Misriot Dam

Misriot Dam the perfect boating site never utilized

There is nothing dam-like in the Misriot dam, except the spillways maybe. Misriot is more of a large-sized pond that is heavily silted now. Built during his Royal Highness Pres. Ayub’s reign, it was meant to water the surrounding Potohar plateau— a task it is still doing. Silt is creeping up ever slowly towards the spillways and the reservoir is shrinking. The main water body is a thin sliver of a pool now, with some tasty fish.

Lots of cows wade through the calm waters on the opposite banks and kids enjoy a cool splash in Rawalpindi’s sun.

misriot dam

Misriot Dam is half an hour’s drive from Dhamial Road that is joined by Chakri Road halfway, south of Rawalpindi.

After reaching Misriot Dam, You’d have to park your car near the entrance gate and walk all the way to the dilapidated irrigation guest house — – just like our irrigation department itself.

It would’ve been a blast had I brought along a kayak or a canoe to go around the pond of Misriot Dam.

I didn’t see any boats to hire though; people did tell me the boatmen appear during summer months.

I believe the real beauty of the place lies on the opposite bank of this Dam where I could see untrammeled vegetation and very limited pubic ingress.

The best part was the mixed blossom of Palm, Jacaranda, eucalyptus, and Sephora trees and their soul-enriching scents.

Birds chirping across the silence of the Misriot Dam were very pleasing.

There are no beaches, no refreshment stands, no lifeguards, and no one to change your tire in case you are wondering. So, bring everything with you.

Misriot Dam trip is a nice one-day trip with family in good weather if you want to stroll along the banks of the pond towards the Misriot village and back.

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