The joy of Horse Riding in Islamabad

horse riding pakistan

Islamabad has several horse riding clubs besides the famous one at Islamabad Club 


Riding season is usually in the winters only.

horse riding


Military Riding Clubs

Most of the riding clubs are with the military, like

  • College of EME (CEME) riding Club, Golra Mor, Rawalpindi Phone +923139965656
  • Pakistan Navy  Riding Club, E-8 Islamabad
  • Pakistan Army Riding Club, Race Course Ground
  • Pakistan Air Force Riding Club, Race Course Ground, Rawalpindi
  • President’s Body Guards  Riding Club, Race Course Ground.

The military riding clubs are open to civilians but you have to have connections in the military to get your pass besides paying money

Military Horse Riding Club Charges

Charges for all military riding clubs are around Rs 5000 for the complete season or Rs 1000 for every ride.

Horse Riding Clubs for everyone

The riding Clubs are open to civilian people, on payment

  • Islamabad Police Horse Riding Club Phone 03335169205 / 03334052648
  • Horse Riding Club of Islamabad Club 051-8435652 or 051-8435650
  • Bahria Riding Club, Phase 4, Islamabad Phone +923317791212
  • Margalla Horse Riding Club Islamabad, E-11/3 Phone 03005160203
  • Bahria Golf City Family Horse Riding Phone 051-111000442
  • Now, I will tell you how to get there.

Civilian Riding Clubs Charges

One hour’s ride on horseback usually costs around Rs 3500 per person.

Horse Riding Clubs near me

Those interested in knowing about horse riding near me, register in any of these horse clubs below. They also offer riding lessons.

Horse Riding Club Bahria Town, Phase 4, Rawalpindi

located at main paradise road, Bahria town phase 4, Islamabad. Phone 03315001212

Pakistan Navy Riding Club, E-8 Sector Islamabad

Navy riding club, E-8 Islamabad located here:-

Islamabad Riding Club

Islamabad riding club is located close to Islamabad Club on Murree road.

You do not have to be a member to ride here, but the charges are very high.

They charge Rs 5000 for every ride

This is the Google maps route of the Islamabad Riding club

Islamabad Club Membership Fee

If you get lucky, and Islamabad Club accepts your application for membership with your strong reference then the Club Charges

  • Rs 1.5 Million (15 lakh) from private individuals and
  • Rs 0.3 Million (3 lakh) from Government officers 

When you get a membership of Islamabad club, then you can horse ride there very cheap.

Racecourse Ground, Mall Road Rawalpindi

This is the google maps route of Riding Club racecourse ground, Rawalpindi

 EME College (CEME) Riding Club, Rawalpindi

If you can get into the EME college on Peshawar Road, this club is very well organized.

This is me in case you are wondering – not the horse, but the guy on top.

Instructions for every riding Club in Islamabad

  • Start off with daily payments for the day’s ride (100-500 rupees per ride)
  • Get a riding kit on rent from the club
  • After 30 days of regular riding (at least three days per week), go for membership (Rs 3000-10,000)
  • Buy your own kit (helmet, boots, shin pads, whip). Sunday Bazaar has all this stuff available for Rs 5000 max.
  • Enjoy it
  • It takes at least one month for a beginner to gain balance. Don’t fret and enjoy the freedom riding gives.          
  • There are several horse riding clubs in Lahore and horse riding clubs in Karachi, but I update these clubs later.
  • Horse riding equipment like horse riding gloves and shoes can be purchased or gotten made at the club. 
  • Ask the instructors, they will guide you. otherwise, you can get horse riding pants, horse riding boots from Saddar Rawalpindi.
  • Riding in Urdu is Ghor Swaari 

horse riding

Muscles are used during horse-riding

Riding strengthens the back, glutes, thighs, and shin bone.

Horseback riding improves muscle control, strength, and coordination by maintaining posture.

Riding strengthens core muscles (not only abdominal but everything besides arms and legs).

Benefits of Horse Riding

Positive Character Traits

Learning all about horse health and how to make it obey, involves a lot of time and tact.

It teaches

  • patience,
  • discipline,
  • understanding,
  • empathy,
  • compassion,
  • self-control, and
  • dedication.

Physical Health

Riding is now considered moderate-intensity exercise (Ref British Horse Society (BHS) 2011 study).

To maximize physical and psychological benefits, riding must be done for at least half an hour or more, three times per week.


To make a 1,000-pound animal go the direction that the rider has chosen in a humane and safe way, requires intelligence and understanding.

Psychological Health

The study completed by the BHS concluded that horseback riding stimulated mainly positive psychological feelings like

  • “quite a lot” or
  • “extremely cheerful,
  • relaxed,
  • happy, or
  • active.

Learning to ride develops confidence and self-esteem.


Horses are social creatures just like humans.

Being able to communicate and interact with an animal has already been shown to have a positive effect on people.


It’s a wonderful opportunity to interact with like-minded people.


  • Dressage,
  • races,
  • vaulting,
  • polo,
  • show jumping,
  • tent pegging

are all very high voltage competitions that encourage competitive spirit

Return to Nature

Eighty percent of respondents in BHS (British Horse Society) ranked

  • “contact with nature” and
  • “scenery and views”

as extremely important for happiness.

Riding is Fun       

  It’s just plain fun. 

Riding offers

  • adventure,
  • freedom,
  • movement, and
  • makes amazing feats of athleticism possible.

And there is a total thrill with galloping across an open field, in tune with your mount.

Other adventurous activities in Islamabad

Apart from riding, there are many healthy activities like hiking you can indulge in.

Rock Climbing


Para Sailing


Boat ride


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  1. Dear sir thank you
    But like nust horse riding club ,
    Police horse riding club these are not open for public
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    I call the rwp polo horse riding club
    Rizvi horse riding club
    And Peshawar road sadar hosre riding club
    But they didn’t respond to call
    Can you solve this thing
    Especially are foreign public, international foreign public
    And afghan refugee allowed in gar polo club Rawalpindi
    Thank you

  2. Can horse riding be done in summers of June and July?

    1. it can be done in some centers like bahria

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