Lebanese Table Restaurant Bahria Islamabad

Lebanese restaurant Islamabad

Move aside Al Beirut and Arz Maghreb, this “The Lebanese Table” Restaurant at Bahria Town, Islamabad has an exceptional food platter.

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The Lebanese Restaurant Rawalpindi Islamabad has

  • Soups
  • Salads that Arabs love
  • Cold and Hot Mezze dishes
  • Lebanese Grill that is cooked a particular way
  • Shawarma, Arab chicken roll paratha
  • Manakish

The Lebanese Restaurant Phone Contact

  • Phone: 051–5730805
  • Cellphone: 0332 9600439

The Lebanese Table Address

Civic Center, Bahria Town Phase 4, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Is Lebanese Table open during COVID lockdown?

Yes, dining in is open during the lockdown.

As far as I know, they do not directly deliver

You can get their deals through foodpanda.com

Why I liked The Lebanese Table Restaurant Islamabad

I tried The Lebanese table because

  • It was the only restaurant still entertaining dining in customers
  • It is located at a comfortable and neat Civic Center Rawalpindi, as even Islamabad has become congested now.
  • The prices on the menu seemed reasonable.
  • They have a reputation as being a good Arabic Restaurant in Lahore already.
  • They must compete Trabulus and Ahl e Tarboosh Lebanese restaurant, which is situated close to this one.

That’s why they must be good.

The Lebanese Table Menu and Prices

Hot Mezze with meat

Cold Mezze (mostly salads)

BBQ Menu

The Lebanese Table Platter Menu

The Lebanese Restaurant Rice plates

The Lebanese Restaurant Shawarma

The Lebanese Restaurant near me

I ordered a Lamb Shawarma because, in my opinion, meat is either beef or lamb.

Chicken does not qualify.

Lamb Shawarma was made up of supple slivers of Lamb meat, marinated to perfection.

Other vegetable fillings made meat easily digestible. The garlic sauce and hummus toppings brought out the taste.

My mouth is watering thinking about the juicy shawarma, as I write.

My Shawarma was served with fries and drinks, which I feel is enough for a regular-sized person.

I also ordered a Platter of assorted dishes and meat to complete my dinner.

The platter had beef and Kaafka Kababs.


Difference between Pakistani and Arab/Lebanese Food

The difference between Pakistani and Arab food is that their meat is salty and less spicy.

Sheesh touk on the platter was chicken tikka on skewers with onion and tomatoes in-between.

Although I do not really like chicken tikka; this one was not dry at all.

The good thing about Lebanese food is that they wrap all their food in pita bread, which makes it easy to munch on.

We were 3 people, and one platter was enough for all of us.

Arab Qehwa after Dinner

I also ordered special Arabic Coffee, which was more of a Qehwa, with its aromatic herbs.


What I did not like about this Lebanese Restaurant

The one thing I did not like that much was the Western Diner décor of “The Lebanese Table” Restaurant, and unauthentic Arabic.

Well, that is fine as long as I get Authentic Arabic food, which I did.


I would rate the Lebanese Table Restaurant Rawalpindi Islamabad a 6.5 out of 10 mostly because of its authentic Arabic menu and quality food.

Ahlen Wa Sahlen Merhaba! [Welcome!]


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