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Bruti Waterfall Islamabad has an ancient Aqueduct

The trek for Bruti Waterfall in Islamabad Pakistan starts from behind Bari Imam Shrine, at a place called Loh-e-Dandi parking and ends high on the mountains close to Pir Sohawa road.

Bruti is a series of waterfalls and blue ponds that lead up to the top of the Margalla mountains where the tallest of waterfalls is located.

Bruti biggest Waterfall
Bruti Waterfall Parking

It took me 15 minutes to reach the first pond of Bruti and 45 minutes to reach the last of the series of waterfalls.

I took the tougher route that follows the water channel to the top.

Bruti Waterfall Islamabad

The stones get slipperier, the track gets thinner and the water gets deeper as you climb upwards.

The families stopped at the first pond, but a few young girls did climb a bit further to the second pond. There are a total of 12 small waterfalls before the bigger one at the end.

Bruti Waterfall Islamabad

Young guys love this place as there is sufficient place to swim and enjoy and the pond floor is pasted white because of the lime and Carbonate mix that flows down from the top.

I just wish our people would stop littering and throwing garbage everywhere they go. The start of the trek looks like a giant garbage heap.

Bruti Waterfall Islamabad Track

It gets cleaner and fresher as you climb up the mountain.

This trek to Bruti waterfall Islamabad is the same that branches off towards Lohi Dandi Cliff Chilla Gah.

bruti Waterfall Islamabad

Lots of Families stricken with sorrows come to Lohi Dandi to ask their Peer to give them solace – something that never comes.


I saw a family take their transvestite sibling along the trail, probably wanting to ask their peer to absolve them of the sin of having a transvestite child.

I plowed on, climbing along the Bruti Stream Channel.

Bruti Waterfall Islamabad

At one place I took a wrong turn and ended up mountain climbing against a rock face.

The wider track was very close to where I was struggling.

View of topBruti Waterfall Islamabad

None of the tracks are dangerous but the shrubs and vegetation cuts into your skin, if you wander too much off course.

I stopped to rest and re hydrate at a ledge close to the Pir Sohawa crest.

bruti waterfall Pir Sohawa Top View

Islamabad and Rawalpindi down below was covered in autumn haze.

I then asked a local for the general direction of the Largest Bruti Waterfall and they pointed me towards a white speck on the other side of the mountain to where I was standing.

View of islamabad

I cut through bushes and went straight to the tallest of all Bruti Waterfalls. It was not really gushing water.

The local there said autumn is when the water slows down and become clearer.

Bruti Waterfall Islamabad vegitation

The Ancient Aqueduct at Bruti Waterfall

The most interesting thing I saw was the remains of an old aqueduct that some intelligent people of yesteryears had built from the Waterfall.

Seeing the village people, I am sure none of their ancestors could have been that industrious.

Bruti Aqueduct

Seeing the village people, I am sure none of their ancestors could have been that industrious.

The aqueduct was long gone, but the tool marks and the cut in the mountain face were unmistakable.

I spent some time there at the waterfall at its glazed steps basking in the Autumn Evening Sun high on the mountain cliff.

Bruti waterfalls

One group of guys come up and asked me whether I had someone with me, for which I replied in the negative.

bruti waterfall Islamabad

He said, “Sher akela bhi sher hota hai” (a solitary lion is still a lion).

Bruti Waterfall Islamabad pond

The Mountain Lions and Deer of Bruti Waterfall

Speaking of lions, the locals told me that there are mountain cats and deer on these cliffs.

These are probably the only mountain cliffs behind Islamabad that have not been encroached upon by locals to scare away wild life.

Bruti Waterfall Return Journey

The return journey from Bruti Waterfall Islamabad is a lot easier, as I knew which wide track to use.

Time to Reach Bruti Waterfall top

It took me 1.5 hours to get to the top and 45 minutes to get down to the parking area.

Do keep the pin location of your car parking as you can get lost in the maze of lanes of the Nurpur Shahan Shanty town.

Bruti waterfall

Things to Do Bruti Waterfall

My next trip would be to Lohi Dandi Chilla Gah of Bari Imam, which is located high on a cliff below Pir Sohawa.

Can Women go to Bruti Waterfall?

Yes, women can go to the first and the second waterfall, and fitter women can go all the way to the last big one. Just don’t get lost on the way.

Now I’ll go over the Bruti Waterfall Frequently Asked Questions

Bruti Waterfall Google Map

Bruti Waterfall Location and Directions

  • Bruti Waterfall Islamabad is close to Quaid e Azam University and Bari Imam.
  • You have to drive to Bari Imam Shrine, turn at the crossing just close to Bari Imam and drive towards Loh e Dandi car parking of Nurpur Shahan.
  • Park the Car at the Loh e Dandi Car parking and hike to Bruti Waterfall.

Which other waterfalls and Picnic spots are near Bruti Islamabad?

Bruti Waterfall Islamabad Pond

Is there another way to get to Bruti Waterfall?

Yes, you can leave your car at Trail 5 parking on the main Margalla road, and walk to Bruti. That would take at least 2 hours to get there.

Where is Bruti Waterfall Pyala Lake?

The 12 small ponds before the largest Bruti Waterfall Islamabad are called Pyala Lake. It’s not really a lake but a series of ponds before the bigger one.

Where is the Bari Imam trail?

Bari Imam is the Shrine that you pass before reaching Loh-e-Dandi Parking in Nurpur Shahan, Islamabad. The Bari Iman Trail starts from this parking up to Loh e Dandi Chilla Gah high in the mountain.

Are there any hotels and picnic spots in Bruti Waterfall for families?

Yes, there are many hotels and picnic spots in Bruti Waterfall route.

That’s it for this time.

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