • Rawalpind Golf Club Jogging Track

Visit museums

Watch a Stage drama at

  • Rawalpindi Arts Council
  • Ciros Cinema

Watch a movie at

  • Bahria Arena Cineplex Phase 4
  • Bahria Gold Cineplex Phase 7
  • Jinnah Park Cinepax

Horse riding

  • Race Course Ground
  • Bahria Phase 4                                 

                                         PRO-TIP 2

You will have to pay Rs 2000 every time you ride at Bahria town, but for Racecourse, you need membership from Presidents Body Guards

Kalayan Das Temple

Visit Historical places in Rawalpindi

Read a book at

  • Army Central Library
  • Old Book Bank Saddar
  • Idris Book bank Saddar
Army museum

Special Places in Rawalpindi

Luxury Spa in Bahria Town

Call any number in a general Google search

Go Carting

At Bahria town Phase 4

 Mini golf

Bahria town phase 4

Trafalgar Square

Statue of Liberty view pint

You can see the best view of Bahria town street lights glowing at night from above

So, there you go, and these are the top 25 things to enjoy in Rawalpindi and what to expect there.

·      Also, see Nightlife in Islamabad


Rawalpindi will get even better when they solve the congestion, water deficiency, and extensive heat problem that has become worse over the years.

Dasso Masair, hun Pindi Jaso?

Metro Bus ride

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