Rawalpindi Army Golf Club: 5 Fun Weekend activities

Rawalpindi Army Golf Club

Who would have thought Rawalpindi Army Golf Club, Jhelum Road Rawalpindi would be so much fun? and it not even expensive. 

In case you are wondering, the place is not called Army Golf Club. It is just run by Army people. It is open to all Military and Civilian people.

History of Rawalpindi Army Golf Club

This Golf Club was first set up using the  prisoners of Adiala Jail way back in 1880.

With the serious problems with British authorities that my ancestors, the Sudhan people had, I am sure one of them must have ended up here working on the first greens.

The second renovation of this Golf course was undertaken by the Ayub Khan, because of his love for building on mounds.

Here are the top 5 enjoyable things to do at Rawalpindi Army Golf Club

Obviously, Play Golf

Get a membership quickly and join other retired military and civil officers, businessmen, ambitious upstarts, and ladies on the lavish 27-hole Golf Course.

Details and Costs of membership are mentioned at the end.

This Golf Course in Rawalpindi is one of only three 27-hole Golf Courses in Pakistan.

Enjoy hitting the ball at the Rawalpindi Golf Training Range.

If you are not into spending the day Golfing, visit the training Range.

Go to Rawalpindi Golf Club at 10 am with your family on the weekend to beat the rush of late arrivals.

It’s right on the GT Road, near Chairman Joint Chief’s House.

There is also a Golfing Mannequin placed at the entrance that you cannot miss.

Training Range

As soon as you enter the Rawalpindi Golf Club from GT Road, you’d have to turn left and park in front of the building that says, Golf Range.

You’d have to walk straight into the building and out the other end. This way, you’d end up at the Golf Training pens.

The facility is open for the member as well as non-members.

Jogging track

They would have you pay Rs 200 for playing every time.

A further Rs 100 per bucket played. Each bucket has 50 golf balls to hit.

If you do not have a club to shoot with, they will charge you Rs 100 per club.

Every time I go there, I pay Rs 400, which includes the tea after the training session.


They would charge you extra for golf ball striking lessons, so negotiate that cost before you start.

You’d have to be wearing full-length trousers or training lowers there. Shorts are considered inappropriate.

There is nothing more delightful than meticulously executing a 5 Club Shot that steadily rises at a 45 Degree angle right where you intend it to go.

The sound of wood striking the center of the golf ball with a “ting!” is music to golfer’s ears.

Avid golfers flock to anyone that manages to sail the ball over 300 yards and appreciates the clean strike.

Every time, the golf ball flies deep into the lush green field that is lined by old trees along the fairway.

I shoot 100 balls every time I go there, and it is an enjoyable activity that helps me meditate.

Then you meet a lot of like-minded people there that just want to have a good time with family and meet nice people.

One hour of striking the Golf ball releases tons of negative energy in your limbs.

Move to the Weekend Brunch Restaurant inside Rawalpindi Golf Club

The Brunch at Rawalpindi Golf Club is jam-packed on the weekends so, you’d have to reach there before 1200 to be able to book a table.

Golf Club Menu

All the usual Pakistani diabetes inducing food like Halwa Puri, Haleem, Nihari, Eggs & Omelet, Paratha, and Chana are available there.

The Total Charges for a family of four does not cross Rs 1200

Burn off Calorie on the 4 mile Rawalpindi Golf Club Walking Track.

It is actually a jogging track, but in the evenings, there is so much traffic that you can hardly run there.

This jogging track has no parallel anywhere in Rawalpindi / Islamabad twin cities.

It’s 4 miles in length, lined with old trees with a mini zoo at one end.

The walking /Jogging tract opens at 0630 in the morning, and this is the best time to jog there.

Total Charges of Rawalpindi (Army) Golf Club Jogging track membership is Rs 1500 per person, per year.

The person to Contact is Mr. Faiz of Topi Rakh Golf Course Phone Number 03335634076

Topi Rakh View

Join the Rawalpindi Golf Club Gym

The gym is not the best I have seen in Rawalpindi Islamabad and is not better than the one in Islamabad Club / Jacaranda Club or Bahria Spa Gym.

But if you like Golf, why not visit the gym while you are at it?

So, these were the super fun things to do at Rawalpindi Army Golf Club GT Road.

Also see


The view from the raised dining hall of the Golf Club is breathtaking. I have never seen such Greenery at one place in Rawalpindi, ever.

This Golf Club also has a Marriage Hall and Fitness Center, but I wouldn’t categorize that as being fun.

The downer with this Golf Club is that they don’t have a decent website. Probably because it is more of a welfare institution, not a commercial venture.

Rawalpindi Golf Club Frequently Asked Questions

Rawalpindi / Army Golf Club Contact Number (051) 5584830

Rawalpindi / Army Golf Club Website https://www.facebook.com/Rawalpindi-Golf-Club-RGC-525765220951782/

Rawalpindi / Army Golf Club Membership Charges

  • Rs 28000 per person per year for Civilians and Rs 18500 for Military people, for playing on the Golf Course.
  • Rs 2000 extra for using the Gym Facility
  • Rs 1500 per person per year for membership of Jogging track
  • Coffee house / Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner charges separate every time.

Golf Clubs in Islamabad / Rawalpindi

There is no concession for being a member of other elite Clubs in Rawalpindi / Islamabad like Islamabad Club, Jacaranda Club DHA, Margalla Greens Navy Golf Club E-8, PAF E-9 Golf Club, POF Wah Cantt Golf Club or Bahria Golf and Country Club Rawalpindi.

Anyone can book the Wedding Halls Marquees or the top deck marriage hall.

You cannot use the jogging track on a one-time payment basis like you can the Golf Training Range.

So, that’s it for now – do share and subscribe.

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