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Angoori Murree near Islamabad: 6 things to do

Angoori Murree, near Islamabad Pakistan, is an untouched pine forest-covered valley that lies in the middle of several tourist hill station sites like Patriata and Karor.

Angoori road goes from Federal government employees society towards Bahria Agro Farms and Golf City.

angoori dam
Angoori Dam, near Islamabad

Angoori Location

The best part is that it is just 30 minutes from Islamabad on the Murree Highway, on a very good road.

Villages around Murree

It is like other villages overlooking Islamabad on the Hill track to Murree like:-

Margalla Hill Spots

Do see Margalla Hill spots

Angoori Stream
A dry steam bed Angoori

Pictures of  Angoori Dam and Waterfall

I will distribute the pictures of  Dam, picnic spot, and Waterfall throughout the text, so you get a better mental map of the place.

Angoori Mountains
Angoori Mountains

How to get to Angoori Murree Dam and Waterfall?

Drive out towards Murree Expressway and take the road that branches away from the Murree Toll plaza towards the right.

Keep following this Patriata road and at the sign that says “Federal Employees Housing Society”, turn right into the hills.

You will also be driving through the gorgeous Bahria Golf City roads.

Turn left when you reach a T junction. This will take you straight to Angoori Village Murree.

Angoori Jungle
Mid point stop in the jungle

Angoori Murree Map:

Angoori Murree Google Map only shows the 1st part of getting there.

Angoori Muree Road
Angoori Return Cement Road

Angoori Location Map

I have marked the return journey on the map below

Angoori Map from Islamabad
Angoori Map from Islamabad

It doesn’t show the cement road that comes back to Bara Kahu through another loop. So ask a local.

How far is it from Islamabad?

It, with its waterfall dam, and picnic spot is just 40 km or 1 hour from Islamabad.

Angoori Muree Water Fall
Angoori Water Fall and Bridge site

How is the road to Angoori Murree?

The road up to Bahria Golf city is perfect. Cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles can get there easily.

After Bahria Golf city, the road narrows down but is still well carpeted.

Natural Spring Water

Things to do at Angoori

These are the 6 interesting things to do at Angoori

Angoori Muree View from General's Cottage
Angoori Murree View from General’s Cottage

Drive in the Forest (round Trip)

The most scenic part of this place is off the main road that leads to Patriata.

There is a small turning towards the right one kilometer before the  Bridge, which has no markings. It is a cemented road that cuts across the hilly mountains all covered in pine trees.

This turning or the cement road does not show up on Google Maps, but it is there. Ask a local to help you reach Bara Kahu.

There are several natural streams and clear water springs on the route.

Angoori Muree View of Islamabad
View of Islamabad from Angoori Murree Village

There is a small bridge on the way that is a few kilometers from the nearest village that has a natural spring flowing beneath it.

These places are ideal for spending the weekend in silence and solitude and maybe have a picnic.

Angoori Muree Water Channel Picnic Spot
Angoori Murree Water Channel Picnic Spot

Bicycle to Angoori Murree

You can bicycle to the Village that is at the top of a mountain, but I would not recommend cycling down the reverse face.

It would be difficult to cycle up the road from  Bridge down below.

The best option would be to have lunch at Angoori and come back

Angoori Muree Mountain Top
Angoori Murree Mountain Top

Picnic at Angoori Murree at the General’s Cottage.

There is a wonderful hill cottage made by some nice General at the most scenic of all places on Angoori – right on a ledge.

The guy is very accommodating and lets guests visit the premises.

You just have to ask the gatekeeper there to let you in.

Inside the house, you will find the most beautiful view of Islamabad from high up in the mountains.

You can also Barbecue at the General’s lawns

Angoori Muree General's Cottage View
Angoori Murree General’s Cottage View

The cottage looks like an old-fashioned cottage we used to read about when we were kids – like the little red riding hood p- except there are no wolves there.

The cottage is sited right on a high ledge.

Angoori Muree Barbecue Place
Angoori Murree Barbecue Place

Trust Saints, Molvi, businessmen, and Generals to find the juiciest of spots everywhere I see.

If no one opens the gate for you, comment below and I will help you get in.

Charcoal Lunch at the Village of Angoori

Right at the Village center, there are several shops serving food and supplies.

There is a tandoor restaurant there as well that serves wood-cooked vegetables, meat, Desi Lassi, Chai, Daal, and Tandoor waali Chapatti.

Going to Angoori for this desi meal would be worth it in itself.

Swim at the Angoori Dam and Bridge

There are two places to swim and see freshwater in Angoori Murree.

  • Angoori Dam near the Village
  • Angoori Bridge a few kilometers after the village


Always swim upstream from the crowd and don’t go into the water when it hasn’t rained recently, as the water becomes dirty and contaminated with the rubbish of the population close by.

Hike to Patriata Top from Angoori

You can have someone drop you at the Angoori Bridge and then you can hike all the way to Patriata through pristine pine forest.

It would be a 20 Km or 5 hours hike from Angoori to Patriata.

You can easily find a Careem to bring you back from Patriata.

Angoori Muree Road to Patriata
Angoori Murree Road to Patriata


It is absolutely safe here, but there is no harm in keeping a short hunting knife on your belt as I do.

Build a Farm house at Angoori 

Lots of Big-Wig Federal Officers and Malik Riaz of Bahria town has bought a vast tract of land there. I saw several boards of Inspector Generals and bureaucrats’ there declaring ownership of complete hills.

Knowing that Angoori is so well connected on three ends – Islamabad, Murree, and Karor – it makes complete sense.

Villages near Angoori Road Murree

None of the 8 villages near Angoori is closer than 8 Km, and that is a good thing.

Village near Angoori
Village near Angoori

Where is the Angoori Waterfall?

Angoori Waterfall is very close to Angoori Village, but you will miss it if you don’t ask a local.

It is not really a waterfall but a steady stream of water falling 10 feet from the small Angoori Dam.

How is the Angoori Murree Weather?

Angoori Village Weather is at least 5 0 C lower than Islamabad but not as cold as Murree.  Murree is at least 500 meters higher than Angoori.

So, if you plan to spend some time there, do check this weather forecast first.

Angoori Road to Patriata Murree

I have seen a Suzuki Mehran coming from Patriata Murree to Angoori, so I guess the road is fit for small vehicles.

Angoori Frequently Asked Questions

People love angoori bhabhi of India, but this trip is not related to this character.

Angoori Meaning

The meaning of the word “Angoori” is similar in both countries. Angoori means the color of Red wine.

Angoori Gulab Jamun & Petha

Yes, Angoori is used to spice up the brand name of Ras Malai, Gulab Jamun, and Petha sweets in India – not in Pakistan though.

Angoori Afghan Rugs

Blood Wine colored Angoori Afghan Rugs woven in Western Afghanistan is very much in demand in Pakistan.

Angoori Afghan Rug Carpet
Angoori Afghan Rug Carpet


Angoori Muree is a good place to have desi lunch, Picnic, Bicycle, or Hike, but not advisable to Swim there. Angoori waterfall is not as clean as Shumber, Noori, or Sajjikot but is a lot more peaceful.

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