13 enjoyable things in Mirpur Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

enjoyable mirpur kashmir

As no one has compiled a complete list of enjoyable things to do and places to visit in Mirpur city of Azad Kashmir, here is my collection.

General news about Mirpur Azad Kashmir

By the way, Mirpur Azad Kashmir is called the Manchester of Pakistan, and the actual Manchester of the United Kingdom is called Mini-Mirpur.

Although the people of Mirpur are friendly and intelligent, the roads are all dug up and many civic services are needed there.

Also, see

Summers temperature is not that enjoyable in Mirpur Kashmir.

Mirpur map is pasted below for your reference

Now let me list down the 11 enjoyable activities and things to do in Mirpur.

Mangla Dam Wall

The Dam wall of Mangla Dam has the best view of the lake water.

You would have to visit the Mangla Dam Lake site early in the morning to see the rising sun rays bounce off the water.

To get permission to visit the Mangla Dam site, you must send an email and call WAPDA authorities at Lahore at these contacts.

  • WAPDA Lahore Phone: 042–99202633
  • Exchange Number: 042–99202211/22102273
  • Fax: 042–99203532
  • Email: direducation210@gmail.com; webinfo@wapda.gov.pk
  • Postal Address: Director Education 210-WAPDA House, Lahore.

Mangla Dam Turbine and Powerhouse

It is very enjoyable watching Turbines spin and water eject from the tunnels of the dam in Mirpur Kashmir.

You need permission from the WAPDA authorities to go into this restricted place.

Mangla Dam water sports site

Do not miss the speed boats, jet skis, Para, and tourist boat ride at Manga Dam water reservoir

Also, the Army managed Mangla Dam water sports site also arranges lunch on the water surface on their barge.

This is the most enjoyable activity in Mirpur Kashmir.

You must inform the Army authorities well in advance to avail of this facility.

Manga Dam Ramkot Fort

Ramkot Fort is on an island in the center of Mangla Dam Lake.

You must book a boat from Mangla Dam water sports club to get there.

Fresh Fish from Mangla Dam

There are several fish merchants along the road to Mangla dam

ensure that the red behind the gulls of the fish is fresh pink and not black.

Bong hydropower project

This private hydropower project of 80 MW is interesting for people that have an interest in engineering.

Mirpur City Parks

I think these parks are average size, but interesting for young kids.

  • Asifa Bhutto Park
  • ViewPoint Park
  • Jari Kass Park

Khari Sharif Sufi Shrine

The highlight of Mirpur City is Khari Sharif Ziarat.

Khari Sharif Shrine is the burial place for three reverent figures of the Sufi order

  • Mian Muhamad Baksh
  • Pir Shah Ghazi Qalandar
  • Damri Wali Sarkar

I find Mian Muhammad Baksh most impressive because his poetry has lasted to date.

“Buray Banday nu labban turya, par bura labya na koi

Jadd mai andar jhati paye, te mai tu bura na koi”

“I strived to find a bad person, but could not find any

When I looked inside of me, I discovered no one worse than myself.”

Mawan walay mawan kol ro faryad le jawan

Ro ke moeyan manwan waalay aapay chup kar jawan

“The ones with mothers take their sorrows to them

The ones without mothers weep quietly with themselves”

Turr gaye yaar muhabbatan wali, le gye naal he haasay

Dil nye lagda Muhammad baksha, jaeyay kehray paasay

“(My) Loving friends have passed on and taken (my) happiness with them

My heart finds no content Muhammad Baksh! where do I go (now)?”

Adal Karain te thar thar kamban ucchiyan shaana walay

Fazal karain te bakshay jawan mai wargay moo kalay

“When the powerful elite dispenses justice, they shake from fear

When wretched like me dispense favor, they get salvation”

I have become a follower of Mian Muhammad Baksh because of his humanity and humility – not because my in-laws are from the place.

  • Khari Sharif Shrine has the most exquisite glass decoration work I have ever seen in Pakistan.
  • The white marble and elaborate work on the shrine and adjacent mosque is beautiful
  • Try getting there early so that you can beat the rush of worshippers there.
  • You can find excellent tandoori charcoal lunch there, right beside the parking area.
  • Also, the earthen pots and locally made handicrafts are excellent to keep as a collector’s item.

Khari Shareef Mazar is 8 km from Mirpur city.

Old Mirpur city and Shivala Hindu Temple

The submerged old Mirpur city sometimes pops out of the water lake in winters, and you can see the old Hindu temple there.

Burjan Fort Mirpur City

Burjun is a town close to Mirpur and has ruins of an old fort. I have yet to find more about it.

Baghsar Fort, Samahni, Bhimber Azad Kashmir

Baghsar Fort is right on the line of control in Samahni, Bhimber Azad Kashmir.

It is with Pakistan Army and not everyone is allowed inside.

However, you get to see Indian Army posts from its walls, if you request the Army people there.

Mirpur Cricket Stadium

The stadium has beautiful turf, and if you are lucky you get to see some teams play there.

Samwal Sharif Shrine

This white marble shrine looks like the Taj Mahal of Agra India.

Mirpur city has many mosques built where Saints are buried and their colorful appearance is attractive to artistic people.

That is it about Mirpur Azad Kashmir, and how you can have fun there.

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Till next time.

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  1. Great, but you need to add some information regarding the up raising of Mangla dam and the people who migrated to a new place which is named New City Mirpur. Add some information about New Mirpur city. Thanks

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  2. Naseer Wani says:

    Mirpur is in Azad Kashmir, which is not an official Pakistan part. Photography is great.

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