Top 30 things to do in Islamabad – No 7 will surprise you

Islamabad was once known as the dead city, but not anymore. This generation of kids who have grown up here is painting the town red in interesting and innovative activities that people from all over the country and abroad love to engage in.

This is my list of the top 30 things to do in Islamabad that no one else has compiled so thoroughly to date.

Golf course

Table of Contents

1. Cool off in summers in Islamabad’s swimming pools

Only five sites have heated pools

  • Jacaranda Family Club (JFC) DHA-2 , Ph.: 051-2311001 and charge Rs 1000 per visit
  • Serena Hotel Islamabad Sector G-5, Phone 051-2871100
  • Islamabad Marriot Hotel, Sector F-5/1, Phone  +92 51 2826121 
  • National Defense University (NDU) Sports Club, Sector E-9, Islamabad, Phone 051-9262066-8
  • Islamabad Club Pool, phone 051-9046000

The rest have normal pools

  • Navy E-8 swimming pool, phone 0332 8883366
  • PAF E-9 swimming pool, Phone 051-9501500
  • Ramada Hotel, Phone 051- 111 379 379
  • Megazone F-9 Park (F-10 Markaz Gate) Phone 051-2324140

2. Appreciate the majestic horses of Riding Clubs in Islamabad

  • Pak Navy E-8 Horse Riding Club
  • Islamabad Club horse riding
  • Bahria Phase 4 Club, horse riding

3. Practice target shooting at Islamabad Gun and Country Club

Since this sport is so expensive, only one club has been able to run its operations. Even in the Islamabad club, you should bring your licensed weapon otherwise the one they give you is considerably expensive to use.

Phone: 051-8466532-3 Extension 102 or 103.

4.  Connect with buddies at the Golf course in Islamabad

Enjoy the lush greens at any one of these Golf courses in Islamabad with a green fee of around Rs 1000 per 9-hole round.

  • Margalla Greens Golf Club Navy E-8 Sector Islamabad, (051) 20064443
  • PAF Golf Club E-9 Islamabad, Phone 051-9507979
  • Islamabad Club Golf Club, Phone (051) 9046191
  • Bahria Enclave Golf Club, Phone 0800 00100
View while hiking on the margalla ridge

5. Join mixed – gender Rock Climbing events 

There are about 50 rock walls that have already been hooked up and rigged for amateur climbers at various sites on the Margalla Hills. Rock climbing clubs bring ropes and harnesses on the weekend to help you enjoy a two-hour session with them. They even let you use their gear.

  • RCCI Nazir Sabir 03457771117
  • Alpine Club of Pakistan 03335176672
  • Climax Adventure 03441612024
  • Pakistan Sports Complex Rock Climbing wall

6. Take up hiking on the Hiking tracks of  Margalla Hills

There are a total of ten hiking tracks around Islamabad.

Formal ones are

While informal ones are

 All these trails are free for everyone.


7. Play team games like PanIQ room escape riddle in Islamabad

Islamabad has something absolutely novel in the shape of escape room games that is unprecedented in Pakistan and is being well received.


What is PanIQ room escape?

The primary purpose of an escape room game is for a team to work together and find their way to the other side of several interconnected chambers by cracking riddles, codes, locks, combinations and by using visual hints.

PanIQ Escape room concept was first started in Hungary in 2011, where it gained a massive following. Since then, it went to do well in the USA through a franchise. Currently, PanIQ room escape games have 18 locations worldwide, including Pakistan, Singapore, and Australia.

This Pakistani Chapter of escape games comes by the name of “PanIQ room” and has various themes like

  • Insane asylum,
  • Red Wire Spy thriller and
  • Jailbreak

My Review of PanIQ room Islamabad

I found it intense, pressure-inducing , and requiring team skills and that is its strength too.

One person cannot solve all the riddles to get to the other side so there has to be a team leader, a thinker, and a doer.

Some even suggest that foreign militaries have made it compulsory for their officer corps to go through escape chambers like these to develop mental toughness and teamwork.

I saw several groups of young boys and girls and even families enjoying their one hour in the chamber.

Then, there were teams from companies trying to build rapport with each other in a casual environment.

You can also get PanIQ room memorabilia and souvenirs from the place

I found the Asylum theme a little spooky and the jailbreak theme requiring more people to solve. Three or six people are the ideal group strength to do any theme on the menu.

The best part of PanIQ room Bahria Town is that the CEO Adeel and his staff are friendly and on the ball at all times, which makes the experience pleasing.

Who all will enjoy PanIQ room Islamabad?

People who like riddles, brainteasers, puzzles and mystery hints and fantasies must visit this place to satisfy their cravings.

I barely got out in time, otherwise, I was incarcerated in the mental asylum forever – joking! – They give you unlimited hints before you make it out on your own.

