The best grilled Rahu Fish at Shahpur Dam, Pakistan

Shahpur Dam

We took the Northern route to Shahpur Dam, through the Kala-Chitta Hills. It’s a funny name for a range of hills that is mostly covered in green shrubs.

It takes 1.5 hours to reach Shahpur Dam from the Jhang-Fatehjang road, right off Jhang-Bahtar Interchange on M-1.

You can reach Shahpur Dam through the Kohat-Fatehjang road too.

shahpur dam

On the way, close to the Fauji Foundation Cement factory is an ancient guard post, that overlooks GT road. This post sitting pretty on top of a tree covered hillock once had a Hindu temple that was leveled. Now it has the most colorfully decorated Peer’s shrine sited there.

The Hindu temple is long gone, but the glass embellished shrine is still there.

Don’t forget to turn back onto the Jhang-Fatehjang road to reach Shahpur. We took the village roads and kept reaching dead-ends.

Someone needs to tell the Google maps guys that their satellites don’t work in Pakistani villages, as they can build their house right on the main road.

The best site to view Shahpur Dam Lake is from a mountain turn right after the crest of Kala-Chitta Hills. Unfortunately, taking pictures is not allowed there. But you can Google earth the place all you want.  The dam reservoir is a perfect spot for water sports, boating, fishing, and snorkeling.

The water in Shahpur Dam is the most divine of blue. I hope Pakistan makes use of our resources soon.

We stopped at the water’s edge and saw families camping & barbequing at the banks. This place hasn’t been spoilt by commercialization, yet. The silence there was soothing to the nerves.

The island inside the dam reservoir and thick eucalyptus plantation add to the allure of camping there.

In tourist season, boats are allowed inside the reservoir, but I didn’t see anyone fishing there.

We further stopped at the famous Akhorwaal barbeque fish spot and had the tastiest charcoal barbeque Rahu & Salmon Fish, ever.

The drive back from Shahpur Dam to Rawalpindi is a mere one hour.

 Au Revoir!

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