Best Shawarma in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

shawarma islamabad rawalpindi

I have tried many Arabic Foods, not just for the best Shawarma in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, so I know what I am talking about.


  • The best Chicken or Beef Shawarma in Islamabad is Syrian Shawarma in F-10, near D Watson Chemist.
  • The best Chicken or Beef Shawarma in Rawalpindi is Manjoo Arabic Restaurant, Civic Center Bahria Phase 4, Rawalpindi

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Now I will tell you why.

One Syrian Refugee with the courage to succeed in a foreign country that is obsessed with Arabs managed to break through the glass ceiling in 7 years and his small kiosk in F-7 took off.

That Kiosk is called “Syrian Guy” in F-7 Markaz.

Abu Amir is the Syrian guy’s name and he has had to work 20 h some days to get here.

After Pakistanis started lining up for his Rolls, he opened up another site in F-10 Markaz and works over there.

Location and Phone number of Syrian Shawarma Guy F-10 Islamabad

  • Coordinates 33.69589527034859, 73.01259413941689
  • Best Syrian Shawarma Guy in Islamabad
  • F-10 Markaz,
  • behind D Watson Chemist
  • Close to Service Shoes
  • Phone Number 03018888630
  • It closes at 2 am
  • Yes, Syrian Shawarma Guy delivers to your home through Food Panda.
F 10

The rest of the crew is Pakistani, but they too converse in Arabic sometimes.

I went to the original site still there in F-7 Markaz Islamabad

F 7

The authentic feel of the place is Pakistani with an Arabic touch.

I like the way they place hot coals in a tin container for you to warm your feet while you wait for your Syrian delight, a Shawarma or Shish Tauk

I parked my Car near Safa Gold Mall Rear Parking near Bhittai Road and walked to the Syrian Guy’s place.

I ordered a Beef Shawarma and a Chicken Shawarma too, to check out the taste difference.

Also, because Arab people eat in small servings, unlike us Pakistanis.

We eat like there is no tomorrow – I am no different.

Arab and Mediterranean food is full of vegetables and hummus dipped in Olive oil, something that Pakistanis consider a side dish.

Bring my meat already!

Authentic Arab Shawarma is traditionally made of beef or Veal, but a recent popular alternative is Chicken. 

The meat is eventually rolled up in Pita bread.

Difference between Shawarma and Shish Touk

  • The difference between a Shawarma and a Shish Tauk is the way the meat is marinated.
  • Shawarma meat is marinated in cold spices such as Cinnamon, turmeric, and Allspice but Shish Touk is marinated in Yogurt and Lemon juice.
  • Although both Shawarma and Shish Touk are rotated on a skewer to get a slight barbecue roast, the taste of the end product is different, especially if you add pickles in the Shawarma.

My Shawarma rolls arrived in QuickTime along with the fries and soft drink.

There was a small serving of Lebanese mayonnaise garlic Paste that came along with it.

One Shawarma roll was not enough for a Pakistani guy like me that dunks a foot long Jumbo TRP Roll Paratha from F-10 full of barbecue chicken, in ten minutes.

That’s why the Syrian guy had the roll filled with vegetable fillings.

The taste was nice and different.

The Shawarma that I tasted in Manjoo Arabic Restaurant Bahria Town was pretty good too.

At a price of Rs 380 per roll, two Shawarma Rolls from Syrian Guy is not a bad deal.

Best Syrian Shawarma in Islamabad Menu and Price

  • Chicken Shawarma Rs 380
  • Beef Shawarma Rs 700
  • Sarouk Shawarma Rs 700
  • Chicken and Beef Shawarma Rs 580

Lebanese Shawarma Recipe

Marinating of good quality Chicken is the key – keep the Chicken wet

  • Grill time is 12-minute tops.
  • The boneless chicken is thin-sliced to be placed on pita bread
  • Lebanese Garlic paste is another dipping that needs to be perfected.
  • 5 cup lemon juice
  • Two tablespoon tomato sauce
  • Four tablespoons plain yogurt
  • Three tablespoons white vinegar
  • A bit of olive oil
  • One Garlic head
  • 5 tablespoon salt
  • 5 tablespoon oregano
  • A tiny bit of nutmeg powder

Grill Shawarma meat in minimum heat

Try using the chicken fat in the thigh meat to keep the breast meat soft and wet.

Although there are many authentic Lebanese, Arabic, or Mediterranean restaurants in Islamabad serving Arab food, this one is the least expensive.

Restaurants serving Shawarma in Islamabad Rawalpindi

The alternative Arabic Restaurants serving Shawarma are

  • Arz Lebanon Union Gold Mall,
  • Al Maghreb Serena Hotel,
  • Turkish Doner House Centaurus Mall and
  • Cock N Bull Shawarma F-7 Markaz.

I wish Pakistani social media would promote their own people struggling to survive instead of promoting exotic foreigners.

Taking nothing away from the Syrians, good luck with your business in Pakistan.

Happy meat-eating y’all!

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