Trail 4 Islamabad has the best camping spot

trail 4 islamabad

Trail 4 Islamabad has recently been opened for the public and this track is relatively cleaner, greener with the best camping sites.

Trail 4 Islamabad route

  • Trail 4 runs parallel to Pir Sohawa road in the first 30 minutes,
  • Climbs up 200 feet to the Trail 4 viewpoint in the next one hour,
  • Then in the next 1.0 hours turns right toward the Talhar Mor exit on Pir Sohawa road

Total Time on Trail 4 Islamabad

The total time on Trail 4 Islamabad from Monkey viewpoint to Talhar Mor on Pir Sohawa Road is 3 hours – that is if you don’t miss the turns.

Height of Trail 4 Islamabad

This trail 4 of Islamabad climbs from 1800 feet to 3650 feet at its highest point.

Distance of Trail 4

The total distance of trail 4 is 8 kilometers.

How to get to Trail 4 Starting Point

Starting Point Coordinates 33.7377530499866, 73.04901294999523

To get to Trail 4 Starting point, park your car a few hundred meters from Islamabad Zoo on the Pir Sohawa road, where there is a tea stall.

There is a signboard on Pir Sohawa road pointing toward the open-air café and Trail 4 start point.

Trail 4 Endpoint Coordinates 33.759113855949465, 73.05378235096858

Trail  instructions

  • Walk for about 30 minutes and you come across a signboard that guides you toward Talhar Mor (left)
  • If you turn right at this spot, you will join either Trail 3 or Trail 5 – and that is not fun.
  • Going further ahead, you will climb gradually on hairpin bends toward the viewpoint of Trail 4.
  • The view of the dense jungle from the Trail 4 viewpoint is gorgeous, especially when you can see all the way to Rawalpindi.
  • From the Faisal Mosque viewpoint at the 2 hours mark, walk straight on the crossroad that goes toward Talhar mor.
  • The track on the left climbs down to Faisal Mosque (Trail 6) and the track on the right goes toward Trail 3 and Trail 5.
  • Otherwise, all trails lead to the same spot on the top ridge of Margalla mountains where you turn right to go toward Talhar.

Who all can go to Trail ?

I have seen middle-aged women and children reach the Faisal Mosque viewpoint of Trail 4 Islamabad, so it is not difficult.

People over 60 should turn back after the first 30 minutes.


In case you don’t like climbing, try climbing down from Talhar Mor (Turn) of Pir Sohawa Road, ending up at Monkey viewpoint, instead.

Is there any danger on Trail 4?

The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) has cordoned off the areas that lead to Trail 6 (Chak Jabbi) leg of Trail 4 so that the leopard cannot eat for dinner the hikers wandering off there.

Then, there are park rangers along the route, so ladies feel safe there.


Wildlife at Trail 

There are supposed to be mountain cats, wild boars, foxes, mountain goats, and smaller mammals there, but I didn’t see any.

IWMB for once has done a good job by opening this cool and shaded trail for the public.

I hope they open up Trail 1, Makhniyal, and Ridge Trail as well.

Camping at Trail 4

There is an excellent camping platform with an excellent view of the climbing part of Trail 4 for people who want to get a feel of the wild while living in Islamabad.

Equipment and Gear for Trail 4

There is no water or food on the way, so bring at least 3 liters of water and some dates if you want to go all the way to Talhar’s turn.

You don’t need a hiking stick during the climb, but a good hiking boot is essential because the track is still stony and broken up at certain places.

The best time to go to Trail 4

The best time to go to Trail 4 Islamabad before Sunrise or 2 hours before sunset.

Trail 4 is a good alternative to go to as compared to  Trail 6, which is a lot lengthier and tougher.


The trails are marked with white arrows in case you get lost, keep going right.

Other Trials in Islamabad

Trail 1, Behind E-8 Sector Islamabad.

Trail 2, starts ahead of Trail 4 on Pir Sohawa road

Trail 5 and 3 both start in the parking of Sector F-5 and run parallel.

Trail 6 starts at Faisal mosque and ends at Talhar Turn.

Makhniyal Trail, called the Margalla 2nd ridge trail, starts at Makhnial Forest Rest house after Highland Resort and ends at Gorkina Village.

Ridge Trail, Starts Losar Baoli, Shah Allah Ditta, and ends at Talhar

Nilan Bhotu Trail – Bara Kahu trail passes over Pharilla Forest Rest House.

Shah Allah Ditta Trail ends at Ban Faqiran Buddhist Stupa or Taxila Viewpoint.

Hazir Pir Trail B-17 Islamabad, on the Margalla Pass for the view of Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Wah all from one spot.

Lohi Dhandi Trail starts at Nur Pur Shahan behind Bari Imam Shrine and ends at Pir Sohawa police station

Bruti waterfall Trail starts at Lohi Dhandi Parking and ends at Pir Sohawa, passing through Bruti waterfall

Tilla Charuni Top, Pir Sohawa, starts at Dino Theme Park

Pretty Ladies and Trail 4 Islamabad

Many good-looking ladies come to Trail 4 because it is relatively undiscovered – so there is much wildlife to see for the guys.

Me, I went there for a chance encounter with a mountain cat, which never happened.

I did see a Gori lady though!


When you see Trail 6 closed due to the “Shehzadi” leopard, go to Trail 4, as it is in the same jungle and you get a similar feeling, but camping at Trail 4 Islamabad would be better.


Happy camping.

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