trail 6 islamabad

Trail 6 Islamabad is home to Shehzadi leopard

Trail 6 Islamabad is where the free-roaming leopard of Islamabad has made her permanent home and I do not blame her. The other one got killed a little while back.

Trail 6 Islamabad

Leopard Shehzadi of Trail 6 and Trail 4 Islamabad

Trail 4 also loops close to Trail-6, starting and ending close to Marghzar Zoo. Hikers need to be careful, not for themselves, but the poor animal.

Trail 2 (some call it Trail 7) loops on the other side of the road from Trail 4.

These tiny leopards hunt at night and are scared of violent and predatory humans.

Trail 6 Islamabad

About six decades back this breed of leopard roamed freely several hundred kilometers further deep into the Himalayas.

However, now they are restricted to a few unreachable slopes and high ridges.

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Is Trail 6 open in Corona Lockdown?

Yes, This trail in Islamabad is open on the weekdays but is restricted on the weekends.

Try going to this Trail in Islamabad during a working day, and they will allow you in.

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Trail 6 Islamabad

Trail 6 Google Maps

Why go to trail 6 Islamabad?

Trail 6 in Margalla Hills is the only remaining dense jungle where the predatory Leopard can still hunt for wild boars and pheasants, free from interfering humans.

This thicket of forest starts from behind Faisal mosque, goes parallel to the E-8 Pakistan Navy golf course boundary, and ends up on the Talhar Turning of Pir Sohawa road.

Trail 6 Islamabad

It is protected from intrusion from all asides except the top, where Talhar Village and the Margalla ridge lies.

The monkeys that you see on this trail are the largest and healthiest that you see anywhere else too.

Nowadays, the park rangers and CDA staff, discourage people from venturing into the trail, fearing a violent encounter with a lone leopard.

My Hike on Trial

I got lucky and walked into Margalla Hill Park on a beautiful spring weekend.

The park ranger told me not to leave the main track and to exit Margalla Park before sunset –the time when shehzadi becomes active.

I entered Trail 6 Islamabad of the Margalla Hill Park from the rear parking of Faisal mosque and felt a cool breeze, a clear environment greet me.

My walking pace was brisk so that I could get to the top of trail 6 in good time.

One spot on the reverse side of the highest point of trial 6 is peaceful and has excellent views of Islamabad down below.

Except for an annoying hornet, that would not take no for an answer, there was not a soul in sight for miles.

Springtime is the best on Trails of Islamabad

Because it was springtime, the forest shrubs had burst open into various hues of colorful flowers.

One particular kind of tree with large white flowers was spread all over the mountain but they were nowhere near the track so that I could get a clear shot.

There were maroons, bright yellows, and pink flowers on mountainsides.

trail 6 Islamabadf

Water in Trail 

I crossed over at least three large dried-up streams where the park people had placed benches for amateur travelers.

There is no water on the track during springtime and summers so take at least 3 liters of water with you in your bag pack.

trail 6 islamabad

Trail 6 Directions

Trail 6 is between Faisal mosque parking and

  • Talhar turn of Pir Sohawa
  • Village of Talhar over Margalla Ridge

To protect the wildlife here, no vendors are allowed, so there is no food as well.

Tracking boots are essential to Trail 6 Islamabad.

trail 6 Islamabad

Keep your weight light as the second hour of the track is a little steep.

It is steep enough not to allow mountain bikes to climb up.

60 and over people may not be able to complete the track, so it is better that they return after the first hour of trail 6.

Time of Hike trail 6

  • Time from Faisal mosque to Pir Sohawa is 3 h
  • The Time from Faisal mosque to Talhar village is 4 h

Height of Trail 6 Islamabad

  • The highest point of trail 6 is at 1250 meters and you can see Rawal Dam right in front of you.
  • This trail 6 starts at 700 meters height.

Length of Trail 6 Islamabad

Trail-6 Islamabad is 7 km from Faisal Mosque to Pir Sohawa, but 9 km to Talhar Village.


If you want to reach Pir Sohawa, take all right turns on the track, except the one whose picture I will post for you. The only left turn is at this spot.

Thick bushes of Trail 

I could see several pockets cleared out for hikers to chill out along the track.

Wild pheasants were running on the ground and beautiful birds chirping overhead.

Every rustle of the bushes made me look over my shoulder in case the leopard thought I was fresh meat.

At some places where I lost my way, it felt like I am in a thick Amazon rain forest and the Predator Alien would jump on me anytime.

trail 6 Islamabad

Return Journey of Trail 6

I started the journey at 3 pm and was at Pir Sohawa at 6 pm getting a lift down from the mountain.

The best people to ask for a lift are motorcycle riders from Gorkina and Talhar village behind Margalla hills.

The drivers from Islamabad are arrogant, they would rather drive alone rather than give a poor hiker a lift on their luxurious cars.

Someone must teach rich people in Pakistan a lesson in humility and civility.

I did not cross over the Margalla ridge and down into Talhar village because I have done that several times in the Trail 1 and Margalla Ridge Hike that I did not feel like tiring myself anymore.


The best trail in Islamabad is still trail 1 because of the variety of landscapes, and trail 6 is the one with the densest vegetation; do not forget the leopard Shehzadi.

Vive le Leopard!

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  1. Sheeraz Ahmed says:

    I have gone for hiking on Trail-6 several times but didn’t heard about any Leopard, are you being serious?

    1. The shehzadi leopard is absolutely there. There are videos of this leopard on Trail 6 on the internet. wait till you hear about trail 2, and my encounter with a leopard coming up.

  2. Mir Rifat Ali says:

    Nice but scary …..

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