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manjoo arabic restaurant

I absolutely loved the overall experience of grabbing Manjoo Arabic Restaurant food in Bahria Town Phase 4 civic center, Islamabad near Rawalpindi Pakistan.

Does Manjoo Bahria Town have Shwarma?

And yes, they do have Arabic Shwarma too and it is near you. They call this place Islamabad for some reason known only to CDA and Malik Riaz.

Manjoo Restaurant Bahria Civic Centre Contact

  • Manjoo Restaurant Phone Number : 0312 7779990
  • Address : Manjoo Restaurant, Bahria Town Phase 4 Civic Centre, Opp Truck 2 Shop
  • website :

What does Manjoo Mean?

In case you are wondering, Manjoo is pronounced as Maan-joo and it means Mango “Aam” in Urdu

Manjoo is not a recognized Arabic restaurant food chain.

Route to Manjoo Restaurant

The route map to get to Manjoo Arabian Restaurant is pasted below.

5 Reasons why I like Manjoo Restaurant Bahria 

Anyways, this is my list of 5 reasons why I loved this Manjoo Arabic Food Joint and would definitely recommend it to you guys:-

It is convenient to get to.

Convenience No 1; eat at lunch or dinner time

Manjoo Arabic restaurant at Bahria town Civic center connects to Islamabad thought the Islamabad highway and PWD colony and to Rawalpindi through GT road.

If you manage to beat the evening traffic by a few minutes, you’d have no problem getting to the restaurant for your lunch or dinner.

Rush hours’ in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are from 5 to 8 pm every working day.

I drove straight up to the doors of Manjoo Restaurant and parked right in front of the place in the ample parking area available.

Convenience No 2; get your desert close by

A further convenience at Manjoo is that you can get ice cream, paan, and even Kehwa close by after having your fill from this place.

Manjoo Arab Restaurant Order online through

The third convenience is that you can order Manjoo Mutabbaq, Falafel, Fatayer, and Sarookh from and and have the stuff delivered to your home.

I prefer eating out with my crew, so I just drove there.

The food is quick and fresh

I loved the way they had my Manjoo Mutabbaq, Fatayer, and Sarookh ready in 20 minutes and it was fresh.

You can’t fool a Pakistani when it comes to culinary quality testing, especially if your meat, dough, oil, and cheese are stale and reheated. That’s what we only do, eat!

 Manjoo food was fresh, hot and had just enough spices to cross over from Arabic / Turkish/ Lebanese to Pakistani palate

When I got my Mutabbaq, it was still sizzling.

You can freshen up your Arabic

This is the only time in my life that I recognized an Arabic word. All those years slaving over obscure Arabic texts in my school and with Qari Sahib at home, finally paid off. I recognized the meaning of the world Manjoo, which means Mango (Aam) in English.

All my years of intense memorization of the divine text revealed itself to me that day; I got the meaning of what the Arabs wanted me to know. It was either the word “Manjoo” or “Al Jamoos’un”, which means “cow”.

The interesting part doesn’t stop here.

The kid that was taking my order didn’t know a word of Urdu. How crazy is that? Imagine ordering an Arab Sheikh to get you a Falafel, despite being a ‘Miskeen’. The kid, whose name was Abdullah, told me that all the serving staff there speaks Arabic fluently. It felt like freak‘in Saudi Arabia in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan.

The guys were throwing Arabic at each other like they had liberated Jerusalem from Israel or something.

Anyways, I took my sweet time to order and kept the Arabic speaking kid waiting, just to protest against the way they treat our laborers there.

Then suddenly the kid said, he is Pakistani, and is working to feed his family that has been kicked out of the Middle East. Suddenly, all the excitement was gone.

You can eat in your car as well

I didn’t like the crowded interior of Manjoo Fast Food Restaurant, so I just sat there waiting for my food to arrive, in my chilled car Air Conditioner.

You can eat on the fast-food styled tables inside, with your family, but I prefer not to.

The parking areas outside is well lit and quite extended, so it worked out fine with me.

You will know real Arabic food

Manjoo being a popular Arabic fast food joint has all the famous dishes that they can serve quickly. I had been hearing about Falafels and Hummus, dished out by Middle Eastern restaurants like the Lebanese and Turkish ones, my whole life but never really know what the big deal is about.

Finally, my day in Arabic glory arrived.

Manjoo Arab Restaurant Menu

Manjoo Arabic Restaurant Islamabad Menu has all the essentials.

Arabic foods and dishes

Without going into details on the Arabic food recipes, these are the dishes I ordered,


Mutabbaq is an Arabic version of Pakistani Keema parathas, with eggs and cheese thrown in for extra flavor.

In Arabic, ‘Mutabbaq’ means ‘folded’ and that was what it actually was, meat folded in the dough. Apparently, Mutabbaq is also very popular in all the port cities of the Far East, like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, because it is quick to prepare and can be eaten at any time of the day, with some tea or Kehwa. Pakistanis have been doing keema parathas for ages, no wonder Mutabbaq never caught on.


Fatayer is a Pakistani samosa with spinach stuffing mostly. You can add meat, cheese and other condiments like pomegranate as well. Eaten fresh with your tea is very delicious.

I being a Pakistani had to order my Fatayer with meat and lots of Cheese as I was feeling a cholesterol withdrawal.


Falafel is a fried ball of ground chickpeas and fava beans with other flavors added.

We have Nargisi Koftay with meat and a boiled egg at its center.

It was a little different from what I am used to, so I ordered it.

Sarookh Shwarma

In Arabic Sarookh translates as “Rolled Shwarma”, so it is shwarma meat slivers rolled up in a chapatti.

We in Pakistan call it a shwarma roll; how ingenious.

The thing looked a little familiar, so I ordered a bit of that too.

Arabic Masoob drinks.

I’d had enough of Arabic experiments for one day so I ordered a coke to wash down the olive oil-soaked Arabic delights, although there were several fancy Arabic drinks on the menu.

Is Manjoo Restaurant expensive?

The total bill was Rs 2000 for four adults, which is not too bad.


I would give this Manjoo Arabic Restaurant Bahria Town Phase 4 inside Civic Centre, 7 out of 10 because of the genuine Arabic feel I got there and their fresh food.

You must go there at least once or any the restaurants in here, and comment down below there.

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