Best noodles at China Town,F-8 Islamabad

china town Islamabad

China Town F-8 Islamabad is a must eat place. It is nestled deep inside sector F-8 where old Islamabad resides. People in this sector have lived here for two generations and are old money. This is where the people still have some values intact. This adds to the pleasure of having dinner with a decent, clean crowd.

The quality of waiters and service is very nice. The person running the joint seems to be very keen on service and it shows. The waiters are efficient, the manager responsive and they dress up like Wushu Masters. You would be left guessing whether man would serve you or Nunchuk you!

The Chinese food is perfectly adjusted to our palate. The menu has a huge variety. The beef is clean and seems to be good quality. Their specialty is chow mien noodles. They are twice the normal helping and very addictive to eat. Then they serve roasted peanuts with it dipped in some oriental sauce that tastes like mom’s cooking. One a noodle junkie, always a noodle junkie— and China town is the right place to indulge yourself. I love their beef chili dry also. Kung Pao Chicken is also wet and tasty. Rice servings are also twice the normal size. If you don’t order too many drinks and water, the overall bill stays reasonable. It is a family place so don’t bother taking someone you don’t want advertised. You are bound to come across someone you know there.


For a family of four, the total bill for dinner would be around Rs3000 along with the tip.

I’d rate this place an 8.0 out of 10. It’s a must-visit place for dinner.

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