Iranian restaurant Islamabad

Omar Khayyam Iranian Restaurant Islamabad

This was the second time I went to the only Persian Iranian Restaurant in Islamabad, and I wasn’t disappointed both times.

Faced with the choice of selecting one out of the dozens foreign themed restaurant in Islamabad, I was inclined to go someplace where I could identify with the cuisine and culture.

Going to another alien restaurant representing a random country such as Burma and Japan, that I have step foot on, is a little too discomforting.

And I had enough of Pakistani barbecue.

Also, see,

Why Choose Iranian Restaurant?

Why not Persian food? Since I have read Persian poetry and Gulistan by Sheikh Saadi.

I see a Pakistani glimpse in Persian literature, culture, and language – so Iranian restaurant it is!

Iranian restaurant Islamabad

Omar Khayyam Iranian Restaurant seems rustic but is the only authentic Iranian restaurant in Islamabad.

Since they have managed to stay open for several decades now, they must be doing something right.

Omar Khayyam Iranian Restaurant Location Map?

Omar Khayyam Iranian Restaurant Address

46, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area,

Adjacent Kulsum International Hospital,

Madina Plaza, Islamabad, Pakistan

Omar Khayyam Iranian Restaurant Phone Number

  • 051-2342144
  • 051-2342145
  • 03008550154

The best time to eat at Omar Khayyam Iranian Restaurant

Dinner time is when the top-class meat dishes are prepared to be served

Who was the Persian Omar Khayyam?

Umar Khayyam (1048-1131) was a Persian polymath, mathematician, astronomer and poet, and philosopher. His writings were characterized by nihilism and agnosticism.

Omar Khayyam quote from Rubaiyat

“To wisely live your life, you don’t need to know much

remember two main rules for starters,

You better starve, than eat whatever,

And better be alone, than with whoever”

Iranian restaurant Islamabad

My impression of Omar Khayyam Iranian Restaurant

The moment I climbed down the flight of stairs to the basement restaurant at Madina Plaza blue area, I was greeted by 

  • the images of Persian Gods,
  • Persian miniature paintings and
  • Umar Khayyam’s artistic rendition on the wall.
  • There were Iranian colored glass globes,
  • crafted brass utensils and
  • Hand-knotted carpets on the dining floor.

Overall the place looked worn out, but clean.

Menu of Omar Khayyam Iranian Restaurant

I ordered the best menu I could think of

  • Khask e Badam Jan, eggplant with yogurt toppings.
  • Chelo Khobedah Kebab of minced mutton.
  • Chelo Barg Kebab of Beef Tenderloin.
  • Chelo Jujeh Kebab, Cornish hen marinated in lemon and Saffron.

All this was presented with finely charred tomato and onions.

  • There are several chickpea and yogurt dips, soups, and desserts to choose from

I found beef, minced mutton, and chicken kebabs tender and charcoal baked to perfection.

  • Then the saffron, butter, and dried pomegranate seed topping on the rice were delicious.

Iranian restaurant Islamabad

Too bad they didn’t have their traditional Persian Lassi Drinks that they called the Dough, otherwise the menu would have been complete.

  • In the end, I had to try the Baghlawa desert, which tasted like an apple pie, except that it was warm.

What wasn’t the best in the Iranian Restaurant?

The only drawback of this Iranian restaurant is that the waiters are not overly servile. I guess it is an Iranian thing, to be a little aloof.

They were not disrespectful, but they do not entertain like Pakistani waiters do.

And they do not accept credit cards.


I would give Omar Khayyam, a genuinely authentic Iranian Persian Restaurant a solid 8 out of 10, because of its originality and top quality meat dishes

خوردن شاد

Khurdun Shaad!

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