Trail 5 Islamabad is the most popular hiking track

Trail 5 Islamabad is similar to trail 3, but a little tougher.

Personally, I like Trail-1 the best because it has the best views.

In the local lingo, Trail 5 is called Darra Janglan (the jungle passage).

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Trail-5 Islamabad Margalla Hills Details

  • The starting point of Trail 5 is at the parking opposite Sector F-5 (GPS Coordinates 33.74514292179753, 73.0877473938045), on the main Margalla road.
  • The endpoint is either Monal restaurant toward West or Pir Sohawa road downstream Monal.
  • One track after the first 30 min, peels off toward Bari Imam too.
  • The total distance of Trail-5 is 5 km
  • Kilometer number one is easy and mostly families turn back after the first hour of walking.
  • The height of trail 5 rises from 950 feet at Sector F-5 and ends at 1150 feet at Monal Restaurant.
  • The total time of the hike is 3 h.

You can go higher on the steep fire clearance if you have a masochistic streak.

There is only one relatively steeper climb, called the Big Rock in the whole journey, so do not go looking for unnecessary difficult fire clearances.

Trail-5 Islamabad

Trail-5 vs Trail-3 comparison

Both Trail 5 and Trail 3 run approximately parallel the whole time, so, if you get lost, start walking westwards.

Because Trail 3 and 5 have been so extensively used, the leopard and her cubs have shifted to trail 6, behind Shah Faisal Mosque because the bushes are thicker there.

Trail-3 and Trail-5 are similar, you hardly feed any difference.

I did not see any food stall along the way, but there are fries, pakora, and tea stalls on the trail-3 parking.

One guy sells Gurr Tea (Jaggery milk tea) at the very start, which is why many people turn back before even starting the journey.

Many families go to Trail 5 on weekends, which includes gora people too.

I guess the foreign embassy people have let the poor staffers out of their cages.

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Trail 5 Islamabad

My Trip to Trail-5 Islamabad

I could see dried-up streams and water springs along the way, but they only fill up during the rainy season – so bring your water bladder with you.

Security troops have a huge presence all along the way, so there is no real danger of mugging or molestation.

You can always check the hourly weather of Islamabad from

Several beverage drink stalls can be found along the way, but their prices are unacceptably high.

Water spring at Trail 5 Islamabad


When it rains, the track becomes muddy and slippery. I would recommend wearing proper hiking boots on the track.

Many love birds can be found enjoying their company in the thick woods alongside the trail, so do not disturb their peace.

I did ask one such couple for directions, to disrupt their bliss – because I am an A*hole.

The track for Monal turns Left (Westwards) in the third hour of hiking.

Trail 5 Islamabad


A white marker that says Monal with an arrow on a stone point toward West (left). If you miss this marker, your hike will increase by at least half an hour.

Trail 5 islamabad

Why is Trail-5 the most popular?

Trail 5 is the most popular amongst all trails because it is relatively simple, it is open and safe all year round and then you end up at Monal Restaurant to top up on calories that you have lost during the journey.

Alternatively, Trail-1 and Trail-6 usually have security troops and rangers stop people from completing the track due to one reason or the other and that is annoying.

Trail 5 islamabad Pir Sohawa View


Try Trail-5 Islamabad at least once, because it is the most popular and then you get to have bragging rights, otherwise, Trail-1 is the best.

Happy hiking!

Trail 5 islamabad spring time