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Tilla Charouni Hike: The highest point of Margalla

Tilla Charouni is the highest peak in the Margalla Range at 1600 meters. Climb to this hilltop is an extension of thLohi dandi to Pir Sohawa trail Hikeif you are super fit enough to complete it in one go.

Otherwise, it is more advisable to complete both the trails separately.

Tilla Chaouni Top, highest point on Margalla Hills
Tilla Chaouni Top, highest point on Margalla Hills
Tilla charouni Map
Tilla charouni Map

Tilla Charouni Margalla Map

  • The starting point is Hill House Restaurant, Pir Sohawa (Near Dino Valley)
  • End Point is Tilla Charouni Top
  • See my pictures for turning points.
Tilla Chaouni Top, Starting point
Tilla Chaouni Top, Starting point

A track climbs toward the Tilla Charouni top when you turn right (Eastwards) in the last part of Loh-e-dandi to Pir Sohawa track, but it will take at least 2 more hours to get there, from this spot.

Monal comes up after 15 min from this spot on Loh-e-dandi to Pir Sohawa track if you turn left (Westwards).

Tilla Chaouni Top, Views
Tilla Chaouni Top, Views

Tilla Charouni Track Hike details

  • The total time of the hike 3 h.
  • Moderately tough hike – not for oldies and kids.
  • No food on the way.
  • There is no water on the way.
  • You must get back before sunset, as there are no lighting arrangements on the track.
  • You can get lost and end up on the wrong side of Margalla hills, so follow my map.
  • Lightning strikes the towers at the top during rains, so be careful.
  • It is safe for everyone, including women.
  • The security guards are annoying and unnecessarily harass hikers, ignore them.
Tilla Chaouni Top, Views of Faisal Mosque at Sunset
Tilla Chaouni Top, Views of Faisal Mosque at Sunset

Why climb to Tilla Charouni during Spring-time Rainfall

The springtime rainfall during the months of March is neither too cold nor too intense to cause any discomfort to hikers.

Mountains and landscape look gorgeous during springtime anyway.

Clouds come close to Margalla hill tops.

Tilla Chaouni Top
Tilla Chaouni Top

My Hike to Tilla Charuni Top

I climbed up Tilla Charouni top from the Dino Valley theme Park vehicle ramp.

In fact, the Dino Valley Theme park ramp that breaks away from Pir Sohawa Road is off-road that takes you to the closest and steepest track to Tilla Charouni Top.

It took me one hour to get to the top and it was raining too.

I parked my car close to Dino Valley in front of a Hill House restaurant and walked up the ramp, straight onto the old dirt road toward Tilla Charouni.

Many hikers take their off-road jeeps right up to the spot where the distance to Charuni top is the least.

The distance may be the least, but the ascent is quite a lot.

Tilla Charouni
Tilla Charouni
tilla charouni water pond
tilla charouni water pond

Now, coming back,

Time of Hike

The climb to Charouni top is 300 meters in one hour. That is, I started at 1300 meters at the parking and reached 1600 meters in one hour.

Difficulty of Tilla Charouni Margalla

Women and kids can go on this hike, but only if they have strong legs because it gets a little steep on some bends.

I went to Tilla Charouni in the rain because I know the views from Margalla are the best when it rains and there are no pesky hawkers on the way, and I was not disappointed.

tilla charouni top tower point
tilla charouni top tower point

The views I saw of Rawal Dam and Khanpur Dam in the rain, while the clouds were low and the clear orange Sunlight was lighting up the grounds below were mesmerizing.

I even stopped at a spot in the pouring rain to enjoy clean air and beautiful views.


  • There is a chance of you guys getting lost in the forest where you must bulldoze through endless thorny brush.
  • Despite wearing gloves, I scrapped my hands a lot, when I was trying to side-step one of the ridges before the final attack to the top.
  • There is no water on the way so carry at least 2 liters with you along with a pocket knife and hiking stick.
  • It gets muddy in the rain and the pine brush becomes slippery – my backside is still sore from the frequent falls.

I will paste a picture of the site where you must climb straight up to the top.

tilla charouni track

What’s at the top of Tilla Charouni?

This spot on Tilla Charouni Track is not mentioned on Google maps so, there is a chance of missing it. 

At the top of Tilla Charouni, there are several communication towers and a beautiful shed.

The communication people there do not let you in, but during the rain, no one bothers to come out to check. Then the good-for-nothing security guards are too busy drinking tea to see who has climbed up near the towers.

This place offers  the best views of the surrounding hills at the Tilla Charouni Margalla Communication towers.

Tilla Charuni views from Tower point
Tilla Charuni views from Tower point

I wish our authorities were sensible enough to encourage tourists to visit the tower complex at Tilla Charuni, instead of discouraging them with unnecessary security.

If bad guys have reached the gate of communication towers, then you have lost, so let Pakistanis enjoy this lovely site.

Beware of lightning strikes at Tilla Charouni Top

I was absorbing the beautiful landscape at the top when a lightning bolt crackled right on top of me with an earth-shattering bang.

I was stunned by noise and light.

When I gained some senses and looked around, I saw the pine trees had been charred by lightning bolts.

So, I guess I got lucky this time.

I came running back to my car in double time in 0.5 h.

Tilla Charouni Rawal Dam VIew
Tilla Charouni Rawal Dam VIew

The best spot at Tilla Charouni on the way back

I stopped at the most beautiful spot in all Margalla Hills to see Rawal Dam on my left and Khanpur Dam on my right.

Then, I had Chai at the local hotel.

One of the local guys on hearing about my adventure in the rain, said, “Ai kithay pagal to nai? (I hope he is not crazy?),” to his buddy, earshot of me

It takes a special kind of crazy to do new things and create something unique.

If you guys have any better ideas of hiking, do let me know at 03005111523 and share my travels.

Go to Tilla Charouni before the investors ruin it with their gaudy guest houses.

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