Khasala Dam Adiala Rawalpindi

Khasala Dam Adiala Road Rawalpindi: Things to see

Khasala Dam is 28 Km and a 1.0-hour drive from Rawalpindi Saddar on Adiala road and is a good place to go on a weekend.

Khasala Dam Location

To get to the dam, you would have to cross Adiala Jail,

  • Drive 6 km further toward Islamabad-Lahore Motorway,
  • Cross the turning toward Khasala Kalan Village and
  • Find the Mobile Signal Tower beside the road and
  • Turn right toward the RUDN enclave Real-estate Scheme.
  • RUDN Enclave has engulfed Khasala Dam from all sides.
  • Turn right from the first turn on the RUDN enclave.

My trip to Khasala Dam

The road to Khasala Dam from main Adiala Road is stony and rough but any car can get there when it has not rained recently and the surface is hard.

When is the best time to go to Khasala Dam?

I went to Khasala Dam during Ramadan and it was blazing hot – bad idea.

Springtime and winters would be the best.

Khasala Dam has a little Hut as well that overlooks the lake and is under the supervision of the Irrigation Department.


How to get to Khasala Dam?

Take your transport, preferably a car or motorcycle.

Public transport on Adiala Road is very unreliable.

guest house

Attractions at Khasala Dam

You can theoretically

  • book the guest house and
  • get a boat for fishing at the water reservoir,

However, that is if someone replies from the IRSA department.

Most people just fish without asking.

  • Downstream of the main spillways, is a make-shift pool of clear water that people love to swim in.
make shift pool

Do be careful before jumping into the main dam pond, people have died there because of the undergrowth and weed close to the surface.

The water from Khasala Dam is being underutilized because the downstream irrigation architecture has not been developed.

Khasala Dam is underutilized

If the government gives control of this dam to the local government, revenues in the billions can be collected from just this one site.

However, the brain is one thing we do not want to use – because it is precious.

I wandered along the 100-foot high spillway, its boundaries, and the guest house to see if there was anyone around – but found no one.

Just a group of kids swimming in the pond downstream.

Raised shrine on Adiala road

Things to do around Khasala Dam

Coming back from the dam,

  • I stopped by the raised Shrine of Nang Pir, near PIA officers’ cooperative society, Adiala Road.

This raised mound is the highest platform for miles around Adiala.

stairs leading to shrine

I had to climb to the top of the shrine and have a look around.

I could see all the way to Chakri, Rawalpindi Cantonment, and Soan River.

I wonder why all Pirs make their meditation centers in strategic locations?

Then, close to Khasala Dam are two other smalls’ water ponds

View from the shrine
  • Jawa Dam; is not open to the general public, only for military personnel.
  • Dongi Dam, I haven’t been here.
  • Dhoke Sandymar Dam, D S Dam is of nearly equal size but I have yet to go there.
  • Khasala Dam; behind Khasala Kalan Village.
  • Nadali Dam, Don’t know where it is,
  • Misriot Dam; It is nearly choked up with silt.
  • Faleena (Phaleena Noor) Dam; is near Kallar Syedan and is still very functional.
  • Oghan Dam; I don’t know where this is.
  • Dadocha Dam; is under construction.
  • Rawal Dam; has a perfect boating site.
  • Simly Dam; Too many restrictions from CDA.

Besides this,

  • You can also drive right up to Swan River to check out beautiful views, but only in the rainy season, otherwise, the water is too polluted.

Driving along Adiala road is itself enjoyable to get away from the noise and pollution of Rawalpindi City.


Khasala Dam and all the other mini dams close to this one are excellent places for picnics and barbecue with the family on the weekend at a quiet site.

Changa Fir milday aa! (Till we meet again).

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