boat ride rawal dam

Boat ride in the evening at Rawal Dam

Rawal Dam is one of the few water reservoirs near Rawalpindi Islamabad twin cities where you can enjoy a boat ride with minimal restrictions.

The rest have been occupied by one government agency or the other like it’s their parent’s dowry.

Rawal Dam was built in 1962 and has not been upgraded ever since – hallelujah!

Can I get a hurrah for the CDA?

Where is Rawal Dam?

Rawal Dam and Lake are on the Korang River. It lies between Kashmir Highway and Bani Gala Road, East of Islamabad.

I like going to Rawal Dam and its lake in the evening time, when the people have gone back to their homes and the water is peaceful.

boat ride rawal dam

When is the best time to go to Rawal Dam?

The best time to go to Rawal Lake is springtime between February and April every year.

There are no timings for Rawal Dam; you can go there anytime you desire.

Lake view park

How to get to Rawal Dam and Lake?

Anyone can drive right up to Rawal Lake parking from

  • Bani Gala side, where there is a public parking for hikers
  • The lake view park side, on Kashmir Highway, where there is sufficient parking and lots of other things to do.
  • Private farm houses parking, in Bani Gala, if you can bribe their gate keeper.
  • Park on the side of the road on the Bani Gala Road and walk into the hills surrounding the lake, as the fences are broken at several places.
  • Politely ask the guard at the gate of Rawal Dam spillways, near Rawal Chowk to let you in. Throw in a few big names of fat cats in Pakistan, and he will let you in.
boat ride rawal dam

What are the top things to do at Rawal Dam?

You must go to Rawal Lake and Dam to

  • See the Rawal Lake Hindu Temple
  • Enjoy the view from the Road over the spillways
  • Experience Motor Boat Ride on Rawal Lake
  • Fish in Rawal Lake
  • Jog on the track around Rawal Lake
  • Fun Kids’ sports and Aviary in the Lake View Park, Rawal Dam
  • Hike on the hills around Rawal Lake, Bani Gala
  • Duck shooting does take place illegally – but I do not recommend killing innocent birds.

Why I love going to Rawal Lake?

  • I love taking a motorboat ride at sunset in Rawal Lake, especially when it is about to rain. The various hues make the evening sky heavenly.
  • Also, the boat guys charge lesser in the evening too.

If you want to get the best and the cheapest motorboat ride on Rawal Dam in the evening around the Island and spillways, leave a comment below or text me at 03005111523 and I will help.

boat ride rawal dam

What are Rawal Dam Boat Ride Charges?

The usual charges of motor boat are Rs 3000 for a ride up to the Island.

Fishing Charges at Rawal Dam?

Charges for Fishing are Rs 300, but a permit is granted only for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

You can get a fishing permit from the Fisheries office at Rawal Dam Chowk in Islamabad.

There are mahseer fish in the lake as well.

Families, kids and all sorts of people go there on weekends, but foreigners only visit weekdays when Pakistani crowd is busy with offices.


The top fun activity at Rawal Lake is motor boat ride in the evening, just before sunset. The view of the sun setting across the lake is gorgeous.

Au Revoir!