Sunset-watching spot in Margalla Hills Islamabad

sunset watching spot Islamabad

So, you would like to know one of the best sunset-watching spots near me in Islamabad, Pakistan? Are you sick of staring at the walls of your locked-down home in this CORONA pandemic and need a breakout? Do you want to woo over your loved one with the perfect sight of the summer Sun slowly sinking below the horizon, slightly changing hues of the sky, ever so gently on the way down? Are you a loner that seeks connection with your true self in moments of reflection high in the mountains? Then this post is for you. First, let me go over the essential details for my readers.

Location of the best Sunset watching spot in Islamabad Pakistan

Above Laosar Bauli, near Sadhu ka Bagh, Margalla Hills, Islamabad, Pakistan. Immediately after Lausar Bauli, turn left on the dirt track that bends backward. Just beyond the crest of this dirt road on the right side is a guest house, that is usually empty, park your car there and walk to the top of the rock mound just beside the parking place. These are the coordinates of the best sunset-watching spot in Islamabad, Pakistan. This is the Google maps route and pictures of this best sunset watching spot Islamabad.

Best time to visit the place

Obviously, you have to get there at least 15 minutes before sunset to see the Sun slowly setting behind Khanpur Lake and maybe improvise and find a better spot along the dirt road that leads to Khanpur lake. As the journey to Laosar Bauli on Margalla hills is itself one hour long, do leave home at least 1.5 hours before sunset.

How to find the Sunset time of Islamabad

Just a simple Google search “sunset time Islamabad Pakistan” will give you the exact sunset time. Plan to leave home at least 1.5 hours before this time.

What to take along with you

Besides your shorty ( significant other ), tea (Chai), and Pakoras, some holy water, and peace pipe will do. Somehow these indulgences make the setting sun even more beautiful and you feel closer to God. There are many guest houses there but why waste time looking for a washroom or water when you have open air.

Is it safe?

It is absolutely safe to go to Laosar Bauli on Margalla Hills. In fact, lots of Goras visit the place, early in the morning, on weekends to see one of the better Islamabad / Rawalpindi city viewing spots.

Why is this sunset viewing spot so great?

There is hardly anyone here at sunset time. They are mostly down below as the road to this spot is far from perfect. But you can easily take your motorcycles or Suzuki car there, maybe not a low-profile Honda. The best thing about this spot is that you can see deep towards the hills behind Khanpur lake where the sunsets and also Rawalpindi / Islamabad with its twinkling lights. The view becomes even more gorgeous after rainfall, as the dust settles to clear visibility till GT road Rawalpindi.

What else can you do here?

Well, you can off-road on the dirt track from this sunset-watching spot to Khanpur Lake using this map. You can hike towards the Margalla ridge trail or you can hike to the top of any closeby mountain to get a better view of the setting sun; you can fire up your barbeque stove. You can also book a guest room in the hotels close by. There is a zip line at the ancient Shah Allah Ditta Caves also for the kids. Then this dirt track to Khanpur Lake is a favorite for mountain bikers. Did I mention, you can pray your Magrib prayers here for solace?

If Washington DC and Los Angeles can have their perfect sunset watching spot, why can’t Islamabad Pakistan. The key is to look westwards. This is my travel tip for you my friends, for this week, till next time, Bon Voyage!

Post Script.

In Chinese, sunset watching translation is 看日落

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