Top 70 Restaurants and Food Spots in Islamabad

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Top 70 Restaurants and Food Spots in Islamabad

This is my list of top 70 Restaurants and Food places in Islamabad.

I have ranked this list of Top Restaurants and Food spots in Islamabad based on how people have rated them also my personal experience eating there.

I have included a few top notch restaurants from Islamabad twin city Rawalpindi too, but did not number them, as they cannot be ignored in such a list.

So, let’s start.

Top Pizza Restaurant in Islamabad

1.         14 Street Pizza, Blue Area Islamabad

I like 14 Street Pizza, Blue Area Islamabad because of its massive size and relative freshness. 

2.       Tehzeeb Bakers, G-9 Markaz Islamabad

Tehzeeb’s Pizza has huge chunks of Barbeque Chicken Chunks on it and a lot of Cheese. It’s exactly what the general Pakistani public loves to eat for lunch.

3.         Pappasallis Italian Restaurant Super Market, F-7 Markaz Islamabad

Pappasallis has a Pizza that is closest you can find to the original Italian Pizza. It is thin crusted and has the right toppings.

4.                 Pizza Originale F-6 Markaz Islamabad

Pizza Originale has tried to keep their Pizza real and not turn it into a Chappati with Chicken and Cheese.

5.        Cheese Factor, F-11 Markaz Islamabad

I like this Pizza because it has lots of good quality cheese that is very tasty when served hot.

Top Burger Restaurant in Islamabad

6.                 Burger Fest, F-7 Markaz First Corner, Islamabad

The guy left Hardees to open his own joint and serves twice the burger with fries, in half the cost. It’s an absolute must visit Fast Food Joint in Islamabad.

7.                 Taito Café, Centaurus Mall, Islamabad

Taito is famous for its mean, jumbo size Beef Burger. I didn’t like the bread that much because it was a bit poofy, but the beef was nice.

8.                 Cannoli’s Burger, Bahria Phase 7 Islamabad

Although Cannoli is very expensive, but their meat, burger patty and even the bread is very high quality.

  1. Roasters Coffee and Grill Restaurant, F-7 Markaz, Near Standard Chartered Bank, Islamabad

I like Roasters for their Tasty Beef Cheese Burger, that isn’t too expensive either. Old Islamabad crown loves this joint – not the pretentious kind.

10.            Howdy’s Wrangler Themed Restaurant, Gol Market, F-7/3 Islamabad

Howdy’s Restaurant is for kids to hang out and date. It is tucked away in one corner of F-7/3 and their Burgers with curly fries are nice and fresh.

11.            OPTP, F-7 Markaz Islamabad

OPTP burger, and thick finger length fries, with mayonnaise sauce taste the same everywhere. If you like their sauce in USA, you’d love it in Pakistan too.

12.            Hardees, Rana Market, F-7/2 Islamabad

Just get their Burger, Curly Fries and Ice Cream Shakes and nothing else. Oh! Do confirm your order twice.

Best Steak Restaurant in Islamabad

13.            Texas Steak House, Shaheen Market E-7

I liked the Texas Steak House Steak in Intellectual Village Bahria Town Phase 7, but I guess the Islamabad one would be okay too.

14.            Atrio Roof Top Café & Grill, Jinnah Super, F-7 Markaz.

I’d give Full marks for their Roof Top environment, especially on a clear day after rainfall. Their Beef Steaks are sizzling and juicy too. Location wise, Atrio is the top restaurant in Islamabad.

15.            Meraki Restaurant, Beverly Centre, F-6 Blue Area

People usually come here for the excellent environment, especially the ladies. Besides that, their Steaks stand out too.

16.            Porterhouse, Kohsar Market, F-6 Islamabad

I love their rare steaks that no one else makes in Islamabad. Their meat is also of top quality. I would rate their rare steak the top restaurant in Islamabad.

17.            Ox & Grill Steakhouse, College Road, F-7 Markaz

If you want a reasonably good steak in an affordable price, try this joint.

            Also Check Out these Steak Places in Rawalpindi

Best Café and Sandwiches Restaurant in Islamabad

18.            Mocca Coffee, Kohsar Market, F-6

Mocca is a place where foreigners’ dare to hang out outside their fortified complex. That’s why is very popular in the Islamabad showoff crowd.

I like it because the owner is a nice guy and their Coffee is good too, when hot.

I would rate Mocca the top restaurant Coffee place in Islamabad.

19.            Street One Café

Their Strength is their desert, Coffee and ambiance sitting outside in the courtyard in the afternoon. Don’t try their steak.

