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Noori waterfall Islamabad Cove

Noori Waterfall in Haripur Pakistan also called Noreen De Than,  has just been discovered by Pakistanis in this season. It was a packed crowd in the summer of 2020 there. Families lined up on the Haro River upstream from Khanpur Dam for miles and reached as far as they could take their cars.


The best part about Noori Waterfall in the Haro river basin is that high up in the mountains, there are Seven massive waterfalls, thrice the size of Noori.

Out of these seven sister waterfalls, five are on the Noori waterfall side and two are on the opposite Bank of Haro River.

The Buddhists were not crazy when they built a monastic retreat in this beautiful valley in BC times called the Bhamala Stupa Monastery on the same Haro River.

These seven sister waterfalls are only for the ones with the heart of gold, the courage of K-2, and the depth of the Mariana trench, to see.

I couldn’t go beyond the third waterfall, because I am not the “one”.

So, here is my account of two of the most beautiful waterfalls I have seen in Pakistan, one of them being Noori Waterfall or Noorean De Than, Haripur Pakistan, and the other called The Sangam Waterfall Peena.

The route to Sangam Waterfall. It is 30 minutes walk to Sangam Waterfall.

Travel Story Noorean De Thun Haripur Pakistan

I drove out early in the morning towards Pir Sohawa, over the crest and down into the Haripur District of KhyberPakhtoonKhwa on a perfect road.

After 3 hours of driving, the population thinned out, the forests got thicker, the scents got sweeter and the water got clearer.

It was then I reached the village of Jabri.

As soon as I crossed the Jabri Bazar, a small sign reading “village council Jabri” came up. This is where I turned a sharp left into the Haro River Valley.


You can take any sort of car or motorcycle to Noori Waterfall, but drive very slow over some of the mud roads.

After 45 minutes of driving towards Khanpur Dam, I branched off towards Peena village and stopped where the road ends. There is a private school at the spot where the road ends and a local parking place where they charge Rs 100.

I had my Suzuki Alto car and it performed like a champion 4×4.

Sangam Waterfall

The road does break up at a few spots, so drive slowly as there are no mechanics close by.

After I parked my car at the parking place, I walked 20 minutes on an easy descent on a track that curves rightwards into another valley.

Noori Waterfall is at the end of this valley where it converges into a cove.

The minute you see the narrow entrance to the roofless cove, with a waterfall at one end, blue water below, and palm trees, you are mesmerized for a while.

I grabbed a safety jacket from a local vendor for Rs 100 and jumped straight into the blue waters of the Noori Waterfall pool.

Noorean De Than is a beautiful pond that is fed from clear water coming from Koh Siri Bang, the third highest peak in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

There are at least four other waterfalls in the same channel that are yet to be discovered. From what others tell me they are at least twice the size of Noori.

The best part of swimming in the Noori waterfall pool is the calmness, and serenity of the place.

I saw beautiful orange-brown birds that I have never seen anywhere else, chirping the most melodious of tunes.

Noori Waterfall Incidence of Kid’s death

Three kids died at Noori Waterfall when they jumped into the deep end trying to save their buddy from drowning after hitting his head on a rock. If you stick to the center and don’t try to go too close to the actual waterfall, there is nothing to fear.

10 meters from the waterfall, the pool was just 5 feet deep.

Also, the gushing water curves along the edge of the waterfall and takes away the sand below. This panics the swimmers and they get drowned.

Noori waterfall Jabri Haripur Pakistan Places to see

My guide told me about the other four waterfalls behind Noori and I decided to give it a try. As I started climbing the steep mountain behind this waterfall, the track disappeared and the ledges got dangerous.

The local guide has named the other waterfall as “Blackwater”, as the pond has a dark hue.

I quit my quest when the guide told me that there are “two or three” spots where you have to cling to the rock face to get through.

I then decided to go to the Sangam waterfall, after crossing the Haro River.

Sangam waterfall up close

Sangam Waterfall Peena Village Haripur Pakistan

Sangam waterfall is a 30 minutes hike from the Noori waterfall across the Haro River. You’d have to get your shoes and clothes wet to get there.

There is a natural spring on the way that has bitter-tasting water that is known to cure all-natural ailments of the digestive tract. Don’t forget to take a sip. 

I drank to my tummy full and ended up spending quite some time on my toilet seat.

Sangam waterfall is higher than Noori but is dangerous as the water slams into a deep pond of dark water.

Noori waterfall

Noori Waterfall where to eat?

There are acceptable hotels on the main Jabri road before you enter Haro River valley. You can have lunch there.

I got lucky and made friends with a local peer that had a creative heart like me.

We enjoyed Punjabi Sufi poetry while we had Desi mutton, Ghee, Poodina Chutney, Desi Lassi, Desi Dahi, and Tandoor Roti. The lady of the house then topped it off with an herbal concoction of desi drink and herbal Kehwa with Shakar.

Now I know why people prefer living in the suburbs. It is peaceful, organic, and easy on the soul.

I guess the best time to visit Noori Waterfall and the seven sisters would be the first week of July when the sun is blazing hot in Pakistan so that I can combine adventure with soul music.

I loved going to Noorean De Thun waterfall and intend to discover the waterfalls higher in the mountains – do you have the guts?

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Now, I’ll answer your questions on Noori Waterfall Haripur.

What does Noorean De Thun mean in Urdu?

Noorean De Thun means the large pond of the Noori tribe. Although all traces of Noori people have vanished from the place.

Noori Waterfall Location

Noori Waterfall is located in Peena Village that is part of Jabri Village on the Main Islamabad- Pir Sohawa- Haripur road. Noori Waterfall is on the Haro River, upstream of Khanpur Dam Reservoir.

Noori Waterfall Google Map


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Noori Waterfall: How far is it from Islamabad / Lahore?

Noori Waterfall or Noorean De Thun is located 55 km from Islamabad.

Noori Waterfalls is 430 Km or 6 hours from Lahore on the Motorway and 360 Km and 7.5 hours on the GT road from Lahore.

Noori Waterfall Haripur Directions

The Noori Waterfall route from the Khanpur Dam site is difficult, so preferably don’t use it.

The Noori Waterfall route over Margalla Hills near Islamabad is freshly made and is good. 

Use the Jabri-Akhora-Tial-Peena road to Noori Waterfall.


The route on Google Maps is difficult, use the one I have shown you.

Drive to Pir Sohawa, Drive further on to Monal Restaurant, and keep on the road towards Hi land Club and after 3 hours you will reach Jabri Village Bazar.

Immediately after the Bazar is a small signboard of “Village Council Jabri”. Turn Left from this board.

Take the cemented track to Peen Village. Don’t cross over from Haro River.

Is Noori Waterfall Pakistan the same as Noori Chamb Waterfall?

No, Noori Chamb is a tall waterfall between Rajouri, Poonch, and Sri Nagar, Indian Occupied Kashmir. It is close to Behram Garh, Chandimarh, and Sailan.

Noori Waterfalls Haripur Pakistan main attractions

The main attractions near Noorean De Thun are:

A little further away are:-

Seven Sister Waterfalls are located in this zone


Noori Waterfall is a must-see for people living in and around Islamabad. It is one of the most beautiful and relatively easily accessible waterfalls and swimming/picnic spots for families on the other side of Margalla Hills in Haripur.

Just get there early before the crowd arrives.

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