Chahan Dam at Chakri, Rawalpindi has beautiful views

Chahan Dam Chakri

Chahan Dam is one of the six new low-height dams that are to be constructed around Rawalpindi Islamabad.

Dams near Islamabad Rawalpindi

This Dam Chahan is the biggest of the rest and nearing completion. Java, Mahutta, Papin, Dadocha, and Mujahid are the other five Dams under construction.

Chahan Dam Chakri plan

Constructed at Rs 0.5 Billion, this Dam has started storing water from the Sill River Kass. The plan is to design spillways irrigation channels that can keep supplying water to agricultural lands and towns close by like Dhamial, Chakra, Girja, and Tulsa.

The location of Chahan Dam Rawalpindi

This dam is just 30 minutes drive from Rawalpindi and a total of 21 km on the Main Chakri Road accessible from Dhamial

You will have to drive to Army Aviation Base Dhamyal, drive around the base, and exit toward Chakri.

When you drive twenty minutes toward Chakri, you will see the board of Capital Smart City Islamabad. Do not enter this colony, instead make a U-turn and enter the first lane that you come across while driving back.

This is the exact road toward Chahan dam that leads you straight into the Dam pond.

The road to the dam is perfect till the Capital Smart City Gate, after that it becomes a dirt road and you need a 4×4 to cover the last 5 minutes leading to the Dam wall.

Things to do at Chahan Dam site

  • Chahan is a huge dam and the water isn’t even 25% full yet.
  • There is a beautiful farmhouse of an absentee owner overlooking the Dam, but the caretaker does not let you in.
  • You can also see a little bit of the water from the main road that goes into Smart Capital city, but it is not that beautiful.
  • You can also drive deep into Capital City and enjoy the public park at the end.
  • There is not much to eat around the place, so bring your own food.
  • Permission for Boating and Fishing can be obtained from Irrigation Department and fishing department Punjab Respectively

How to get to the Chahan site

I couldn’t see much public transportation, so you’d have to bring your own car or motorcycle,

The best time to visit the dam site is in winters when the water becomes less dirty and the sun is pleasant.

You should visit Chahan Dam if you want to enjoy openness and serenity away from the noisy Rawalpindi and Islamabad cities.


Chahan Dam at Chakri is a one-day trip for the family and friends to enjoy a picnic or boating.

Aithay Rakhso Ma’saira!

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