20.            Tehzeeb Bakers, Karachi Company, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad

Tehzeeb has the best sandwich packed with tons of mayonnaise and black pepper, just the kind Pakistani crowd loves. It is at least filling.

I like their mayonnaise dripping burger too.

21.            Chai Khana, Bahria Phase V, Islamabad

It started from Chai and Coffee in Chaaye Khana F-6 Super Market. Now the new place in Bahria town is now more popular, because of their Pakistani Breakfast Menu for weekends.

22.            Coffee Republic, F-6 Markaz

Their Coffee, when hot, is pretty neat. Forget the light snacks they serve.

23.            Burning Brownie, Beverly Centre, F-6 Islamabad

Nice Coffee and gorgeous people from F-6 sector hang out here.

24.            Jade Café, I-8

I liked the Jade Café in F-8, because of the lovely coffee, seating courtyard, but I am told it is closed now. China Town I-8 isn’t that good, Jade would be okay.

25.            Gloria Jeans, Kohsar Market, F-6

My opinion is that a Coffee Joint should be at a lovely spot with gorgeous people hanging out there.

Gloria Jeans at Kohsar is that place – and their Coffee is good too.

Best Chinese Restaurant in Islamabad

26.            China Town, F-8/4, Islamabad

I love this place because of their excellent noodles, extras and healthy servings. The people that come here are old Islamabad crowd that I personally like.

China Town in my opinion is the top Pakistanis-ed Chinese Restaurant in Islamabad.

27.            Asian Wok, Beverly Centre, F-6

Foreigners come here a lot and you get free Mint drinks. Food is just okay

28.            Golden Dragon, Gol Market F-7/3

I have noticed that their food quality has been consistently good over the years, probably because it is a family run business.

29.            Dragon City, Located inside Four Season’s hotel, Blue Area

Their strength is their soup. It is fun having bowls of hot chicken corn soup on a chilly autumn evening.

30.            Wild Rice, Serena Hotel

I love their Japanese Sushi which I don’t find anywhere else. It’s a bit expensive.

31.            Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Marriot

Dynasty is a nice place to take your boss to eat Chinese and not develop a bad stomach.

32.            Yum Chinese & Thai Restaurant F-7/2 Islamabad

Just go to Yum Chinese and Thai, for the Lunch Buffet which is packed with items. Sit on the roof top, as the view of Margalla in the evening is gorgeous from here.

33.            Xinhua Capital Chinese E-11

If you want a cozy, less packed Chinese place with a friendly staff and professional management, go to E-11. This is where those people hang out that doesn’t crave attention.

34.            Sakura Japanese Restaurant, Marriott Hotel, F-5 Islamabad

This is the only authentic Japanese Restaurant in Islamabad with a super Sushi.

Sakura is the top Japanese Restaurant in Islamabad.

35.            Tiger Temple Thai Restaurant Beverly Centre F-6

Although I don’t like their bland layout, but their Thai tasting Crab Soup is awesome.

36.            Wang Fu Chinese, Blue Area

This is a 100% Pakistani Tasting Chinese Restaurant. Don’t expect anyone named Wang here.

I like the Pakistani Touch.

37.            Kim Mun Chinese F-7 Markaz

This is another Pakistani tasting Chinese Restaurant – the kind I like. I don’t like the Dim Sum sauce in authentic Chinese and Thai food anyways. So, this works for me.

Also see these

Best Arab Lebanese Turkish Restaurant

38.            Syrian Guy’s Shwarma F-10, behind D Watson

You must have this authentic Shwarma wrapped in Arab-like Roti. The guy is legit Arab Refugee settled in Islamabad for the past 7 years.

Syrian Guy Shwarma is the top Arabic Shwarma in Islamabad.

39.            Arz Lebanon, Union Gold Mall, F-7 markaz.

A Pakistani Tasting Lebanese Restaurant, Arz Lebanon is popular in Pakistani people. Unlike the real Lebanese food that is more of salads, Arz Lebanon has upgraded the menu with more meat, just the way we like it. Chicken Mandi and Fatoosh are nice.

40.            Al Maghreb, Serena Hotel, Islamabad

Their Kunafa is nice and so is the Moroccan food. Not too many people go there though, probably because of the price.

41.            Turkish Doner House, Centaurus Mall

This restaurant is the top Turkish Doner Kebab place in Islamabad.

42.            Cock-N-Bull Shwarma, F-7 Markaz

Just try the Shwarma, with a Pakistani sizzling Sauce.