PanIQ room escape Islamabad Ticket prices and Timings

This escape riddle game ticket price ranges from Rs 2000 to 3700 depending on group size.

PanIQ room escape timings and ticket prices

PanIQ room  Contact

  • Name: PanIQ Room Islamabad
  • Address: Theme Park Avenue, Bahria Phase 7, Rawalpindi (near Greenvalley Hypermart)
  • Phone Number: 92-51-8444457

8. Other game sites

  • Name : Megazone Islamabad

Phone: (92 51) 2251962, 2251952

Location: F-9 Park

  • Battle Field paint ball and Zip line

Phone: 0300 8400987

Location: Lake View Park

Inside Faisal Mosque

9. Watch a movie at Islamabad Cineplex Cinema

  • Cinepax Cinema

Location: Jinnah Park, Kachehri Road، Rawalpindi

Phone: (021) 111 246 372

  • Cineplex Cinema, The Centaurus Mall Islamabad

Address: 4th Floor, Centaurus Mall، Islamabad,

Phone: (051) 111 626 384

  • The Arena

Location: Bahria Town Phase IV Islamabad

Phone(051) 5731901

10. Offer prayers at the majestic Faisal Mosque 

Faisal mosque is shaped like a Bedouin’s tent and glimmers in the sunlight. Don’t miss the chance to check out the massive chandelier turning on at sunset.

11. Absorb Islamabad’s Natural greenery

Natural History Museum

12. Visit museums

Sunset in Islamabad

13. Experience scenic views of Islamabad

  • The Monal Restaurant, Pir Sohawa, phone +92-51-2898044, 55, 66, 88, 99
  • Pir Sohawa restaurant
  • Damne Koh viewpoint
  • Sunset in Islamabad
Bari Imam Shrine

14. Visit Mystical Sites around Islamabad

Shah Allah ditta caves

15. Reconnect to Islamabad’s Historical past

16. Take a stroll in  Parks

  • Rose and Jasmine Garden
  • Shakarparian open theater
  • F-10 Park
Simly Dam

17.  Lakes to enjoy 

18.  Go bowling in Islamabad

  • JFC DHA 2
  • Megazone
  • Round-2 at PWD, Phone: 0335 2963338
  • Safa Gold Mall

19. Scratch your creative itch at PNCA theater Islamabad

get an update on their next show from this PNCA event calendar

20. Try getting an invite to the Diplomatic Enclave clubs of Islamabad

  • Australian Cub
  • French Club
  • British High Commission Events
boating in Rawal lake

21. ATV F1 tracks at Lake View Park

  • F1 tracks four wheelers are fast for a track this size.
  • ATV F1 Traxx Phone number : 0300 5693908
  • Charges : Rs 4000 per person per ride of 15 minutes

22.  Go boating and fishing at night to Rawal Dam and Khanpur Dam

For Rawal dam, you’d need formal permission to fish there, but Khanpur is free for all as long as you stay at the less populated bank of the dam toward Islamabad.


23. Buy trinkets and hiking gear at Sunday bazaar 

There is something mysterious in digging for treasures from used stuff that these shop keeper import as junk from abroad.

Top items were electronic accessories, sunglasses, hiking equipment, used boots, puzzles, and decoration pieces.

24. Try getting an invite to exclusive club in Islamabad

Clubbing in Islamabad is limited to closed communities and you’d have to be a part of their personal crowd or a lady to enter one that is not your own.

For more information on Islamabad’s nightlife, see this

25. Open-air music at Sadhu’s retreat

Their highlights are live music and hiking on a full moon night

Sadhu’s retreat Islamabad Phone Contact: 0314 5187977

26. Lookout for music concerts in town

A general search on Google for the keyword “concerts in Islamabad” will show you when the next concert is happening.

You can also try the website

27.    Shopping in Islamabad

Go for branded stuff at Centaurus Mall

Pakistani textile clothing like women’s pret porter and guy’s jeans jackets are high quality and relatively cheap.

Iranian cuisine

28. Find authentic food in Islamabad

You can find food from all ethnicities here like

29. Enjoy coffee at road side cafes

  • Coffee Planet I-8, Phone (051) 4938081
  • Burning Brownie F-11, Phone (051) 2814300
  • Chaaye Khana F-6, Phone (051) 8312193
  • Cinnabon, DHA-2, Phone (051) 2725517

30. Drive along Constitution Avenue

Appreciate the Mughal-style architecture fused with Ottoman minarets along Constitution Avenue that is if you can get past the bored policemen at the most useless checkpost in the world

beautiful view from Margalla hills


Islamabad has a lot to offer for those who have the time and energy to enjoy its unique attractions. You only have to decide what kind of rush you need and dive straight into my to-do list here.

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