Sandymar Dam D-17 Islamabad is a lovely place to stroll

sandymar dam

Sandymar Dam is one of many small dams that the irrigation department has built in the Potohar region over the decades.

Are small Dams Useful?

With the annual rainfall average reducing every year, building new dams for irrigation is always a good idea.

It is even better if these dams are used to generate more tourism revenue by boating, fishing, and commercial activities.

ConclusionChahan Dam at Chakri is a one-day trip for the family and friends to enjoy a picnic or boating.Aithay Rakhso Ma’saira!

The location of Sandymar Dam

It is located within the D-17 Sector of Islamabad, close to Sangjani Toll plaza on the Rawalpindi – Peshawar GT Road.

It takes just 45 minutes to drive from Rawalpindi Saddar to Dam.

You’d have to drive to get to the dam, as there is no public transportation inside D-17.

The D-17 housing scheme gate comes right after Sangjani Toll plaza.

After entering the residential scheme, you’d have to drive about 10 minutes to reach the end of the colony to see the Dam.

Building of Sandymar Dam, Islamabad

The Dam was built by the Pakistan Irrigation department in 1988 with Hyundai as consultants to store rainwater for catchment areas ahead.

It is still functional and might keep working for a decade more, that is, if the residents around the Dam stop pouring solid waste into the channels leading to the pond.

Is dam water clean to swim in?

During winter months, the water becomes dirty black, that is because of less rainfall cleaning it.

The best time to Visit  Dam

The best time to visit this place is during the summer months so that the water is clear and the breeze is cool.

Things to do at Sandymar Dam D-17 Islamabad

The best thing about the Dam is that there is a walkway for visitors on three sides of the dam and you can easily

  • Jog,
  • Walk or
  • Picnic there.

It also has an irrigation guest house there, but you must get permission from the irrigation department to have lunch there.

ConclusionChahan Dam at Chakri is a one-day trip for the family and friends to enjoy a picnic or boating.Aithay Rakhso Ma’saira!

Message for Pakistan Irrigation Department

It is about time Pakistan small dam organization and irrigation department allow the caretakers at the site to collect a fee for fishing, boating, and picnic at their guesthouses on dams.

It is a big hassle requesting obscure, never-to-be-found officers to enjoy the dam.

Other Dams of Islamabad Rawalpindi

There are many other dams in the Potohar region similar to Sandymar dam that is excellent for visiting and spending a hot summer day there.

Is boating/Fishing allowed at Sandymar Dam?

I didn’t see any boats at Sandymar Dam and that is a shame.

People did mention that there are fish in the pond, but I couldn’t see any.

The people living in D-17 are educated and sensible enough to let families and women have a good time without being bothered.

Where to have lunch at Sandymar Dam?

Then if you feel like it, the commercial area of D-17 sector Islamabad is also close by where you can have coffee, tea, and food, high above the city crossing over a sky bridge to reach a glass cabin.

Farmhouses of Sandymar Dam

The major shareowner of Sandymar Dam also has his farmhouse located there, along with other wealthy people of Islamabad where they party on weekends.


A trip to Sandymar Dam is ideal for families and friends that want to enjoy some leisure time away from the concrete jungle that Rawalpindi/Islamabad has become.

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