Sardai of Pakistan is the coolest summer drink ever


‘Sardai’ (cool water) Pakistan’s natural summer drink is used widely across the country.

sardaiAnother name for Sardai Drink

In Khyber PakhtoonKhwa, it is called ‘Thandai’ (cold water).

Is Sardai a drink?

This beverage has for centuries been entertaining the working class of Pakistan after a long day of back-breaking hard work under the burning sun. The rich mostly had alcohol and drugs.

Sardai Benefits

While almond milk keeps the fats under check, poppy seeds keep you level-headed. And there are plenty of poppy seeds in Pakistan, re-branded as ‘Khashkhas’.

Westerners use the poppy seed in their bagels and end up checking positive to Driving Under Influence (DUI) – although these seeds do not contain any opioids.

Almond milk also helps in skin, hair and nails health besides strengthening bones and teeth.

I never knew poppy seeds are a miracle drug for heart and mental health, that’s why the Jogis (Yogis) lived forever.

Sardai Recipe 

So, if you want your wants to feel like your needs, go ahead and try poppy seeds.

Only recently have the rich reawakened to the true medicinal qualities of

Some of these seeds are used to make special teas as well, especially in Kashmir.

Cumin seeds (Zeera) and black pepper have to be added to the paste as well.

A sprinkle of hemp (hashseesh) and you get transported to a beach of pristine white sands, blue water and high breakwater rocks. Hemp has all the amino acids our body needs and some more.

These oldies really knew how to rock a spiked party drink. I guess our ancestors were not the boring geezers we thought they were.

All these seeds and nuts give you Vitamins A, B-12 D & E for eye health, skin health and antioxidants to control toxins.

All these seeds, nuts, are ground into a paste, mixed with almond milk, passed through a muslin cloth to remove the peels.

This drink is cooled with ice cubes and topped with Rooh Afza

Video on how to make Sardai Drink

This video explains how to make Sardai.

How much is one Sardai Glass?

I was charged Rs 50 per glass, where the guy next to me was charged Rs 25. When I asked the owner of the joint about the disparity, he said, you drove in on a car. Simple!

So, drop the cokes & Pepsis and try a tall cool glass of Sardai, spike with hash and poppy seeds, to get superhuman qualities.

Is Sardai same as Lassi or Doodh Waali Bottle?

No, Lassi and Doodh bottle are made from watered down milk and curd churned hard. Sardai is made from Almond milk and Poppi seeds.

Lassi and Doodh Waali bottle are mostly found in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India, whereas, Sardai is all over the country.

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