Rama Dam Islamabad is a new picnic spot for families

rama dam Islamabad picnic

Rama Dam, Islamabad picnic spot is a brand new water pond where families can have a good time.

Where is the Rama Dam picnic spot?

It is sited at Dhok Korak village, just off Rawalpindi-Jand-Kohat Road.

How to get to Rama Dam

Rama Dam is 45 minutes drive from Islamabad, right off the first ramp Tarnol Interchange on the Islamabad Peshawar Motorway

It is 34 km from Islamabad on the Jand-Kohat road

The road to Rama Dam is in very good condition, except for the last 10 minutes where the road is gravely and muddy.

You can take any type of car or motorcycle there.

Rama Dam Map

Rama Dam History

This dam was built by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to supply water to the new Islamabad Airport.

The funny thing is that CAA realized they don’t have water for the swanky new Islamabad Airport after the construction had been completed.

Talk about far-sightedness!

Anyways, now Islamabad has a beautiful spot to sit and relax and have lunch beside a huge pond of water.

The Dam is Run-off-the-River type and does not have movable Spillways like Rawal Dam.

Its maximum Depth shown on the gauge is about 1700 feet

I was lucky to go all around the Rama Dam.


Pitch a tent on the opposite bank of the Dam from where the CAA guards and guest house are located, this way you will be able to enjoy the picnic peacefully, without security people bothering you.

Is it safe at Rama Dam?

It is very safe for families there at the Dam, but I would recommend you carry a hunting knife like I do – just in case.

Which is the best time to visit Rama Dam?

The best time to visit Rama Dam is during spring and summers when the weather is hot.

Things to do at Rama Dam site

  • CAA also has a guest house at Rama Dam as well.

It is not easy to get bookings, because of bureaucracy.

I hope the authorities in CAA are sensible enough to post the link of officers booking this new guest house so that everyone in Islamabad and Rawalpindi can benefit.

It is expected that they would, in the future, allow

  • boating,
  • fishing and
  • fun watersports for families – like Khanpur Dam

Right now it is assumed there are fish in the Dam, but no focused effort has been made to rear Fish.

Boats have not been allowed as yet.

  • It is very interesting watching international flights taking off right on top of you from the New International Airport.

Another interesting thing about Rama Dam is

  • “Freedom House”, the farm of Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, Federal Minister of Pakistan.

So, power does bring wealth then.

Other interesting stuff there is:-

  • They have boats on small ponds close to Freedom House for visitors to enjoy.
  • You can also drive back using the Chakri road return loop which is the same 34 km but 15 minutes extra i.e. 1 hour.

The water of Rama Dam is very clear as it is filled with Rainwater from Margalla Hills.

So, if you want to drink clean water, then stop throwing trash and waste into the streams of Rawalpindi Islamabad.


There are no big restaurants or café’s at Rama Dam, so bring your own food and drinks.

The environment is very peaceful and quiet.

You can get food and drinks from the main Jand-Kohat Road.

Small Dams near Rawalpindi Islamabad for Picnicking

Rama Dam is one of the 14 Dams around Rawalpindi Islamabad that are worth visiting.

These Dams are:

If you go further ahead, a few hours then you have

I like visiting Dams because of the life that freshwater brings to the birds, animals, and plants all around.

You should too.

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