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Umbrella Waterfall Pakistan: Questions Answered

Umbrella Waterfall Pakistan lies in the hills of Havelian town  in Abbottabad District. It gets its name from the moss-covered Umbrella-like rock formations that showers droplets of water on the stream down below.

Havelian is a town of Khyberpakhtunkhwa.

umbrella Waterfall Iconic image
Umbrella Waterfall Havelian Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Iconic image

Umbrella Waterfall Pakistan Location

This Umbrella Waterfall of Pakistan lies

  • 27 km from Havelian Town
  • 31 Km from Nathiagali
  • 75 Km from Pir Sohawa, Islamabad

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Umbrella Waterfall King of the World Image
Umbrella Waterfall Pakistan King of the World Image

Route to Umbrella Waterfall

You can approach this waterfall site from Nathiagali, Islamabad and Hazara motorway but I would recommend taking the Motorway to Hazara Expressway. Drive all the way to the Shah Maqsood Interchange at Lora Chowk of Havelian and exit towards inner town area.

Umbrella Waterfall second site
Umbrella Waterfall second site

Is Umbrella Waterfall in Islamabad?

No, the turn towards Umbrella waterfall is right before the last bridge of Abbottabad, in Havelian town.

Umbrella Waterfall Top View
Umbrella Waterfall Top View

Pir Sohawa – Nathiagali – Umbrella Waterfall Route

The road from Pir Sohawa to Sajjikot is very winding and has too many turns. It’s annoying.

The other road from Nathiagali to Sajjikot is not that bad, but it takes too long to get there.

Road to Umbrella Waterfalls
Road to Umbrella Waterfalls

Are Umbrella Waterfall and Sajjikot waterfall the same thing?

No, both umbrella and Sajjikot waterfalls are closeby but they both are very different and each one requires half an hour of hike to get to.

Is the Umbrella Waterfall Site safe for tourist families and women?

The Umbrella Waterfall site in Poona Village of Haripur is safe for families and is not dangerous to swim either.

No one has ever been mugged or has drowned in these waters of Umbrella Waterfall.


Do not venture too close to the Sajjikot waterfall pool, as it is slippery and deceiving. 23 people have drowned there.

Sajjikot Waterfalls near Umbrella
Sajjikot Waterfalls near Umbrella Waterfalls

Umbrella Waterfall, best weather to visit

Coming back to Umbrella Waterfall, even in peak season from May to September, families come to this excellent picnic spot in huge numbers.


Reach Umbrella Waterfall early so that you can reserve the best spot for your family, close to the downstream end, and take pictures.

Umbrella Waterfalls Hiking Track
Umbrella Waterfalls Hiking Track

Essential Information on Umbrella Waterfall

Families usually picnic upstream, but the real picturesque spot is at the downstream end.

It takes 3 hours to drive to Poona Village in Havelian, then you’d have to hike down from the parking to the water stream down below for about 15 minutes.

The hike back is at least 45 minutes and is a little steep.

There are very well mannered porters and guides there that take care of your valuables in their safe box for Rs. 100.

The Guide Charges Rs 100 for the best picture spots – pay them!

Umbrella Waterfalls Pakistan Stream
Umbrella Waterfalls Pakistan Stream

Rock Repelling at Umbrella waterfall

There is a Rock Repelling rope installed in the last 10 minutes of the hike that is fun to do – it’s free.

There are no fish in the stream, but the water is clear.

Restaurants at Umbrella Waterfall

There are plenty of roadside hotels while coming from Havelian, where you can have Desi food on the tandoor, but not on the Pir Sohawa side.

I didnt see any good guest house, though.

The locals will try to stop your vehicle before the last parking of Poona, to collect some parking fee – keep driving till the parking ends.

A few hours of wading, pictures, and hiking is enough for a site like Umbrella Waterfall.

Umbrella Waterfall Cascade
Umbrella Waterfall Cascade

Things to do near the Waterfall

The best part of going to Umbrella waterfall is that you can also see

All this needs time.

By the way, the road from Nathiagali to Umbrella Waterfall is called Nathiagali-Kalabagh road, whereas, Kalabagh is way off.

Google Maps location of Umbrella Waterfall is posted here.

Umbrella Waterfall Map Route
Umbrella Waterfall Map Route

Umbrella Waterfall distance from various cities

Islamabad to Umbrella Waterfall

  • Umbrella Waterfalls Havelian Pakistan distance from Islamabad is about 130 km, and it takes 3 hours one-way

Lahore to Umbrella Waterfall

  • Umbrella Waterfalls distance from Lahore City is 390 km, and it takes 8 hours to get here.

Nathiagali to Umbrella Waterfall

  • From Nathiagali, it is 31 Km and 1.5 hours.

Abbottabad to Umbrella

  • From Abbottabad, Umbrella Waterfall is 42 km and 2 hours of driving.
Umbrella Waterfalls Pakistan
Umbrella Waterfalls Pakistan

Umbrella Waterfall Weather

To check the latest Weather at Umbrella Waterfall Poona, visit and search for Havelian.

Havelian Weather gets quite hot in the Summers as the mercury crosses 40 Deg Celcius. In the Winters, the weather is chilly but bearable at 10 Deg Celsius in the Sun.

Apparently, there are quite a few Umbrella Waterfalls in the World like Umbrella Waterfall Bhandardara Puna, India, and the one in Thailand.


Umbrella Waterfall is an excellent place for families, women, and young guys to picnic and cool down on a hot summer afternoon. The pictures taken from the right angle are sure to get your rivals jealous on Instagram.

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  1. Girls ka tour le kr jana chahte hen
    Total cost kia ho gi just transport ki
    Waterfall ke qareeb koi acha restaurant lunch ke liye

    1. total transportation cost depends on number of girls but 26000 say kam nai hogi.
      Waterfall ke qareeb acha restaurant nai hai, aap havelian utar ke pehlay hotel pe kha lo

  2. Can I go to Umbrella Waterfall with my 2 years baby???

    1. I think it will be difficult, as you will have to use a rope to go down towards the waterfall.

  3. Could you please guide me which route is worth travelling and safe for umberalla water fall

    1. yes, best route is on the hazara motorway and exit at havelian.
      The map is given inside

  4. Which is preferred for a trip to Umbrella waterfall?

    1. we couldn’t understand your question.

      But it is better to drive to Umbrella over Pir Sohawa

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