Best Desi & Barbeque Restaurant in Islamabad

43.            Khyber Dodai, Super Market F-6

Khyber Dodai means “food of Khyber” in Pashto. It is a typical Pashtun belt meat eating joint. Tikka, Kebab and everything Barbecue is served here. Some authentic Quetta dishes are also available.

You would be left sweating like rainfall after you are done eating here.

44.            Habibi Restaurant, F-8 Markaz

Habibi is very popular in the meat eating crowd. Their Kabuli Pulao, White Karahi are super hit. They even serve batair (partridge) gosht.

Top Barbecue Restaurant in Islamabad.

45.            Khiva Restaurant, F-7 Jinnah Super, near Askari Bank

Food is for average Pakistanis to enjoy. Not too great, but wide variety to choose from, especially the buffet. Their Tandoori Chai is excellent.

46.            Dilli Darwaza, Allahwali Market, F-8/1

Super place for a Karachi-like Nihari on a Sunday Morning.

47.            Savour Foods, Blue Area, Islamabad and College Road Rawalpindi

If you want a simple meal of pulao, chicken roast, Dahi, Salad and Pepsi – the standard student food – this is the place to go to.

Tasty as Hell.

48.            Butt Karahi, F-8 Markaz

The best place for Desi Murghi Karahi; you would chew the left over desi chicken bones too.

49.            Kabul Restaurant, F-7 Markaz, Near Saffa Gold Mall

I love the tasty beef tikka with poodina chutney and Afghani naan here. It isn’t called Kabul Restaurant for nothing.

50.            1969 TGO, Garden Avenue, Shakarparian

You must go to this place because of the huge lawn they have for their guest. The Pakistani food is nice too, and it tastes better nestled in a forest.

51.            Khokha khola, Beverly Centre, F-6

Paapri Chaat, Nihaari and Pakistani dishes with twice the price. Who said scoping out pretty ladies was cheap.

52.            Qishmish, Bhittai Road, F-7 Markaz

Pakistani food and Barbeque dishes in a peaceful environment. Lamb Chops and Beef Beans are nice.

53.            Des Perdes, Saidpur Village

Des Perdes serves everything, except excellent food.

The theme is of a desi village, sitting on charpoys.

54.            The Monal, Pir Sohawa, Islamabad / La Montana

Monal has every kind of Pakistan food and barbecue you can think of. They even have paan, Lassi available there. Good food overlooking Islamabad is priceless.

55.            Sufi Tikka Melody

Sufi Tikka just behind Melody Food Street is the go to place for Chicken tikka and Naan dinner.

56.            BBQ Tonight, Islamabad

The average Pakistani loves this Barbecue place with all sorts of Mutton, beef and Chicken tikka and kebab served hot.

The only problem is that there is too much noise of people there.

57.            Haleem Ghar, I-8/1 near Potohar Metro Stop

This is one of the only authentic tasting Haleem places in Islamabad.

58.            Bala Tikka House Saidpur Rawalpindi

I had to add this Tikka Place in Rawalpindi because a top restaurant list would be incomplete without it.

Pindi boys just love Bala Tikka house on Saidpur road, Banni Rawalpindi.

59.            Melody Food Park, G-6/3 Islamabad

If you want the cheapest Pakistani food, and want to have Ras Malai, Khoya Ice Cream, Paan and Kehwa all in one place, check out Melody Food Park in Islamabad.

You might end up with Diabetes in one night.


Best Desi-Sides Food Place in Islamabad

60.            Munchies, School Road, F-6 Markaz

Paapri Chaat, Channa Samosa Chaat, Chicken Roll Paratha and quick Manchurian are the highlights of this desi-side dish eatery.

You’d have to eat in your car as they don’t have dining areas.

61.            Lahori Tikka, F-8 Gol Market

Fish Barbecue with naan is my favorite here.

Best Ice Cream Place in Islamabad

62.            Manolo Gelato, F-11 Markaz

I like their Strawberry Cheese Cake Ice-cream flavor and also the blue colored one.

63.            Safilo Tehzeeb Ice Cream and Fresh Juices

Safilo Tehzeeb has the sweetest and Creamiest Ice-cream in Islamabad. The funny thing is that all the flavors taste the same.

                        Also see, Tutti Fruity Ice-cream Bahria Town

This List covers all the essential Food Menu items that Pakistan people usually eat. If I have missed something, please do comment below so that I add it for everyone to benefit.

Dine Away!

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