Beef Tikka at Kabul Restaurant F-7 Sector Islamabad Pakistan

Kabul Restaurant

Kabul Restaurant in F-7 Sector of Islamabad is for meat lovers, period!  If you really want to top-up with quality proteins after a late party with your homies, this is your place to go.

The Kabul Restaurant Islamabad location and map is pasted below for your reference.

This Restaurant’s choice of beef and mutton is very good and it shows up in the taste. Very little spices are used and the chutney with the beef tikkas is unique.

Kabul Restaurant’s best dishes in the menu are beef tikka, mutton tikka, Afghani pulao (meat dressing with dry fruit and vegetable toppings) Manto dish (meat dumplings in sour cream) with Afghani naan. All three of these dishes are readily available, are low-cost (Rs 500), and a complete meal.

I couldn’t see any Kabuli Pulao in the menu, but there was a Kabuli Channa, or Chickpeas or garbanzo in English.

The only problem I faced at Kabul Restaurant was the sullen attitude of the waiting staff — and I am usually very respectful towards them. Maybe it’s the Afghan culture or the Kabuli wali culture!

In 2015 this joint was sealed by CDA for poor quality meat, but they have learned after the debacle. Now the meat seems fresh.

Lots of college kids come here for hanky-panky, understandably so, considering the price and excellent location just besides Jinnah Super.

This is a pic of the restaurant’s Islamabad menu.

kabbul restaurant

My ultimate favorite is a dozen hot skewered beef barbecue stakes, afghan chutney that I wash down with my tasty beverage — inside my car.

It just hits the spot 80% of the time — every time!

They don’t have a take away or serve outside the restaurant, so do the collecting yourself, lazies!

This is Kabul Restaurant Islamabad contact number 051-2650953 This is their unimpressive Facebook page.

For more reviews on restaurant, do visit this link.

Post Script.

This review is about Kabul Restaurant F-7 sector Islamabad and not about the dozens of Kabul restaurants huntington NY, Sunnyvale, San Carlos, Burlingame, madison wi, Seattle, skokie, Kabul restaurant Philadelphia, evanston, yiwu and Kabul restaurant munich.

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